O R D 12

[OOC] Alexandra: Gizmo's having a blast just pronouncing "mIRC" out loud and giggling to herself.
[OOC] BrevisFortuna: Wahahaha difficulty! and I never got to finish/post up the background I ahd been working on today.=-_-=
[OOC] Kisro: It sounds like a retarded pterydactyl!
// Kolitk was beating down a statue. Rawr~
BrevisFortuna was helping. I think.
[OOC] Zander: No, Ashley was. Kinda. :p
Last time we saw our heroes, they've been in a temple, sacred to the Sartan. There, after a few problems dealing with smelted arcanite they've found a wall made of pure golden arcanite, as well as a statue of the goddess, and it was Ashley and not Brevis, mind the nicks Amine. But before they could do anything they were assaulted by a giant statue made of smelted arcanite, that created life. After a gruesome <-cut
JayM: cut-> battle they manage to defeat it, the head tilts to a side and falls, the body stumbles and falls forward and the left arm simply falls
Ashley was yes.
Kolitk growls and smacks he head again with her spear. "AND STAY DEAD THISSS TIME!"
[OOC] JayM: Goddamit, wait up
[OOC] Zander: smashes the^ >.>
BrevisFortuna: "I'm not sure you could ever say it was 'alive' to begin with, but it looks like it should be dead now."
BrevisFortuna snaps her fingers and has Eins pick her up.
[OOC] BrevisFortuna: GOd dmamit <Ashley> * Ashley
Kolitk growls again and bats it away at a wall. "Whateverrr."
[OOC] JayM: And back
Alexandra smirks coolly and quietly comments, "Then again, vut eez life? Turink can answer that…"
Now, all that is left is the statue, made of pure golden arcanite. The one kind of naturally-forming pure arcanite, it has the power to stabilize any arcanite reactions and many more things. Wait up… Behing the statue… Seems like a skeleton… It's very well preserved, still has a good deal of skin and flesh…
Seem to be mithran, though whoever it is can't be seen anymore, it carries a small knife made out of bone, in his chest a small breastplate made of golden arcanite
[OOC] Alexandra: …stabilizing…as in not going explody on us?
BrevisFortuna walks over and examines it. "Interesting…"
[OOC] BrevisFortuna: * Ashley Go— Wait…
[OOC] JayM: It stops reacting with strong reactions
[OOC] JayM: Like, won't explode in your face
Kolitk just watches from a distance. This isn't her area of expertise.
AshleyVonT: "I suppose this is how they made it though the temple without trigering the traps."
Kisro snores lightly in a corner.
The skeleton seems to be of some sort of royalty. But seems to have very… Prehistoric even gear, mostly already decayed
Alexandra kneels down to inspect the arcanite. "…We find arcanite. Am beink done?"
The statue is almightly huge, too. I doubt you can lift it
Kolitk shrugs and plops down next to Kisro.
Kisro peeks an eye open and sniffs to himself. Would the arcanite stop the flesh from decomposing?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: I wonder if I could raise the skeleton to have it tell us what happened here.=>.>=
JayM: It IS a, despite intact, fairly brittle one. Apparently some sort of natural mummification happened here. Might have something to do with the surroundings
AshleyVonT inspects the knife, anything unusal about it?
JayM: Nothing unusual, except it's almightly old and made out of bone
[OOC] Alexandra: LOOT IT
AshleyVonT grabs it and has Eins grab the breast plate. looting corpses for the win.
Kisro sniffs the air and wonders about the thought that the GM has placed in his mind. Natural mummification?
Kolitk glances down and scratches between Kisro's ears, "Something up, Kisro?"
JayM: I don't think you should touch it, Ashley. You could destroy the skeleton if you touch it
JayM: Do you happen to remember anything about this place?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: =>.>= Sorta is was a long time ago….
[OOC] Alexandra: …okay so that's a bad idea. If this is the thing keeping the mines intact by stabilizing…
[OOC] Zander: hey, we just had to find it. Not extract it. >_>
JayM: Even this temple isn't known by the Sartan. The only thing this place is known is as the last place where the Great Father went and never returned. The only place he was afraid of in his life. The reason no Sartan comes down here is respect, because if the Great Father was afraid of it, nobody should go there
JayM: And yeah, you were to discover any sort of Arcanite deposite
Kisro shakes his head and snorts.
AshleyVonT: "This withered old skeleton must be that one form the story about this place…"
JayM: Action here?
JayM: I know I got Gizmo hyped over #ag_lounge, two of my players busy in #dockingbay and Doman suffering over Giz's shoulder
JayM: But please
Kolitk was jsut resting on Kisro, waiting for the others. She's not an archologist. :p
Alexandra: "…So am beink done."
Alexandra shrugs.
Kisro rises and shakes a bit and controlls the urge to go and make the skeleton go *poof* into dust…
AshleyVonT: "I guess this is all there is. A bit dissappointing."
Kolitk shakes her arms then readjusts the braclets on her arms, "So we arre done herrre?"
