O R D 12 Soothing Voice

// Alright. In the back of the command center, Kolitk has just pierced Nisk's heart, or at least so it seems. Kimi just took him from the ground, and it's now taking him somewhere. As Kolitk went to grab his equipments, she noticed they vanished. When she asked where they were, Kimi's only question was "<With him, where else?>"
In the background, you can still hear the noise of party, apparently they just started the music, Kolitk can identify that as native songs from many different clans mixed together
Kolitk was following afetr the two. She didn't actually *mean* to kill him, and shell be damn if he's going to actually be sneaky and win that word fight. She's taking his weapons, one way or another. >.>
Kimi is slowly going around the command center, and you can notice she's breathing heavily
Kolitk follows, follows, follows. Still breathing heavily herself.
After a time, you can hear Nisk speak… But wait, he wasn't even breathing a moment ago "<Enough of this show, put me down Kimi>" he says, his voice showing terrible pain
Kolitk: "…"
Kimi has no option, really, she has to put him down, against the side wall of the command center. She panting heavily "<Still need to get you over to Soul>" but she isn't much able to move by herself
Nisk: "<I can still stand>"
JayM: You can notice that there IS blood flowing from his chest, and quite a bit
Kolitk grits her teeth. More games. >_<
It is no game, you can notice that Nisk has a deadly wound, you wonder how you didn't hit straight into the heart, but no, you just caused enough to make it extremely hard to move. Kimi, however, no idea why she's not able to move right. However, the two support eachother, and start walking their way to Soul's house
Kolitk shaes her head and sighs, before walking up briskly, pushing the two appart and then support the both of them as she leads them back to Soul's house.
Kimi: "Thanks…"
Kolitk doesn't respond. She's sure to be careful with Kimi, but doesn't particulary attempt that with Nisk.
After a time, you soon reach Soul's house. The door is open and standing there is the famous Soul… You think you ever saw an old man? Well, if you saw an old man then he's a mummy. He's skinny, full of wrinkles, his ears and tail dangle down lifessly, all of his hair has turned a dull tone of grey "<Idiotic child>" he says to Nisk
Both of them stay respectifully silent to Soul's gaze. He goes inside
Kolitk leads them both in, after the way is cleared.
Soul's house is full of luxury, it's amazing too that is has many magical trinkets. This is the house you'd expect out of a queen. He leads you through a door to what seems to be a hospital-looking room, and waves to the two tables there
Kolitk sets Kimi down on one, and half push/shoves/sets Nisk down on the other.
Nisk grunts in pay as he is placed in the table. Kimi lays down on her own. Soul goes between the tables and mutters "Scan…" he turns to Kimi and stares at her eyes, she stares back… Then he turns to Nisk "<You are a fool, Clothes. You knew this would happen. Let it happen once more, and there is no return>" he says with a tone that could paralize you if he was talking to you. He places a hand over Nisk's <-cut
JayM: cut-> wound and mutter "Cura…" and a white glow surrounds the wound, it doesn't heals compltely yet. He repeats the procedure seven more times before his wound is sealed completely, but Nisk still cannot move well
He turns to Kimi "<Try that again, and the fault is yours>"
Kolitk watches the exchange, taking a seat somewhere in the house.
Kimi simply stays silent. Soul then turns to Nisk and says "<Out>"
Nisk slowly and painfully manages to stand up… This time he is the one helping her stand up and takes her out. He waves for Kolitk to follow
Kolitk eyes thewm for a moment, then turns back to Soul, figuring she may as well ask while he's awake. "<Exxcuse me, but you are the main healer here? There were no… accidental deaths during that… battle earlier, were there?>"
Soul just glares at you, a glare that could make you wet your pants if you was a bit younger. When they said that Soul was grumpy there were being very kind to him "<No>"
Kolitk stands up, wincing a bit as she bows to soul. "<Then I thank you for that. Sorry for causing you more trouble, sir.>"
Kolitk then turns to exit the building.
