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03[18:17] * Topic is 'Aetas Procella & Terranotos: | SuikoSeed - Thursdays, 9PM EDT; 4,375 XP, 4,500 Potch, 34 AP | V0 - Wed. 8EST: 14,280 gil, 11,900 XP, 38 JP | BP: Sundays 4:00 PM EST | CZ: Fridays 8:00 PM EST'
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[19:55] <@JayM> Everyone in here?
[19:55] <+Teakwood> mew mew mew
[19:56] <@JayM> Nope, no Serigo
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[19:57] <Mokura> miau
[19:57] <Hauser> was there a rest at headquarters btw
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[19:57] <Fortunata> gonna make some quick stat adjustments while we’re still blabbin'
[19:57] <@JayM> Yes there was, you were given full medical attention
[19:57] <@JayM> So fully recovred
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[20:00] <Hauser> cool, are we still rocking health penalties?
[20:00] <@JayM> Nope, feel free to recalculate your health
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[20:01] <@JayM> Alright, first things first. You will give me like, 5 minutes to input data on my sheets, but for me to do that you need to tell me what path are you taking
[20:01] <Rohius> My vote is for empathy. Or exploration, if we feel like being dicks.
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15[20:01] <Lynne> My vote is also Empathy first, Exploration second
[20:02] <Hauser> I want Exploration, because I like to fight (a lot)
[20:03] <Fortunata> ehhhhh
[20:03] <Fortunata> exploration I suppose
[20:04] <@JayM> So it seems with Exploration we go
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[20:04] <@JayM> * Contact Zero - Mission 7: Path of Exploration
[20:06] <@JayM> * Over the course of two days, the chaos slowly died down. As the wounded rested and the operated recovered, you didn't have any news of the White Fire for two days, and were in anticipation. However, in the second day after all that chaos, Raf starts flagging you down to go to the meeting room.
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06[20:07] * Rohius stops sighting his rifle on empty bottles and goes down.
06[20:08] * Hauser heads down. "No news is bad news, seems like."
[20:08] <@JayM> * Each one arrives at their own pace, perhaps a little bit sore from the procedures, magitek reconstruction surgery, specially with patched-up equipment, isn't without it's downsides. Still, you are now at full health, nary a scrach left on your bodies. The meeting room is not unlike any other meeting room, a big screen, a table for all of you plus a few more. Raf is there already, waiting
[20:08] <@JayM> eagerly
06[20:08] * Fortunata tromps along, extremely grateful that she hadn't become a zombie.
[20:11] <@JayM> * Raf grins at Hauser as she enters, Kerval is the last one to arrive after everyone else "In this case" he points upwards, the screen goes life "There's news"
15[20:11] * Lynne pulls out a chair from the table and sits, waiting for Raf to speak up first.
[20:11] <@JayM> * On the screen is Kalinos, looking a little hurt, but patched up "Hey everyone. Seems like you're all alright"
[20:12] <Fortunata> "More or less. What's the word?"
[20:12] <Rohius> *Nicholas shuffles in, clearly lookling like he needs more rest.
06[20:13] * Hauser thumps her fist against her chest. "Charts are a little funny, but I should be good to go."
[20:13] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Seems like the Ilirians underestimated us. They kept pressing us closer to the planet, thinking we'd buckle and try to warp into their gravwell traps. Seems like the concept of a battleship-class ship that can operate in atmosphere is too alien to them"
[20:14] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "We're in very low orbit right now, they don't want to risk attacking, we got some intercepted comms and figured they've sent their own diplomatic mission down, think they don't want to start with the wrong foot raining debris on them"
[20:14] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Seems like this is a big operation, too. This up here's just a fragment of the fleet, rest has set up a long-range blockade, gravwell minefields… Well, they've got us pretty isolated here, we think we got a call for help out, but can't get reliable connection"
[20:15] <Hauser> "Their own diplomatic mission…"
[20:15] <Hauser> "Are we looking at a proxy war?"
[20:17] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "We all know Ilirians ain't good with magic, and Kivarans beat them in material science too. Our tech advantage is the only thing that keeps them at bay. No doubt they're trying to draft the valkurian magical prowess in their ranks. Not talking short term either, long term plans I think"
[20:17] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "You're probably going to end up mixed in a proxy war, no doubt"
06[20:17] * Fortunata scowls.
15[20:17] <Lynne> "This sounds like an exceptionally good occasion for some sabotage."