Alexandra smirks again and begins walking out. "Ah, ah, was not beink disappointing at all. We ate 'poisonous mushrooms' for ourselves…"
Kolitk grabs her spear again then trots after Alexandra.
AshleyVonT has EIns pick ehr back up and head after them.
The travel outside is safe enough, after all, you've probably found out where the 'traps' are set. You've soon reach back the main area with the decayed statue, I suppose you're heading back to Sarta?
Kisro gives one last look to the person and sighs, trotting out.
Kolitk, uh, "disarmed" them all already. >_>
JayM: With her mighty body, that can disarm anybody, and arm a few
[OOC] AshleyVonT: That's a creative way of putting it.
JayM: And geeze, this GM is not allowed to joke
[OOC] Zander: lol. >_>
JayM: Anyway, answer to question?
Alexandra is all ON TO SARTA!
After a while you eventually reach Sarta, as weary as you are. You're welcomed by a couple of guard who protect that entrance "<You're back!>" she blinks on her slip "Found anything?"
Kisro sits quietly beside Alexandra.
AhsleyVonT shakes her head.
Guard: "Oh, that's bad… Uhn, anyway, I think you should debrrief with matrriarrch"
Alexandra looks at 'Ahsley.' "…beside arcanite? Was findink nuzzink."
Kolitk "…And the mummy."
Guard 2: "Mummy? How like?"
AshleyVonT: "We didn't find the deposite we were sent to."
[OOC] Zander: … How like? >.< You broke my english there man.
[OOC] JayM: Ow. I mean… "What does it looks like" or something like that
Guard: "We should get to the matrriarrch, she'd likely know morre about what werre you looking forr"
Kolitk shrugs, "Old? Bone arrrmourr and knife."
AshleyVonT: "Gold armor…"
Kisro keeps an eye out for insects of the sort.
Guard 1 was about to shake her head when she hears that, and perks up "Gold?" she looks at Guard 2, both are slackjawed "<Great Father!>" they sey in unisson "Let's see matrriarrch, now" says Guard 1, very well taking you there very fast, she sort of grabs Kolitk's arm and starts pulling her
Kolitk blinks and is drug off.
AshleyVonT has Eins follow after them.
Alexandra just stands there, bell-like. "…go fetch, pup?"
Soon you all basically break into the command room. Matriarch Mathara is more than surprised "What is?"
[OOC] Alexandra: Alexandra uses Vehicle synergy to ride on Kisro! Hyah, doggy! >_>
Kolitk just stands there still looking confused after being drug there. *blink*
Kisro growls lightly at Alexandra and decides to go sit by Kol instead. Stupid russian.
Guard 1: "<Ma'am! They… I think they found HIM!>"
Alexandra lightly smiles and follows behind. Oh, my friend, you'll make an excellent chimera test subject. Lalala.
She seems to be more than hyperactive, Guard 1 is GLOWING there
Kisro suddenly gets the chills and wimpers lightly.
Mathara: "Him? Who? Wait, can't be… Alright, you all, tell me exactly what happened there?"
[OOC] JayM: Last ? =‘` !
AshleyVonT: "We found a skeleton of a Mithra wearing gold armor with a bone knife."
Kolitk mumbles something about crazy golden statues.
Mathara stands suddenly, basically shoving the mobile screens surrounding her away "Wait, wait… Where? In the middle of the forest?"
Kolitk: "…Forrest? No…"
AshleyVonT: "At the bottom of the ruins."
Mathara: "We don’t know anything about that area, what all did you find? Ruins? What of?"
AshleyVonT: "Looked like some sort of Religious Temple."
Mathara goes down the place where she was to ground level, and starts pacing around "Temple? Describe me it, everything you saw there"
AshleyVonT describes it to her in as much detail as is humanly possible, maybe a bit more.
Kolitk shrugs, "The Sacrred one."
Mathara stops pacing when you describe the last of it "So… Seems like a temple to the goddess… Wait, I know why they had strong readings of Arcanite there, the whole temple must be basically made out of it… But golden arcanite? In history it's only known to have been found on small deposite of golden arcanite in Sartan territorry… It was in the past, when the Great Father was still alive //
Mathara: "And he was the only one to ever wear an armor of it… Dear father, you've found his remains!"
[OOC] Alexandra: * deposit
Alexandra looks to the rest of the group. "…So am beink done. For final time. No?"
Kolitk: "Apparrently. Therrre was an entirre statue of it."
Kolitk shrugs. "I am done."
She places a hand in her forehead, and looks backwards to where she was sitting, towards the monitors "Alright, you probably overheard this all, can the hyperwarp engines of the Oran be adjusted to overcome the effect of the temple?"
A voice echoes from behind her, you can't see the display it's coming from "Yes, ma'am"
Mathara: "Good" she turns to the party "Seems like you've found a relic of the past. You know, many things shaped the current state of Amazonia, the dislike of technology and magic was generated by the great amounts of Arcanite that exist in our planet, and how it reacts when smolten inproperly. In the past, there //was
a great civilization that thrived on it's use, though"
Mathara: "But was destroyed as their misused of this metal caused nature's own wrath to become deadlyer than ever. You've found one of the few remaining temples, it's incredible"
// AshleyVonT nods. "Perhaps you could return to that point?"
