Madeline Hauser
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Character Name: Madeline "Madge" Hauser
Level: 22
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Class: Imperial</span>
Current AP: 39
Total AP: 1100/1139

Base 6 6 6 6 6 :
Class 4 4 2 : 60 40
Support Abilities :
Equipped Gear 1 : -20
Final 11 6 6 10 8 : -20

HP: 744 / 744
MP: 856 / 856
Heat: 4 / 8

Property Value : Element Property
EVA : Fire Neutral
ARM -30 : Ice Neutral
MEVA : Lightning Neutral
MARM : Water Neutral
Accuracy : Holy Neutral
Critical : Shadow Neutral

===Status Resistances===
(Add as Present)

All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay Floor CoS Target Keywords Effect
Flame Drive Heat4 MP100 54D F15 95 T: Single M, W, El:F 1d12 + 400 magical Fire damage.
Shock Drive Heat4 MP100 54D F15 95 T: Single M, W, El:L 1d12 + 400 magical Lightning damage.
Solid Drive Heat4 MP80 CT10 54D F15 95 T: Single M, W, El:I 1d12 + 350 magical Ice damage. Cool 2 on striking a full-MP target.
Sharp Edge Cool1 54D F15 95 T: Single T, W 1d12+176. Enhances next R. +25% if next Edge attack is same-target w/ R.
Parry Edge Cool1 54D F15 95 T: Single T, W 1d12+220 damage. R: Enemy deals -25% to allies with next action.
Cool Edge Cool1 MP50 54D F15 95 T: Single T,W 1d12+220 damage. R: Cool 1.
Charge Edge Cool1 54D F15 95 T: Single T,W 1d12+220 damage. R: Enter stance: +25% to next Drive hit.
Fortress Cool2 44D F15 100 T: Self T, S Stance: Allies gain 4/5 defense, 3/5 vs. group damage. Heat1 for each hit taken.
Imperial Arm Cool1 MP75 24D F15 100 T: Single T, S Stance: Extends Battle Armor / Artificial Heart to a same-row ally.
Attack Cool1 54D F15 80 T: Single Technique, Weapon Deals 1d12 +220 damage.
Item 34D F20 100 T: Single Technique, Item Consume one item and gain its effects.
Defend Cool1 29D F20 100 T: Self Technique, Stance Applies a 3/5 Defense Factor to all damage taken until your next turn.
Change Row 24D F15 100 T: Self Movement Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 19D F15 100 T: Self The character takes no action, but time passes.
Change Weapon 14D F10 100 T: Self Item, Speedy Allows the character to change what is equipped in their weapon and shield slot.
Air Drop 8 EP 34D F15 100 Calls for a W3R-EASII "Courageous".
Finisher 44D F15 255 Prepares the EAS unit to use its Finishing Strike.
==Reactions and Supports==
Reaction Name Trigger CoS Target Keywords Effect : Support Name Effect
Artificial Heart Dropped into CoS, Heat<3 100 Self R Heat1, Restore 120 HP : Battle Armor Heat<6, -1/5 defense factor.
(Equipped weapon for Equipment/Remodeling, and Strength for Bare)
Weapon Power Dice Delay Floor Properties Special Properties
"Purest Element" Ether Arm 20 d12 60D F15 Accuracy III
"Clear Night" Shotgun t-M 20 d12 60D F15 Ranged, Critical II
(Equipped armor for Equipment/Remodeling, shields as well for Equipment, and the Blocking, Defense and Style for Bare)
Armor Properties Special Properties
Ultraheavy Personnel Armor Armor VI, +1 ATK [ ]


Personal carry-ons, still accessible by the rest of the party. Though really the party inventory should be its own separate page! Key items, perhaps?

=Learned Abilities=
===Ability Name===
Ability Name Ability Type AP Cost MP Cost and/or CT Base Delay Floor Base CoS Target Keywords Effect and Adjustments
Flame Drive Action 50
Shock Drive Action 50
Solid Drive Action 100
Sharp Edge Action 50
Charge Edge Action 130
Parry Edge Action 130
Cool Edge Action 130
Imperial Arm Action 130
Fortress Action 130
Imperial Arm Action 130
Artificial Heart Reaction 150
Battle Armor Support 50

C-I: Discretion: Navigation (add +1 to die result)
C-II: Discretion: Command (add +1 to die result)
1 - Aptitude - Physical I
2 - Aptitude - Physical II (Pre: add +2 to a die)
3 - Aptitude - Technical I
4 - Aptitude - Technical II (Pre: add +2 to a die)
5 - Reliable - Physical (1/ session, reroll failed die one bigger)
6 - Reliable - Technical (1 / session, reroll failed die one bigger)
7 - Expertise - Determination (1/ session, TN-1)
8 - Expertise - Command (1/ session, TN-1)
9 - Level 25
10 - Level 50
11 - Level 75
12 - Level 100

