=Ikaido Newhope, Eternal Human=
KP: Don't Ask
Gil: Yeah right

Str 24(22)
Vit 15
Agi 5
Spd 22(20)
Mag 22
Spr 20
HP 675
MP 820
Acc 205 Eva 42
M.Acc 209 M.Eva 52
Armor 128 M.Armor 108
Weapon True Newhope Spear 5d12+504 Auto-Aura
Head Ancient Helmet 29 Arm/22 M.Arm +5 Eva
Body Ancient Leather Armor 44 Arm/31 M.Arm +2 SPD, +5 Eva/M.Eva
Hands Ancient Gauntlets 19 Arm/19 M.Arm +2 STR, +5 Eva/M.Eva
Accessory Marriage Ring I: Berserk I: Charm, Confuse

Practice make perfect, and he's had a very, very long time to practice. Those techniques come from practicing and perfecting ancient techniques with newfound methods and technology, and almost all of them draw power from the 'Ancient Power'.

Type: Fast (x2)
Target: Single
Effect: Among the first things learned, Ikaido jumps high in the sky and then comes crashing down for 200%, Armor Weapon damage

Type: Slow (4)
Target: Self
Effect: Hiding in the shadows is one of the first things he learned too, grants Vanish(4) to self.

===Cherry Blossom===
Type: Slow (4)
Target: Group
Effect: The much honed Dragoon ability, causes 75%, Armor Weapon damage to the enemy group

===Purifier Circle===
Type: Slow (6)
Target: Party
Effect: Specially designed energy manipulation technique to ensure that the party will have maximum efficiency on their true enemies, imbues their weaponry with a high amount of cleansing energy similar to an Esuna spell, granting Beast Killer (4)

Type: Slow (8)
Target: Single
Effect: Another classical technique, the Dragoon Lancer. Inflicts 100%, Armor Weapon damage and 50% of that is caused to MP

A type of magic very similar to summoning but wildly different, Eidoloncing consists of creating a 'ghost', powered by your memories and emotions, which can unleash powerful attacks

===Kirana's Breeze===
Type: Slow (10)
Target: Party
Effect: Summoning forth the image of a very calm-looking moogle woman wearing the traditional white mage robes, she spins her staff as a gentle breeze flows around the party, granting them Regen(4)

===San'Kerias Spell===
Type: Slow (14)
Target: Single/Party
Effect: Calling to existance the image of a very seductive-looking Nu'Mou witch, Ikaido points his spear at the party and places his back against hers. She points at an enemy and it's magic power is drained, causing 100%, M.Armor damage to MP, that energy then flows through Ikaido and it's then redirected at the party, the damage is evenly split between all MP-users of the party.

===Oran's Special===
Type: Slow(18)
Target: Special
Effect: Bringing forth the image of the Oran, Ikaido performs one of it's most astounding feats, the hyperspace assault. At the end of a CT of 18 a hyperwarp window appears and Ikaido vanishes on it. Next turn, at the end of a CT of 18, various smaller windows appear around the enemy and energy shots hit them all causing 5d12+462, 150% M.Armor damage to the group. Next turn, at the end of a CT of 18 this repeats, and then one final window opens up where Ikaido jumps out of impaling a random target for 200%, Armor Weapon damage.

===Cerulean Nightmare===
Type: Magic [119 MP]
Target: Group/Party
Effect: Summoning forth images of different and very odd summoned monsters, they attack the enemies and shield the party causing 5d10+572, M.Armor damage to the enemies and granting Agility Up (4) to the party

===Nine Glittering Stars===
Type: Magic [200 MP]
Target: Group
Effect: Summons the ghostly images of the true members of Goldstar 9 as well as the four chosen heroes of Etherside, which proceed to unleash a barrage of attacks on the enemies, which are 6 attacks who have an M.Acc, M.Eva CoS of causing 2d8+176 damage ignoring M.Armor

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