Alexandra smiles wildly once more. "Is possible to control nature's wrath even further, nowadays…"
Mathara: "Yes, maybe. But for now, would you rest for just one more night in our city? By tomorrow or maybe earlyer the hyperwarp drives of the Oran will be set to overcome the distortion caused by the temple now that we know what it is, so you don't have to make the trip back to your ship"
She looks at Alexandra "Tell that to Soul, he knows all about that"
Kolitk: "…"
Alexandra puts a finger across her lips and glances at Jimmy.
AshleyVonT bows. "Your graciousness knows no bounds."
Mathara: "Now, I believe I should be going back to my business… Feel free to do as you please, your rooms await for you where they last were"
Kolitk 'hmph's, before spinning around and stalking out of the room and to her own.
Alexandra nods and cheerily heads off to her room. Probably a bit too cheerily for the masses not to worry.
Alexandra dashes back in and out. Kisro also vanishes with a malicious chuckle from the Alchemist.
Kisro whimpers.
JayM: So… Anybody has devious plans for the night?
AshleyVonT watches the Russian disappear with the dog/loin thing.
AshleyVonT will just go to her room, Mathara seems busy.
Kolitk is sleeping, goddamnit. If they won't let her sleep in, she's going to bed early. >.>
The next morning, better, afternoon as it's already a good 17:00 when you're called. Each of your personal wristcomm's (except for Kol that has none) dings, asking to be answered
AshleyVonT answers it promptly.
Alexandra answers for her and Kisro. (( Mwahaha. ))
AshleyVonT: Elvaan is a description, Elvaa is a race.
It's in videoconference mode, so you all can see your respective faces. In the center is Yate, that seems to be sweating a lot "S-so! Everryone rready? Wanna get back alrready? The dropship's been rrecalled alrready"
[OOC] Kolitk: mischan. :p
JayM: Amine, dear, mind the screens
Kolitk totally doesn't answer, ahaha, suckers. She got to sleep in anyways.
Alexandra looks at Kisro. "Ready to go back to ship, doggie?"
[OOC] JayM: She's sleeping till 5 PM?
[OOC] Kolitk: Sure. She's still grumpy. <.<
[OOC] JayM: My, that's huge
Alexandra idly inspects a syringe and a needle. "Goink to ships means I must abort experiment I had planned for tonight…shame."
Kisro barks into/at the comm and nods his head furiously, whimpering.
AshleyVonT nods "I am ready."
Alexandra sighs and looks up. "Yes, am ready to be goink. Lab on ship has much more resources."
Yate: "Well, you can stay morre if you'd like. But vacation time of the otherr perrsonell is over by the end of the day, we deparrt at midnight"
He nods "Alrright, get, ahn…" he stops to think "Lady Kolitk close to you so we can lock on herr position too"
AshleyVonT: "Lady Kolitk?"
He nods, it's quite clear he wasn't sure how to call her
AshleyVonT seems a smudge amused. "Well, She's in her room, she shouldn't be hard to find unless he went out to play with Nisk agian…"
Yate goes wide-eyed "Wha— No, I won't ask. Alrright, so… I'll set up a gate nearr herr rroom too, standby for gate-opening"
Soon, a small circular gate appears beside everyone, from you can see the inside of the Oran's many debrief rooms in the Intelligence sections
Kolitk: "…" *blink*
Kolitk is waken up by what seems to be a very loud and stinging screeching sound… Like, ear-piercing, that only she can hear
AshleyVonT and Eins walk in.
Kolitk winces and covers folders her ears down with her ears, "Ooow! Someone turrn that off!"
Alexandra looks at Kolitk oddly, then takes out a sword for a minute.
It doesn't even gets less loud when she folds her ears, though… Inside the debrief room there is, along with Yate that is apparently passed out, a Viera that seems to be rather amused at the passed out catboy
Kolitk: "Arrrgh! Shut the noise off, that hurrrrtss!"
However, when the Viera sees Kolitk's state she suddenly runs through the gate to her, bringing a small sort of wristband and forcing it on Kolitk's arm "Put this on, now!" she says, the moment she puts it on her, the sound simply vanishes
Alexandra checks to see if there really is a sound she can't hear by checking the sword's vibrations.
JayM: Alexandra: Not at all, Kolitk was apparently hearing it inside her own mind only
Kolitk clenches her teeth then punches the viera. >_<
JayM: Are you sure? Because she seems to be five or so steps behind the gate when you do so
[OOC] Kolitk: Whenever she rushed over to slap the thing on. :p
Viera: "Gods, you can hear that? That's not a good sign…"
AshleyVonT notes the Viera is 'fast'.
[OOC] Kolitk: And yeah, I'm supposed to be the quick one, that thing is fucking quick. o_O
JayM: I think she'd be up to par with Face's evasion skills, Kolitk
Viera: "Anyway, get in so we can close the gate and you can take the thing off, alright?"