==W3R-EASII "Courageous" Battle Walker [8EP]==
A mass-produced, bipedal battle walker designed as the space-age successor to the main battle tanks of the old eras - its bulky arms, tiny head, and plated legs give it a sort of military ugly-chic. <span style="line-height: 1.5;">Though designed to be operated by a crew of six, as units gained more experience with it, it became popular to use it in close combination with infantry - either as the vanguard of a unit, or with a single combatant out on foot serving as a spotter and making up for its poor visibility and vulnerability to sappers.</span>

Though most of the EASII series walkers were designed for ranged combat, the challenge presented by giant-scale monstrous enemies led to the development of a walker that employs a close-range magicite-cored metal sword known as the "Protocol Knife" - infamously capricious and fragile, but capable of inflicting tremendous damage when charged.

<span style="line-height: 1.5;">The White Fire actually has three W3Rs in the hangar, one painted dull brown, one painted a deep blue, and a third painted white.</span>

Mechanics: Combo abilities add bonus effects onto all subsequent combo abilities, as long as you only use combo abilities. These benefits fade if the "Courageous" is targetted by an ST ability - deploy the Courageous when fighting a single tough enemy and build the chain as high as you can between the target's actions.

13ATK 9VIT 5SPD 5MAG, R: Holy

HP705 (+27 / Level) (+100/ crew member)

Attack - 55D - C85 - T - 130+d12 physical damage.
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Protocol Black - 35D - T - C80 - 117+d8 physical damage. C: Acc I</span>
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Protocol Silver -35D - T - C80 - 117+d8 physical damage. C: Crit I</span>
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Protocol Red - 35D - - T - C80 - 117+d8 physical damage. C: +25% damage</span>
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Protocol White - 35D - T - C80 - 117+d8 physical damage. C: added hit of 30 holy damage to other targets after each combo hit.</span>
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Vanguard Plan - 35D - M - C80 - Spotter gains a 3/5ths defense factor until the Walker's next turn. If an enemy fails to target the Walker while this stance is in effect, next action gains +50% and Critical II if they target that same enemy.</span>
<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Recover - 45D - M - C100 - T: Self. Restores 90 HP and reduces status timers by (1).</span>

[Finishing Strike - W3R Shining]
The battle walker rips the sheathe away from its multiprotocol blade, exposing the raw, volatile crystal that runs through it. Then it impales a target on it for 312+d12 physical holy damage. Light explodes out from the shattered crystal, shielding the crew as they abandon the Courageous.
HARDLINER: Charges as HP drops. One charge for 75%, 50%, 25% health on both Walker and Spotter.


1: Protect (3)
2: Shell (3)
3: Veil (3)
4: Resist (3)
5: Vanish (3)
6: Refresh (3)


A 38-year old veteran of the Ilirian wars. Born on a backwater, she quickly distinguished herself upon enlistment to the colonial militia with her dedication and courage, one of the so-called "magnificent seven" that held the bunkers of Orgis IV until orbital support could arrive. For this act, she was selected as a trial candidate for the "Imperial Knight" program, an attempted gap-closer in the man-to-man capability of an individual soldier for Terran forces.

Shying away from a command post despite her experience, she was transferred from front-line unit to front-line unit in one of the most diverse tours of duty known in Terran holdings. (There are some that call her "passport Madge".) <span style="line-height: 1.5;">Over the course of her tour of duty, the power-assisted armor and magicite arms that form the backbone of Knight operations have seen widespread adoption within the Terran forces, although the concept of "ultraheavy infantry" still remains a position filled by few.</span>

As the Terran military and the Terra Nova corporation have close ties, she was transferred as a military security liaison to the White Fire, possibly because there was no where else she hadn't been.

Her psych profile includes the phrase "unassuming yet unyielding".


A 38 year old woman of American-Terran descent. Of average height with a stocky, muscular build and a freckled complexion. Brown hair (with a touch of grey) is cut short, a habit from her military service that she's kept even while on loan to the White Fire.

While off duty, she tends to wear a black track jacket - someone sewed a patch reading "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" on the arm once while she was out in the field, and she both never bothered to remove it and has never admitted that she appreciated it.

She fights clad in the black-and-red armor of the Imperial Knights - a space-age suit of powered plate-mail, with clear-visored helmet, built to survive drop insertions. The tremendous magicite blade she carries in her left hand gives her a confident, assured air wherever she goes.

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