Mind Dive 1

((What Suka found in Drilian's mind in Session 4))

Suka starts to fudge through his mind… But soon enough hits a block! Somethigs stops her, something she haven't seen in untrained people… She finds her body thrown in some sort of trance as her mind is somewhere else… She's standing in an empty room, with nothing but two doors. One of them is a normal steel door, classic. The other is the same, except a strange sort of red and black… biological thing… seems to be sapping through the openings.
JayM: Welcome to Drilian's mind
Suka blinks. "Hmm. Unexpected."
[OOC] Kolitk: Hm… Gunna roll my Psionics lore to see if Suka knows what the doors mean?
[OOC] JayM: Go for it
[OOC] Kolitk: haha, winz.
JayM: It's simple. She managed to reach a mind wall. It's a sort of protection against psychich attacks, like when you place a wall in front of a bullet. She is now stuck in the wall, but going out of it is easy. Each door is a piece of his mind. The strange thing is, that red thing? It's not natural to a mindscape
Suka ponders this for a moment, then glides over to the red door and raises a hand, trying to push it open wiht her telekanesis.
The door squeaks open… A flash of light… And she is out of the mind wall. She's inside a corridor, seems to be inside a ship but the walls are covered in that material. Various people line the walls, mages presumably, they chant endlessly to the walls and seem to be in severe pain, a bit of this red thing seems to be covering their feet, some up to the knees. Suddenly something dashes off through the corridor, it seems to be a Qu… Drilian, for sure, but he seems younger, quite a bit younger than now.
He runs throwing vials at the mages, ethers it seems "Hold on! Hold on!" he shouts desperatly.
Suka floats halfway into the corridor before stoping and coming this close to raising an eyebrow. "Drilian?"
After a while of running the scenery changes… The red mass seem to take life, starts to cover the mages, slowly… The scream in agony. Suddenly, a tentacle sprouts out of the wall and attempts to grab Drilian, that screams and starts running. The tentacle goes right through Suka… She apparently stumbled into a memory.
Suka mentally notes how… odd this is, and just watches, for now.
The corridor seems endless, Drilian runs what seems to be an eternity. Until a voice booms all around you. "Drilian! Drilian, wake up!" and soon everything snaps into place. Drilian was clawing at the wall, the corridor apparently ended a while ago. The red material still remains, but it haven't covered the mages, neither there is a tentacle pursuing him. A Pisco Demon is holding Drilian strongly "Hey! Snap out of it!"
Drilian: "Uhn… Feryn! What…"
Feryn: "Don't worry, just another mindblast… Don't worry, it's gonna be over soon"
Drilian: "Where are G-Kale and Rivan?"
Feryn: "Sector five"
About right now, a tentacle sprouts from the wall and attacks Suka! Different from the one before it seems to actually be able to hold her! ((Gimme a MAG check))
Suka attempts to glide back and send a mind blast at the tentacle. "Hmm…"
[OOC] Kolitk: The MAG check was a pass, by the way.
Suka seems to have found… Something. This is more than a memory, seems like whatever left this scarred memory also left something else, that's dangerous. It seems to be overwhelming, but retreating back to that mindwall does the trick, she manages to evade the tentacle!
Suka: "Drilian. Feryn. Can you hear me?"
Suka manages no further contact as the door to this part of his mind once again locks shut, as if by it's own will. She's back where she started.
Suka frowns, then glides over to the other down, waving her hand at it and opening it before continuing to glide through.
This is a lot more normal. Going through it she reaches his mind's healthy area… A MAG check to find things. You can use 5 MP to get a +10 bonus.
[OOC] <Kolitk:Totally doing that.
[OOC] <Kolitk: yay! winz.
It's quick and clean. Very different from last time where the mind was so scarred it was nearly impossible to work, here is very easy. She can't get any info about Kale, strangely. He seems to be a close acquaintace to him, but not even a voice is there. However, in more recent memories Feryn seems to be dealing some sort of shady business with Drilian. Apparently they tend to hang by the docking bay #209
Suka makes a mental note of Feryn and docking bay #209, along with her mental note of mages, red goo, tentacles and Sector Five. This is getting… interesting.

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