Kolitk: "Oww…" She rubs at her ears, "That hurrt, yes, I could hearrr it just fine."
Kolitk sighs and steps through the gate, grumbling to herself.
She ushers everyone inside the gates "Now, now. From what Mathara told me you've had quite a trip" she says as she takes her place in front of the small room with seven chairs "Now" the gates closes when everyone is in "Sorry for Yate, he's reliable but totally passes out whenever a mission is over"
Alexandra steps beside Kolitk. "Do not be speakink to yourself, people might to be thinkink you are the crazy…"
Kolitk blinks then turns to give Alexa a funny look.
Viera: "Shush you, leave her. Now, i've heard you've done fairly well down there, so you've all got an extra in your paychecks this month. And Kolitk, i'm afraid only you could hear that, keep that wristband so you don't hear it so loudly again, staying without it is unsafe inside the Oran"
Alexandra blinks and looks at Kolitk. "…vhat? Was not talkink to you."
Alexandra looks at the Viera as she says this, as well.
Kolitk shakes her head and nudges Alexa in the side.
Viera: "Anyway, I hope you all got a good"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: <Kolitk>"Meet at my room for hot kinky lesbian sex."
Alexandra snaps to normal. To her standards. That'd be not talking to herself.
She looks up "Oh, there it goes, what's it now?" she looks at Kolitk "Get ready, this is going to hurt"
Kolitk groans and closes her eyes before trying to fold over her ears again, "I hate you people."
Just a couple of seconds later you can hear the announcement "Unplanned Hyperwarp Jump will be executed in ten seconds, all personnel prepare for jump, prepare for emergency launch. Dropff in one hour"
AshleyVonT: "…"
The viera closes her eyes and holds to her ears, she knows it's going to hurt. In a those ten seconds the Viera suddenly falls of he chair with a suddenly scream of pain. Kolitk can feel a more than sudden spark of pain as seems like somebody just broke the barrier of sound in her side. As for the others, nobody had a single effect, nobody heard a word
Kolitk winces, then promptly falls the hell down screaming at the top of her lungs.
AshleyVonT looks to Eins to see if she feels any change.
JayM: Eins didn't feel a thing
Viera: "Now, that was a trip, what's up?" she shakes her head, and looks back down to the party "I'm sorry for that, i'm rather sensible to hyperspace variations… It's painful. But anyway, everyone should be heading to one of the docking bays right now, apparently the Oran's been called as a reinforcement somewhere and i'm going to kill whoever didn't expec this"
AshleyVonT shrugs and makes sure to ask her other maids abotu it when she gets abck to the room.
Kisro sniffs the air and ponders. Anyone else besides these two freak out like that> //
Kisro: ?

// Kolitk just kind of lays there and whimpers.
AshleyVonT: "Oh? Head for our combat stations then?"
The Viera sighs "Alright, this is an emergency problem, you all got an hour to prepare, then you're to go to any of the docking bays, there you'll get some more information on what's up" she picks up Yate and puts him on her shoulders "Now, i'm going to take this boy back to Intel and hit somebody in the head"
Alexandra moves her goggles to her forehead and kneels down. "…hm."
Kisro also wonders why his doggie
er labayu-ness isn't affected by it… ;-;
Kisro is apparently not special enough to feel hyperspace waves like that. ;-;
Kolitk thinks he should be gratful. *groan* *whimper*
JayM: Let's say you're healthy enough
AshleyVonT gets moving to get ready for 'another' trip, luckily she has servants to do stuff for her, so she manages to get a bath in there.
Kolitk gets up slowly, using her spear as a stalk and stalkes off to her room. >.>
Alexandra needs no preparation!
[OOC] Kolitk: -stalk +staff. o_O
JayM: It's an hour, the place's mighty easy to navigate though to teleportation devices everywhere, obviously you can take a bath in one hour and be in the right place, as long as you can finish taking a bath in one hour =P
AHsley spend s agood portion of that hour bathing.
Kolitk isn't going anywhere. Fuck that shit. ;_;
Kisro wonders if they aren't healthy then. x3
JayM suddenly splits off a small sub-quest for Kolitk
Kisro follows Kol and gives her comfort. Poor kitty.
Kolitk is fine with the Kisro pillow.
JayM: Oh, you're following? My, care if we do their small scene here first then?
Kisro doesn
Kolitk finds somebody very special in her bedroom… Sitting in her bed is… Suka! However she has a distant look in her face, like she wasn't even there
[OOC] Kisro: *doesn't
Kolitk blinks.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: It's a new improved SUka doll!
JayM can read through most typost
Suka: "Hello, Kolitk and Kisro"
[OOC] Kisro: <3
She says that totally without any emotions in her voice
Kisro perks up but doesn't do anything or think anything.
Kolitk: "…Hello?" She blinks again. "…This is another dream, isn't it?"
Suka: "It is not a dream"
Still devoid of any emotions
Kisro paws at Suka's body and whimpers a bit.
Kolitk looks around confused and steps into the room.
From behind you suddenly appears… Mina, the Viera white mage that was taking care of Suka "I told you we could fix her up, but as we expected, there was a problem"
Kolitk: "…"
Kisro whimpers once more.