Kimi: "<Wow, I thought he'd fry you right there>"
Kolitk nods, following the two and wondring what the hell else Nisk wanted. >.>
They keep walking until they reach a part where you can sit. You can hear the sounds of the party over there "<What do you like best about yourself? Your skills or beauty?>" Nisk asks
Kolitk blows a strand of hair out of her eyes, "<I am neither skilled, nor beautiful. But if I had ot pick one, my skills are atleats supposed to be above average.>"
Nisk takes out from somewhere in his clothes takes out a pair of bracers, they're very beautiful "<A present>" he says with a smile
Kimi just can't afford not to hold back a smile herself
Kolitk eyes it suspisiously. "<…I do not need any more false sympathy from you. This is all jsut some kind of game to you, and you are jsut toying with me.>"
He shakes his head "<It is no game>"
"You: were holding back. Then you let me stab you.>"
Now, however, it's Kimi who speaks "<That duel… I also fought him, as did all of the ones of his Elite Guard. Those he chose by hand as the most skilled and with the most potential>"
Kimi: "<Yes, the duel was as much of a setup for you win as it was a chance for him to measure your strenght>"
Nisk: "<If you didn't already have a task, I would ask you to join the Stalkers now>"
"I: do not care. I told him to stop messing around, and he just let me win.>" She glares at Nisk, "<Do you suppose that actually make me feel //better
? That the only chance I had was for you to set it up so that you would fail and I would not?>"
Kimi: "<Who said all of us succeded>" she smiles "<I believe we are the only two who ever defeated him in a duel like that"
"Unimportant.: he was trying his best, and that is enough.>"
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[OOC] Kolitk: … yeah.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: I got your back, we sleep deprived types gotta stick together. =>.>=
// Kimi smiles "<I see, you are much more proud than I expected>"
"I: am tired of being treated liek a child. I told him to fight with his all, and he did not. I am not going to become any better if the world continue to pamper me.>"
Nisk shakes his head "<Everyone must start somewhere. Don't worry, because it will come a time when people will see how powerful you are>" he says with a smirk, as if he just knew something
"…What: exactly ar you playing at?>"
He just smiles "<I'm not playing anything. Just a thought. That time comes for everyone>"
"You: let me think I had killed you, when you were fine.>"
Nisk: "<Actually, I didn't… A trick I learned from Soul, to suppress my body functions through meditation. I would have died if I moved in the wrong time>"
Kolitk: "…"
"Regardless.: How exactly did you word the arangement for our dual and the prize for winning?>"
He smiles "<I didn't work anything out. Like Kimi said, it has become a tradition for me to ask a duel to those I want in the Stalkers>"
Nisk: "<After eigtheen years the Matriarch can already guess my thoughts>"
"No.: You said that each of us would get somethng, had we won. What words, in exact, did you use at the bet for this?>"
Nisk: "<If you won, you could do anything you wanted to me. If I won, you'd spend the night with me>"
Kimi: "<But he'd win in the end anyway, aren't we spending the night together already?>"
Kimi just smiles to see if Kolitk got her drif
Kolitk flods her arms over er chest and eans with her back against the wall. "<Repeat after me. That is all I want you to do.>"
Nisk: "<That is all I want you to do>"
"<I Nisk>"
[OOC] Kolitk: lol.
Nisk: "<I Nisk"
JayM also says "I shall pay attention"
Nisk knows where things are going already
Kimi: "<You are dead set in that ideal>"
"Do: soloumly sware, on everything I hold sacred to myself.>"
Nisk: "<Do soloumly sware, on everything I hold sacred to myself>"
Nisk: "<That I will>"
Nisk: "<Never>"
"Kill: again.>"
Nisk: "<Kill again>"
Kimi bites her lip
Kolitk blows the hair out of her eyes again.
Nisk mockingly mimics that action
Kolitk shakes her head, almost smiling a bit at that, "<And that I will try not to be such an arrogant bastard in the future.>"
Nisk: "<And that I will try not to be such an arrogant bastard in the future>"
"…And: will stop toying other the emotions of others.>" She then waves a hand dismissivly, "<You may stop now.>"
Nisk: "<And will stop toying with the emotions of others>"
He smiles "<Now that this is done with, there is a huge party going on, how about we finally do something pleasant with our night and eat something?>"
Kimi: "<For the goddess, i'm so hungry I could eat a cuar mother myself"
Kolitk shakes her head, pushing away fomr the wall with her foot. "<…I'm going to get some rest. Good night.>"
The both nod "<Good night>" she says. And they both take off to… Somewhere, you won't find the main house of the Stalkers that easely //

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