Cz Mission Roster
The missions that the ground team will take are here. They will use the following format
Name Reward: What you earned on it Priority: Priority mission, side-mission
Goal: Every mission has a goal, the reason you're doing it
Intel: Information gathered by all the teams to support the mission and delivered by Raf
=Chapter 2: Knowledge And Power=
Those are long-winded missions, each of the three paths will take five sessions, and all three must be completed. The order in which you complete them changes the way things happen in other paths.
Path of Diplomacy Reward: [Black Honey Biscuit] x2 Priority
Goal: Here you will make a very powerful ally, but he's in position to lend little help, and require much
Intel: "Alright, this is going to be rather difficult, we don't have many ways to contact someone of high standing as the king, however we do have two presumably possible contacts. The town's lightbearer ruler Sunwave and the Adjuticator Bloodsun. Getting into contact with Sunwave might be enough, although we might need to seek out Bloodsun as well, which would prove problematic as he is a roaming enforcer"
Gloryhunter Reward: [6987 EXP / 518 Lucre / 28 AP] Priority
Goal: Without a sufficiently good fame you cannot draw the attention needed to speak with the king, so acquire that fame
Intel: "Given the results of last mission, we at least have a venue of contact now, albeit a rather roundabout one. First, though, to avoid casting suspicion on ourselves and our contact we need to get some good fame around the capital. You're going there by whatever means you find best and finding a manner to garner some recognition"
Lurking Shadows Reward: Priority
Goal: No-one dies in a warned war. You've been warned, so make sure the rest of the saying works out for you.
Intel: "Well, that was a handy piece of advice. Knowing of an assassination attempt days before it happens is certainly advantageous. So get a counter-ambush set up and, if you feel like it, capture them for interrogatory"
Sharp Diplomacy Reward: [9825 EXP / 720 Lucre / 32 AP] Priority
Goal: Time to put in that favor for the king in exchange for having his ear for a while, this will require your acting skills
Intel: "We'll have to perform some triple-crossing here, using a mix of performing and combat skills… Don't think this is quite as bad or uncommon as it seems but… Try not to actually hurt the king, alright? HQ would like to have a live connection with you when you're talking with him"
Giant Killers Reward: [6100 EXP / 400 Lucre / 21 AP] Priority
Goal: You've been given a terribly difficult mission. Hopefully you've brushed up on your anti-vehicle skills
Intel: "This is a request straight from the king, a mix between a favor and a test of strength. We're going hunting those things called krelian bugs… This data I have here is… Look i'm fairly sure it'd be easier to fight a MK-III Panther tank on foot than this thing… And you're going to a nest of those…"
Path of Empathy Reward: Priority
Goal: Here you will make allies that will be always there to aid you, even though they need low profile. They hold knowledge both mundane and arcane of the world
Intel: "I know this is a little bit above the scope of the actual mission, but there's a golden opportunity. A couple of poor girls in town are trying to scrounge up resources for a coming of age ceremony, and as far as it's been observed, there is a very drastic difference in physiology between the young and adult valkurians, help them out and you might get to watch the ceremony, plus we'd get at least someone knowledgeable of the world's workings as a friend"
Coming of Age Reward: Priority
Goal: You've got yourselves mixed in a strange ceremony, give HQ a live feed
Intel: "Okay, so this ceremony is rather simple… Hopefully it remains simple, but our Grey Man buddy there has indicated it might go to hell in the snap of a finger, and i'm not very fond of magical accidents, much less those involving people so be careful"
Grey Men Reward: Priority
Goal: Our Grey Man ally has found a mysterious way to get in contact over long range, and is requesting a desperate rescue
Intel: "Okay, so he's got in touch with us using this thing- That's not important right now. Guy's wandered into a wild beast's territory by accident, worst of all bringing along a kid he was caring for, and apparently a second Grey Man is missing in that mess. He's calling for a rescue.
Stoic Scales Reward: [+4500 EXP, +320 Lucre, +24 AP] Priority
Goal: HQ would like some more readings of the coming of age ceremony, coincidentally our Grey Man friend has asked for an escort
Intel: "So, turns out he's asking our help again, but this time pre-emptively and not for no reward. He's asking our escort to a small village in the middle of nowhere and is willing to exchange some more Grey Men knowledge and some secrets of the ceremony for that. He's mentioned he's not really loved in that village, but his duties take him there"
A Queen's Crown Reward: [+6286 EXP / 782 Lucre / 27 AP] Priority
Goal: Appears our native friend's sister has summoned unwanted attention in town, and her sister's departed for rescue without warning, go after her
Intel: "Ultima's short skirt! That girl's taken her feathery butt to town to confront some group that's giving her sister trouble and it doesn't seems like it's an easy group either, I think we're talking some sort of mafia. We need to head out, now"
Path of Exploration Reward: [+10745 EXP/+896 Lucre/+76 AP] Priority
Goal: You will make nothing but enemies here
Intel: "So, there's an entire shadow-aligned half of the world, we should look into that, know how they handle with the world's hazards. You should be going there. Whatever means you find avaiable will suffice, you're going a fair bit far and I gotta stay behind to care for the house, so be careful on the trip.