Suka says, like she was a computer "There was only one way to erradicate the psy-infection, it had itself nested in my personality, so it had to be erased along with the infection //
Kolitk: "…"
Kisro stares at Suka. … So she's not really Suka.
Suka stares at Kisro I am myself
Mina: "Thankfully, however, we got you here, Kolitk"
Kolitk: "…?"
Kisro frowns doggily and glares at her. I beg to differ if you have no personality.
Mina: "We can fix that using the 'backup copy' we set in your mind"
Kolitk: "…Oh."
Suka: //It is no more than a temporary problem

// Kisro growls lightly. Are you sure?
Mina: "However, we gotta put you to sleep for just a moment, it can be bad. It'll also solve somewhat that problem you had with the sound earlyer today"
Suka: //Yes

Kolitk: "Fine."
// Kisro sits then and awaits whatever is going to happen.
Mina comes closer and injects a syringe in her arm, Kolitk promptly falls asleep. She carefully sets Kolitk down in her bed and Suka stands up
Kisro winces at the sight of the syringe. Alex.
Kolitk Zzz.
[OOC] Kisro: As in Alexandra… since Doman is an idiot and couldn't get that.
Now, Suka herself goes to Kolitk's side, and places a hand in Kolitk's head. She focuses, and winces, then falls down to one knee. Kolitk suddenly feels a pop of energy, jolting her awake
[OOC] Kolitk: … lol. Doman, you doofus.
Kisro wonders why he's here.
Mina: "Now, that was way too simply, you're mightly powerful Suka"
Kolitk: "…Aaah!"
Suka: "I really wish I had this power not" she looks at Kolitk "Kolitk! That's you… I hope I did't bear too much weight in your mind"
Kisro blinks. … Well… that was a lot faster than I thought this would be. And less gorey.
Kolitk shakes her head slowly.
Suka: "Now, what is this about moping around and being depressed?"
Kolitk: "…Mm."
Suka: "Weren't you going out to learn more about the outside? You're so not going to do that that way"
Kolitk shrugs.
Suka: "Now come on, stand up, and get a move on" she closes her eyes and inspires for a moment… Kolitk can hear for half a second a faint static sound "Now, get going, i'm sorry we can't be together right now, but I got a very important job to do. Get going to where the rest of your 'party'" she doesn't seems to beleive she's saying that "Is meeting up, there's a surprise for you there, you won't like it head-on, <-cut
JayM: cut-> but then you'll love it. And it'll keep us in touch"
Kolitk sighs and stares at the ground.
Kisro blinks and looks at Suka. I'm guessing I have to go also?
Suka puts a hand in Kolitk's chin and makes her look to her "Don't worry, you know what an emergency is, right? You're going to feel things you've never before… When all of this is over, meet me, we got many things to talk about" she turns to Kisro Yes, you all are going to love it. That crazy alchemist girl will like it the most
Suka then looks up, and makes a wave with her hand, a small hyperwarp gate appears by her side… Peeking through it you can see… Man, that's gotta be the Oran's Bridge… "We'll meet in just a moment, stay strong, Kolitk, you don't know how many will rely on your streght now" she says, going through the gate
Kolitk averts her eyes, "Must I?"
Kisro doesn't think he'll enjoy it too much and leaves, his tail between his legs and his head down low.
Mina is throughly amazed "She is controlling the Oran's internal hyperwarp ALREADY?" she looks at Kolitk "You're so lucky she's a friend" she says, summoning a gate herself, to the infirmary section, and disappearing it in
Kolitk groans and pushes away fomr the bed, following after Kisro.
What a coincidence, seems like all of you met up in the very same docking bay, no matter the way you used to reach there "Oh, good, we depart in just a few minutes" says a human that's standing by what seem to be… Six large cubes of metal
Kisro keeps as far away from Alexa as possible, quietly whimpering to himself.
AshleyVonT: "…"
The man waves to you all "I'm Mid, and those" he waves to the metal cubes "Are your own new private ships, still being tested. The Synchro Fighters. You're doing their first field test today"
Kolitk mumbles something and stands between Kisro and Alexa. "…"
Mid: "You've been chose beause, well, none of you can pilot a starship and you're fairly study individuals"
[OOC] JayM: Chosen, Sturdy
Kisro blinks and looks up in surprise. Ooooh…
Kolitk: "… It is a cube."
Kisro slowly starts flicking his tail around now and grins dogishly.
Mid smirks "For now, Seras, open up" he says
Suddenly, one of the cubes opens up a door, to what seems to be a small opening inside it
Mid: "Who wants to try the first one?"
AshleyVonT walks forward with Eins. "I need her to be with me, is that a problem?"
Mid shakes her head "Nope, head on"
Alexandra steps in front of Ashley. "I volunteer."
Mid: "Eesh, there's one of each of you! Don't be all coming at the same time"
Kisro bounds towards one happily and hops inside. This better not be some elaborate kidnapping routine…
AshleyVonT: "…"
Kisro examines the inside of the mini-ship thing.