[20:19] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Yep. Well, at this point your mission is ever more important, gotta keep making friends with the locals. But they've launched their mission recently, we're expecting they've made little to no progress. So sending you westwards towards the shadow lands to maybe run interference with their own team would be a good idea. Plus you can get a general feel of the populace there as well,
[20:19] <@JayM> they're very different"
[20:19] <Hauser> "Right."
06[20:19] * Rohius raises his hand tentatively.
[20:19] <Fortunata> "Different… man."
[20:20] <Rohius> "Am… I being sent along as well?"
[20:20] <Fortunata> "It's been different from day one. How different we talkin'?"
[20:21] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Oh, yeah. We do need to replace Nick- The man's suffering severe ethereal strain because of what he had to do to help you guys out. We're working on getting the hyperwarp gate here back online, it got hit during the attack, and we're bringing him back up here. Sure it's a warzone but you don't have the medical equipment for that"
[20:21] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "So since you're down there already, just go along with them, Ro"
[20:22] <Hauser> "Good that we can manage the evacuation."
06[20:22] * Rohius nods. "Right. Good luck with the… um… ether… strain… thing. Can you take pills for that?" *Nicholas coughs and gives and exasperated look. "…just… help my team. Please."
[20:22] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "And well… Given our research based on your combat data with those criminals a while back, we figured there is a deep elemental tie going on with valkurians. And there is a very strong holy-type alignment in the people where you are, given what data we could gleam from orbital observation, we're guessing that the other people are deeply shadow-tied"
[20:23] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Bro, did you get that?"
[20:24] <Rohius> ((Bro?))
[20:24] <@JayM> <Kalros> "Ah, yeah" the doctor that up to now has been silent speaks up "Yeah, as you know we've got you on some medicine for the dangers of the light energy here, presuming that a similar, more shadow-tied threat exists there…" he hands each of you a small case with black pills "Take this medicine only if you notice any damage, take careful watch of yourselves there"
[20:25] <Rohius> "Right."
[20:27] <@JayM> <Kalinos> "Oh, heavens- Raf, you got the briefing data?" Raf nods "Okay, take over, DFL system's acting up and I gotta take the wheel. Anyway, good luck out there"
[20:27] <Rohius> ((BRB))
[20:28] <@JayM> * With that, Expeditioner Kalinos waves the comm away, and Raf sighs "Yeah so, that's that. Guess you guys are heading down shadowside. Trip's long, so get ready
15[20:28] <Lynne> "So we want to engage in a successful reputation-boosting campaign, while smearing the name of any Ilirians we come across, in this shadow hemisphere." Lynne nods.
06[20:28] * Fortunata dashes off to get her gear together.
[20:28] <Hauser> "Can always smear em directly."
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[20:30] <@JayM> <Raf> "To help out, we got a couple of vehicles we can use, by the way. We have a surveyor that's been repurposed as a light transport, it's pretty a pretty fast ATV but had most of it's gear stripped out to become a transport. We also got a convec that was repurposed into a heavy armored vehicle, it… Really only has a gauss machinegun, but the construction gear was removed and replaced
[20:30] <@JayM> with additional armoring, it's far more susceptible to bad terrain, though. And we got a second motorcyle as well"
[20:30] <@JayM> <Raf> "You can take one of that or, well, see about finding a local transport"
15[20:30] <Lynne> "Of course. If you wish to cut their trip short in a literal manner, just make sure you do it in a way that increases our popularity." Lynne smiles approvingly.
[20:31] <Hauser> "Clan against clan, after all. And I'd be surprised if they had our disguise tech."
[20:31] <Hauser> "Raf, given the terrain, I think we want the light surveyor."
[20:31] <@JayM> <Raf> "Alright, just to be sure, it doesn't have any sort of camo tech" he points down "Should be in the vehicle bay downstairs"
[20:32] <Hauser> "Right. Let's head out."
06[20:33] * Hauser nods, tucks away her pill case, and heads off to don her armor before joining the team in the vehicle bay.
15[20:35] * Lynne fetches her gear and and heads bay-wards.
06[20:35] * Rohius gets his weapons and armor. A techspear. A rifle. Really subtle.
[20:36] <@JayM> * In the vehicle bay, there are all the vehicles you own right now. Right near the exit is the light surveyor. Previously a fully automated terrain survay vehicle, most of it's scientific equipment has been removed, opening space for a good seven people to seat in, it's a rather bulky and wide vehicle, with four pairs of tires and a strong engine. As you enter the noesis computer (standard
[20:36] <@JayM> vehicle onboard computer) goes through startup procedures and you are ready to depart within just a few seconds
[20:36] <@JayM> * The surveyor still smells of dirt, though. It probably spent over a decade testing dirt, alone, in a forgotten planet. That smell of dirt will never go away
06[20:37] * Fortunata can deal wiht dirt, she's traipsed all over it!