Distant Settlement Reward: see Unknown Enemies Priority
Goal: Far away from home, find a good settlement to start exploring and fix temporary residence. Expected stay is two weeks.
Intel: "Sounds like you had a long trip, I don't envy you. Ilirian fleet's giving us a hard time getting a mapping of that area but we got a preliminary scan, there's some five settlements nearby, get to one, look about and see how their culture differs from over here, try not to die. Simple"
Unknown Enemies Reward: [+6990 Exp/+ 564 Lucre/+40 AP] Priority
Goal: An unknown enemy is striking at you through the most arcane means, and will no doubt take more mundane means
Intel: "Okay, after last night I don't think it's safe to say there, get out of the town in one piece, get some distance, see about finding a different town to stay on for a while"
Blockade Reward: Priority
Goal: All your pathways are blocked, even skywards. It might be time for some heavy action
Intel: "Ultima's sacred wings, what is going on over there?! White Fire's jammed, getting contact is difficult- Here- Pathway- Signal- ——
Raging Siege Reward: Priority
Goal: Your home's under a fire, and you're a long way from there
Intel: "Team come in! Come in! Heavens, there you are- Look no time, a small Illirian battalion's in our door, can't handle it much longer- White Fire's still mostly jammed but we can work in a hyperwarp jump, hold steady!"
Bring Down The Sky Reward: Priority
Goal: …
Intel: "Shit… Seems like the sky's lighting up again, White Fire's not responding… We gotta help somehow"
=Chapter 1: Landfall=
Landfall Reward: +1800 EXP/+1800 Lucre/+13 AP Priority
Goal: Despite there being already a member on the ground, this is the official landfall, make your choice of location and acquire a temporary base of operations

Report: "We've obtained boarding in a farm-house after assisting with a local pest problem. An identity as a band of adventurers seem to work for us. As for those pests - their biology is unusual. They seem to gather and refine ambient energy, with similar structure across wildly different "species". The local food might not agree with us - see if you can prepare a rations drop, if we're working long-term." -M.H ||

Goldmine Reward: +3075 EXP/+500 Lucre/+13 AP Priority
Goal: With a temporary base established we need to acquire resources to maintain yourselves with planetside materials
Intel: "Been scouting while you guys rested and set up a handful of listening devices around town to gather rumors and data better. Picked up some three possible venues of acquiring money. There's a local healer house that is short on staff and medicine, they're offering money for anyone capable of helping. Local law enforcement appears to want a small group apprehended and is unable to, they're offering a reward for a capture. A local farmer appears to have ran afoul of aggressive ambulatory plants and is offering money for assistance"
Opportunity Target Reward: +1640 EXP/+164 Lucre/+14 AP Side-mission
Goal: In case you still need more money
Intel: "In case you guys are still interested and got time, the leftover jobs from Goldmine are still doable
Party Crasher (needs end of log) Reward: +500 EXP/+5 AP Priority
Goal: Learn about the local customs in the most hands-on way, ask and experience
Intel: "So, rather long-winded mission this one, lotsa observation and all but I got a good idea on how to speed up the process just a bit. There's going to be a sort of big festival going on, but it's also invite-only. Obviously we don't have any invites, but that's even better sneak by undetected and plant for me a series of observation devices, this way we can watch the locals being social"
Legalese Reward: [+2720 XP/+172 Lucre/+18 AP] Priority
Goal: To prevent a possible incident, it's better to learn about local laws before we move any further
Intel: "So we've got lucky. Seems like some big wandering judge-like fellow is visiting this town and holding a type of special court, we gotta watch that and see if we can acquire some instruction from the law agents present after the whole thing is over"
Hearthfire Reward: [+4680 EXP/+288 Lucre/+26 AP] Priority
Goal: With our latest bit of information we should be set to attempt to acquire land to set up a permanent base
Intel: "This is ought to be more complicated, isn't easy getting land around here but we lucked out, or rather, I proposed a rather dangerous plan for the boss. Sorry about that, but we need to get that base moving. We clearly won't make enough money to buy land anytime soon but the town's been having issues with a monster lair and I brokered an exchange, we clear the place out and we can claim that land for ourselves
Interference Reward: [+6000 XP, 0 AP] Priority
Goal: This wasn't planned
Intel: "Oh, crap"
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