*SLAM* The door closes suddenly as soon as Kisro enter
Kolitk takes a step back…
Inside, there is nothing but plain walls… Wait up, seems like many cables just erupted from the walls! Kisro, however, can only feel a slight tap in the back of his head before his sight goes black…
AshleyVonT and Eins step over near one.
Kisro barks out of surprise and slumps.
Outside, the block of metal Kisro entered starts to shift… And change… Assuming another shape, exactly the shape a perfect starship would have in Kisro's mind
JayM: What i'm leaving for the player to decide
Alexandra steps in another. All aboard~
[OOC] Alexandra: A dog bone, Kisro! A doggie bone!
[OOC] Kisro: -_-;;
Kisro suddenly can see again, and hear… Though what's that, he can't feel his body… Wait… Yeah, he can… He can see all around him, 360ยบ… Smell? No smell, but he can feel, oh my, those are things you've never felt before… Why does it feels like you've got complete control over 3D movement now? Odd your engines ache a bit… WAIT, did the word engine just replace legs in your mind? What the… It feels <-cut
JayM: cut-> like you've become the ship itself!
Mid: "Impressive…"
JayM: The same ordeal happens for Alexandra
Kolitk … o_O
Kisro whimpers a bit and tries to shake himself.
Kolitk continues backing away.
Drump, vrowm. The ship shakes, and hits the ground for a moment "Whoa!" Mid exclaims
Kisro blinks and doesn't try that again. He tries looking around a bit and takes a small step forwards towards Kol.
AshleyVonT hops into her ship with Eins.
Kolitk takes another step back…
Kisro tries taking a step forwards again.
Kolitk: "Isuddenlyfindmyselffeelingillandmustrretirrretomyrroomforrtheevening. Good day!"
Kolitk turns around and walks off. Very quickly.
Kisro dashes in front of her and faces the Mithra!
Kolitk: "I said good day!" >.>
Kisro growls. Well, I said try this out, kit-kat. Suka said so!
AshleyVonT 's ship totally looks like a twisted spiny mass with locust wings.
Kolitk isn't telepathic, and darts past Kisro. Hopfully. >.>
Kisro keeps in front of her.
Kisro doesn't care and still keeps thinking thoughts to her.
Kolitk sighs. "Stoppit, Kisrro. I am not going into one of those crrrazy magic boxes!"
AshleyVonT totally wonders what type of wepaon systems they have, or if they are also created through the 'power of imagination'.
[OOC] JayM: Gah, I was eating
As Kisro tries to step, his ship's engines kicks into gear for a moment to make it float forward a bit
JayM: As for the weapons and the plating? Based off Kisro's current weaponry and armors
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Kisrp's would be, or are all the ships the same?
JayM: All the same
But you don't have much time to wonder, everything goes Clang and Kolitk gets knocked out of her feet, the view from the outside goes from a purple zooming image back to normal space, you've come in right in the middle of a fight "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! You that got in ships, out, there's a battle to be fought! Those without, get in, now!"
Kolitk: "I am not getting into that crrazy magic box!"
Kisro blinks and whimpers. WHAT?! I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR BATTLE!! KOL, GET YOUR TAIL IN THERE!!!!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: …every ship is absed off the rider's imagination of what it should look like,a dn thier own wepaons, right?=>.>=
[OOC] JayM: Yeah
[OOC] JayM: Oh, and Ein's case… She's a bit special, she'll become a sattelite for Ash, and I get to describe it =‘`P
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Ok.
[OOC] Kolitk: HAX!!!!!!!
[OOC] JayM: Alexandra?
[OOC] JayM: I am 100% sure Kol ain’t hopping in one of the Synchro Fighters of own will, though
Kisro tries getting behind her and nudging her forwards.
[OOC] Kisro: What about her?
Kolitk sure as hell is not, no. >_> She's actually trying to manauver her way back to her room… lalal
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Kolitk got knocked out…
JayM: I wouldn't try that, Kisro, you got some sharp appendages
Mid: "SHIT!"
[OOC] Kisro: Who said? :P! I never described it. <3
[OOC] Kolitk: no, she got knocked off her feet… not out…
[OOC] Kisro: I know. I'm pushing you into one. :P
[OOC] Kolitk: I was telling Amine. :p
Suddenly, everyone around runs away, the remaining synchro fighters suddenly actually send those strange cables to grab you people, and they shurt right in time for you all to hear a loud explosion. Kisro, that actually is in his fighter, can see a hail of missiles getting right inside the dockingbay…
[OOC] Kisro: … oh. x3 Didn't see that. <3
Kolitk growls, "Knock it off, Kisrrro!"
Kisro growls at her and flies up then. FINE. Just don't get killed, stupid CAT.
As the missiles explode you can hear shouting and screams, it broke off the enviromental barriers, the place is starting to quickly drain out of air…
AshleyVonT flies out the the battle along with her yet to be described satalite that is Eins.