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[20:38] <Rohius> "…I hope, uh, one of you can drive."
15[20:38] <Lynne> "mmm, geology vessel…" Lynne mumbles to herself as she goes off on a mental tangent, spacing out after strapping in.
06[20:39] * Hauser appreciatively taps her gauntlet against a stabilizer bar climbs inside the Surveyor. "You know, a friend of mine said he took down a landship in one of these."
[20:39] <Hauser> "I can drive it just fine. Just sit tight."
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04[20:39] <Hauser> "Lynne, climb up here. I want you riding shotgun on sensors."
[20:39] <@JayM> * And off you go, into the horizon. The ride is bumpy for now, but for the most part uneventful until you're a good six hours away from the city. In your map you can see, at a peak efficiency you should take three days to reach your destination. Thankfully, the seats are comfy
15[20:40] <Lynne> "…ah! Yes, right away!"
[20:40] <@JayM> Let's begin! With a Navigation [TN 5] check, as you approach the main roads. You've never been this far from the city yet and while you do have very good maps from orbital shots, the roads are mostly through the wilderness, and it's up to you wether you want to take the beaten path or the straigter one. What matters is: Will you take the actual shorter path?
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06[20:43] * Fortunata has picked up a knack for getting where she wants to. Just, uh, mind that pitfall, and those trees over there, and that pack of… [Expertise: Navigation]
[20:43] <Fortunata> (( TN -1 ))
15[20:43] <Lynne> ((got nothin))
[20:43] <Hauser> ((Looks like that's what we got. Show us some 5d8.))
[20:44] <Fortunata> !sugar 5d8 ; TN 4
[20:44] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 5d8: 4, 7, 4, 7, 2 [Total: 24 (High), Avg: 4.80] - TN 4
[20:44] <Hauser> [4 hits, we’re good.]
[20:46] <@JayM> * Seems like the true path is not always the obvious ones. As you roll gently through the wilds, getting a little bit more of the terrain put into your maps, you realize that the main roads are… Winding. Definitely not the right path to take to reach your objective with expedience, but then again those people probalby don't have the navigational equipment you do.
[20:47] <@JayM> [+595 EXP/+2 AP]
[20:47] <@JayM> * As you roll into a river, temporarly blocking it's flow, you see somewhere far ahead a great quantity of birds suddenly take off from the trees
[20:48] <Fortunata> "…was that us?"
[20:48] <Fortunata> "Noise couldn't reach that far, could it?"
06[20:48] * Hauser keeps the Surveyor steady as it dips into the river. "Wasn't us. Look alive."
06[20:49] * Rohius readies his rifle… "Oh boy."
[20:49] <@JayM> Let's have a Danger Sense [TN 4] then
[20:49] <@JayM> Dangers lurk in the undergrowth
[20:50] <Hauser> [Think we're doing this one bare. Anybody?]
06[20:51] * Fortunata always has an ear out for danger! [Lucky]
[20:51] <Rohius> ((wait.))
[20:53] <Rohius> ((I have aptitude wilderness, because I misread something.))
[20:53] <Rohius> ((so +1 to a reel))
[20:53] <Rohius> ((shall I?))
[20:53] <Hauser> [Alright, 5d8, 1d8+1.]
[20:54] <Rohius> !sugar 5d8
[20:54] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 5d8: 4, 7, 2, 5, 1 [Total: 19 (Low), Avg: 3.80]
[20:54] <Rohius> !sugar 1d8
[20:54] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 1d8: 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
[20:54] <Rohius> ((4 hits.))
[20:56] <@JayM> * As you’re moving carefully, you notice a difference in the smell of the air in this place… Your map shows you've currently crossed over to the shadow lands already, and there is definitely something different. As the twilight approaches, Fortunata and Rohius call out a strange spike in the tremor sensors, what a stroke of luck one of the remaining geological instruments is that one.
[20:56] <@JayM> Something definitely underground
[20:56] <@JayM> [+680 EXP/+3 AP]
[20:57] <Rohius> "…that's… not good."
[20:57] <@JayM> * And what a 'luck', the wheels become entangled on something. There's a light shaking…
[20:57] <Fortunata> "Welp."