Kolik and Jimmy are safe inside their synchro fighters, that are yet to make a single move to actually plug into you
Eins ended up becoming a strange sort of sattelite, looks like an obelisk made of a pure black metal… When Ashley's ship gets ready to fight Ein's ship opens up two 'wings' revealing more weaponry than you'd expect Eins to have. Actually, more than Ash knows he has
AshleyVonT // WHere did those come from…never mind that now…//
Alexandra is already in her ship, which took the form of a tablet encircled by a stone ring. She moves out without a word.
Kolitk just kind of half whimper, half growl, half groans inside. ;_;
Outside, a terrible battle is going on, apparently the Ilirian army had pulled a bold stunt against Earth's army. Many different ships fly about. When you get outside the Oran you can suddenly hear a lot of noise… Focusing more it looks like… Thousands of voices going through your minds… With some tryeing you manage to make out the words… Yeah, all the info being tossed about by the command. Suddenly, <-cut
JayM: cut-> Suka's voice rings specifically loud to you all "Goldstar 9! To the directions shown in your map, few light fighters"
That's when you in the fighters suddenly realize you HAVE actual maps… But it's odd, doesn't seems to be anywhere in your eyesight… But you know it's there
AshleyVonT heads that way.
Inside Kolitk's fighter a screen shows up, the image is that of a blade crossing inside a chakram "Are you intact?" says a voice
Kolitk: "Er… yes?"
There there are a few ships about, and basically nothing but the point defenses of the Oran fighting them. Hey, how come, it's as easy to fly those as walking!
The voice rings again "I'm Terash, your assistant AI. Please forgive me for the harsh act, but you would havebeen killed by the missile hail if I had not acted"
Kolitk: "…"
Kisro dashes straight for the indicated place given by Suka. Suka! Tell Kol to get her Kitty tail out here and fight!
[OOC] Kisro: Hay, Jul. Are the insides also customized? :D?
Terash: "Please, could I be of any help? I currently cannot let you outside as the environmental controls are still offline"
Kolitk: "Ugh."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: you aren't 'inside' you 'are' the fighter.
Alexandra silently floats towards the place.
[OOC] Kisro: I know…
JayM: What insides? You can't see the insides of the ship, you see through the ship's own sensory devices! It's odd seeing with five different cameras instead of your eyes! But yes, they are, customized inside. There is a camera facing the inside as means to know if the original body is harmed
Terash: "Can I do anything to be of assistance?"
Kolitk 's fighter probably hasn't change at all form the box form. "…No."
[OOC] Kisro: But… if they're like we imagine them to be… See. :P It's like seeing 6 things at once, including yourself.
[OOC] Kisro: Do we all get AI assistants? :D?
Suddenly, another voice breaks in along with Terash, it's Suka's "My, that went much worse than I expected. I wasn't planning on letting that hail slip off, i'm sorry!"
[OOC] JayM: You all do, yeah
[OOC] Kisro: Sweet.
[OOC] JayM: A lesser 'breed' of savants known as Noesis computers
[OOC] Alexandra: Hello Window's Office paperclip!
[OOC] Kisro: … I'm reminded of the ship from Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy…
[OOC] JayM: Geeze
Suka: "Kolitk? Are you alright?"
Kolitk: "No."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: oooo, do we get to decide what they look liek too?
Suka: "I'm sorry. Don't worry, the Synchro Fighters are amazing to pilot, I have one myself. But… I'm sorry for what Terash has done. He didn't do anything funky, did he?"
[OOC] JayM: You do!
[OOC] JayM: Only Eins was mine to decide, you get to decide their apperance
Kolitk: "…Only pulling me inside of thiss stupid magic box against my will." She grumbles.
She sighs "Good, well, at least you're still alive… I'm sorry… The enviromental controles of the docking bay will be back online in ten hours, so, for now, try to endure it"
Suka: "But you know, Kisro is calling for your help"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Yeha I said what the ship looked like, i meant the Noesis.=>.>=
Kolitk: "…Ten hours?"
Kolitk groans.
Suka smiles for a moment "You should try accepting the ship, it's good. But Terash is under orders not to attempt linking without your consent. Now I must— GAH! Bomb Corvettes, southwest now!— I should go!" her voice is gone for good
[OOC] Kisro: … can this project thoughts also? Or does Kis get to stay in the dark with his AI person…
At the battle, Kisro, Alexandra and Ashley are starting to have a few problems. They're making mincemeat of the fighters that come their way, yes, but a large frigate-class vessel, ten times bigger than a fighter, keeps producing MORE AND MORE fighters
Kolitk: "… Linking? Um." She glaes at the inside of the box. "No."
AshleyVonT is in her twisted spikey mass with locust wings ship, being orbitted by the Black Obilesk that is Eins.
[OOC] JayM: You use isntead of words whatever way of communication a ship uses
[OOC] JayM: So yeah, it does that, you speak with the ship's comm devices. And they run off your mind
AshleyVonT indicates they should attack the bigger ship, to get it to stop producing smaller ones.
[OOC] Kisro: Sweet.