[20:58] <@JayM> * In a flurry of motion, your instincts kick in, and before the surveyor is lifted off the ground you're safely outside. Crimson and grey vines lashing about everywhere around you, you retreat quickly before you get stuck in the chaos
10[20:58] * Aleith[Phone] (||ilihtielA) Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[20:59] <@JayM> * And taking a few steps back you realize that in front of you is… Is that really just a group of snapper flowers? No, it's definitely not. A giant maw set in the ground, covered in leaves… The vines are attached to it, and are going crazy
[20:59] <@JayM> Begin battle!
06[20:59] * Hauser unsheathes her sword, diving to the dust. "Get back! It's a live one!"
[20:59] <Rohius> ((who's where row wise?))
[21:00] <Fortunata> "…is that a giant mantrap?"
04[21:00] <Hauser> ((Madge and Fort are front. Lynne tends to be back. Don't know where you are!))
15[21:00] <Lynne> ((back is correct))
04[21:00] <@JayM> Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Raziel [B]:1 Snapper Flower A [F]:3 Snapper Flower B [F]:3 Snapper Flower C [F]:3 Snapper Flower D [F]:3 Fortunata [F]:4 Hauser [F]:4 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:6
[21:00] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3==========]
[21:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [3==========]
[21:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3==========]
[21:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [F] : [3==========]
[21:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3==========]
04[21:00] <@JayM> Lynne!
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06[21:01] * Rohius takes a spot in back.
10[21:01] * Aleith|Phone (||ilihtielA) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:01] <Hauser> ((needs less raziel more rohius btw))
04[21:01] <@JayM> Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Rohius [B]:3 Snapper Flower A [F]:3 Snapper Flower B [F]:3 Snapper Flower C [F]:3 Snapper Flower D [F]:3 Fortunata [F]:4 Hauser [F]:4 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:6
[21:01] <@JayM> Hilariously the same spot in the init
[21:02] <@JayM> But there we go
[21:02] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 917/917 | MP: 686/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal ))
15[21:02] * Lynne takes a deep breath and quickly chants some enfeeblements to slow down the large maw. ((oh we get to full heal?))
[21:02] <Hauser> "Looks like we've got some more weedwhacking to do. Focus on thinning numbers."
03[21:02] * Yamo is now known as Yamo|Away
[21:03] <Rohius> "…don't kill the big one yet, I have plans."
[21:03] <Fortunata> "Yeah? What's your style, then?"
15[21:03] <Lynne> [Dualcast: Poison and Blind on Rolyeater Snapper, 30D]
15[21:04] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; 70 CoS
04[21:04] <Sugarlips‘> Lynne, 1d100: 99 [Total: 99 (High), Avg: 99.00] - 70 CoS
15[21:04] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; 70 CoS
04[21:04] <Sugarlips`> Lynne, 1d100: 58 [Total: 58 (High), Avg: 58.00] - 70 CoS
[21:04] <Rohius> "…uh…"
[21:04] <Rohius> "It’s… going to be it's style if I can manage it. Hang on."
15[21:05] <Lynne> ((so Blind stuck. I hope))
[21:05] <@JayM> And the Rolyeater is blinded!
[21:05] <Rohius> "I'm going to try and slow it down."
[21:05] <@JayM> Rohius
[21:05] <Hauser> "Don't lose focus. That crowd can take us out all on its own."
[21:06] <Rohius> "I mean ALL of them." He slams a palm into the ground. "Unlock sequence 108. Geotrance online. Cells engaged. Activate."
[21:06] <Rohius> ((Plasma Terrain))
[21:06] <Rohius> !sugar 1d8+54
[21:06] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 1d8+54: 3 [Total: 57.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
[21:07] <Hauser> "Heh! Show me what you can do."
[21:07] <Rohius> !sugar 5d100 ; 40% cos to delay each by 10.
[21:07] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 5d100: 85, 30, 72, 59, 43 [Total: 289 (High), Avg: 57.80] - 40% cos to delay each by 10.
[21:07] <@JayM> * Blue lines streak across the ground. For a moment nothing happens, and then there is the sound of thunder, and only after that, the flash of lightning, from the ground and skywards
[21:08] <Rohius> ((d 38, and my bad, that’s the front row))
04[21:08] <@JayM> Battle order: Snapper Flower B [F]:0 Snapper Flower C [F]:0 Snapper Flower D [F]:0 Fortunata [F]:1 Hauser [F]:1 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:3 Snapper Flower A [F]:10 Lynne [B]:27 Rohius [B]:48
[21:09] <@JayM> * The Snapper Flowers decide to strike at the thing that it's hitting them, one of them grabs Rohius and starts biting him, and biting and biting and biting [Bite Eating]
[21:09] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:09] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 57 [Total: 57]
[21:09] <Rohius> ((uh, 38 delay))
[21:09] <@JayM> ((Oops, sorry. Fixed))
[21:09] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,75
[21:09] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,75: 6 [Total: 117.0]
[21:09] <@JayM> Dealing [117] Physical Melee damage!