For the trio, appreaching the big ship can be a problem, there is a giant minefield around it, and it doesn't seems like a mine like that, with a quarter the size of your ship, would feel good being hit against
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Do we know about how big a blast form those mones would be? '
JayM: Enough to take down a normal fighter, and if they were just a tad more packed you could set off a chain reaction
[OOC] Kisro: … Most likely one that would hurt…
Kisro: ( Yah. Mines aren't fun. S'why I don't play Minesweeper. ))
AshleyVonT indicates they should either take out indivual mines to blast a path through, or start a explotion big enough to ste off a chain reaction.
Suddenly you can hear a large explosion, what seems to be a hail of missles has just hit one of the sides of the Oran… Seems like the entire enemy army is focusing in that sole point… Damn, that's the hangar Kol is!
[OOC] JayM: As a note, you can use ALL of your abilities in one way or another in ship for!
JayM: Wait… How can you three in starships //hear
the explosion?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: even my raise dead one?=>.>=
JayM: Uhn… Don't ask me how the translation of ship system to physical sense work
JayM: Ashley: Yeah
Therash: "As you wish"
Kolitk: "NO, I do NOT but I am going to die if not!"
// AshleyVonT tries to 'raises' some of the destroyed fighters and send them kamakze style into the mine field to clear a both to the big ship.
Kolitk can only feel for one second the slight jab at the back of her head. Then, everything goes blank for a moment and when she can see again… She can see and feel with the ship's senses. It's strange, to listen to electromagnetical waves… Wait up! That noise you've been hearing before? It's there… More than obviously it's a hyperspace gate being opened… Wait, still to be opened, it'll open in fourty <-cut
JayM: cut-> seconds, and it's something huge right over there!
[OOC] Kolitk: … I have no idea what her fighter would look like. Because, idealy, there *isn't* a fighter…
[OOC] JayM: Yeah, probably something very simplistic
[OOC] JayM: I somehow am thinking of one of Starfox 64's ships
[OOC] Kolitk: no, like, non-existant. lol.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: She turns into a flying spear.
[OOC] Alexandra: A peace sign!
Boom! There goes bombs everywhere, Ashely manages to set off all the mines in a huge arc, creating enough of an opening to reach the frigate!
[OOC] Kolitk: :p Lets just assume it goes into a default stat if there isn't anything to grab onto. >_>
Kolitk flys away. grumble, grumble.
Kolitk finds herself facing what seems to be an oncoming storm of enemies, her ship looks sort of like a triangular shape, the tips being of a strange crystallyne formation…
JayM: Uhn… Heck, that is way too much enemies for a ship your size to face off alone…
Kolitk has absolutly no idea what to do.
Except maybe run in the other direction.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Kolitk became the crystaline entity?
AshleyVonT flys ahead to start the attack on the big ship, starting with the hagger doors so more hsips can't get out.
However, Kol can sort of feel a familiar presence by her side all the times "I told you it'd keep us in contact" says Suka, straight in her mind, tryeing to calm her down
Alexandra swoops in next to Kolitk, ring spinning rapidly to try and deflect any projectiles.
Suka: "Hold the fort for just a couple of minutes, the Archangels are coming to your rescue"
Kolitk is completly just freaking out and panicing now, yes. >.>
Ashley's shots pierce right into the hangar doors, crashing them and destroyeing the production bays
With the production bays gone, the ship can't do much else and tries to flee
AshleyVonT goes for the engines next!
JayM: It's an easy target, a production ship like that falls quickly to the hand of skilled wing of fighters… Yes, you heard it perfectly, it takes a wing of fighters to bring it down, Ashley's doing it all by herself
AshleyVonT indicates for the others to help her…
Coming crashing down on Kolitk and Alexandra are many ships that looks slightly like grubs, each one, then, shoots two beams of energy tryeing to pin down Kolitk and Alexandra! But suddenly what seems like a different sort of plating springs up in Kolik, moving right where the attack would hit and deflecting it off
Alexandra was supposed to be the defense — spinny rings! O_o
Kolitk blinks. "I hate space!" >.<
[OOC] Alexandra: But in any case. :D
[OOC] JayM: But Kolik has a Shield =``P
[OOC] Alexandra: bah
Alexandra reshapes her ship to form a pair of lips on the bottom of the tablet to act as the guns and moves further in, firing away!
Not a moment too soon, five giant ships show up in your radars… Labelled as friendly. Five U-shaped ships soon come into visual range, taking the change the other ships are distracted with the Shyncro Fighters "Alright, whoever you are, move away from blast zone" says a voice to both, a small zone painted blue appears in your sensor map
AshleyVonT gets out of that area.
Alexandra appears reluctant, but immediately follows orders.
Kolitk follows after Alexandra.
After everyone has cleared the pointed-out area the five Archangels close in to the mass of ships, and fires off their special weapon, the Repulsor. An invsible wave of electromagnetic energy rushes outwards from each of them, the combined power trashes entirely all fighter-class and smaller ships in the are, the others are thrown around lke ping-pong balls. Now with the reinforcements of the Archangels in the <-cut //
JayM: cut-> point where they were focusing their attacks the Ilirian forces start to flee…

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