[21:10] <@JayM> * And C finishes that off by slicing at him with thorny vines in order to [Tear Blood]
[21:10] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:10] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 90 [Total: 90]
[21:10] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:10] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 75 [Total: 75]
[21:10] <@JayM> It completely misses, though
[21:10] <Rohius> "Okay, screw the fancy stuff."
[21:11] <@JayM> * And Flower D instead grabs Hauser and starts drawing her in, getting her in a [Grand Tangle]
[21:11] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:11] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 59 [Total: 59]
[21:11] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+120 1d100
[21:11] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+120: 8 [Total: 128]
[21:11] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 41 [Total: 41]
[21:11] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 169]
[21:11] <@JayM> And she takes [128] Physical Melee damage!
[21:11] <@JayM> Fortunata!
06[21:11] * Hauser struggles her arm out from the grab, slashing herself free and dropping to the forest floor. [86]
06[21:13] * Fortunata raises her sword high into the air, and a spectral shape not unlike a war-hammer’s head comes into being. She then slams the weapon down to the ground with a mighty roar! [Maxwell's Hammer (Tremor), 49D]
[21:14] <Fortunata> !sugar 5d100 ; 80/10
[21:14] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 5d100: 81, 54, 90, 1, 92 [Total: 318 (High), Avg: 63.60] - 80/10
[21:14] <Fortunata> (( well that was… a thing ))
[21:14] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10+120 1d10*2+120*2 ; normal/critical
[21:14] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10+120: 2 [Total: 122.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00] - normal/critical
[21:14] <Sugarlips`> 1d10*2+120*2: 3 [Total: 246.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
[21:14] <Sugarlips`> Total: 368.0, Avg: 2.50
[21:14] <Fortunata> !sugar 2d100 ; 40% chance to push to back row
[21:14] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 2d100: 63, 17 [Total: 80 (Low), Avg: 40.00] - 40% chance to push to back row
[21:16] <@JayM> * Fortunata’s hammer shakes the ground, causing the plants to rile up! The impact wave is so powerful it sends one of them flying into the back, behind the Rolyeater
[21:16] <@JayM> Hauser!
06[21:17] * Hauser dashes into the tangle of vines and slashes into Snapper A. [Parry Edge - 54D]
[21:17] <Hauser> !sugar 1d100; C95
[21:17] <Sugarlips‘> Hauser, 1d100: 29 [Total: 29 (Low), Avg: 29.00] - C95
[21:17] <@JayM> Connects!
[21:17] <Hauser> !sugar 1d12+165; -25% to non-Hausers w/ next action
[21:17] <Sugarlips`> Hauser, 1d12+165: 7 [Total: 172.0 (High), Avg: 7.00] - -25% to non-Hausers w/ next action
04[21:19] <@JayM> Battle order: Rolyeater Snapper [F]:0 Snapper Flower A [F]:7 Lynne [B]:24 Snapper Flower C [B]:30 Rohius [B]:35 Snapper Flower D [F]:40 Fortunata [F]:47 Snapper Flower B [F]:50 Hauser [F]:52
[21:19] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3==========] Blind(6)
[21:19] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [7==== ]
[21:19] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3========= ]
[21:19] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7===== ]
[21:19] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3========= ]
[21:19] <@JayM> * Having slies at the vines, she gets in the way of the Snapper.
[21:20] <@JayM> * The Rolyeater is extremely agitated, the vehicle still in it’s grasp! It shakes it to and fro, hitting it on the ground and trying to strike thep arty! [Machina Shake]
[21:20] <@JayM> !roll 4d100
[21:20] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 4d100: 98, 27, 54, 74 [Total: 253]
[21:20] <@JayM> !roll 1d8+108 3d100
[21:20] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d8+108: 8 [Total: 116]
[21:20] <Sugarlips`> 3d100: 57, 66, 73 [Total: 196]
[21:20] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 312]
[21:22] <@JayM> * Hauser brings all the power of her armor to bear as she parries a glancing blow from the vehicle as the rest of the party scatters in all directions. When the dust settles the rampage had almost no effect, other than sending Fortunata flaying backwards into a tree for [116] Physical Melee damage
[21:22] <@JayM> ((Almost forgot blind there))
[21:22] <Fortunata> "Oww… guess that was the tree I dodged for the car…"
[21:22] <Fortunata> (( er, took for ))
[21:23] <Hauser> "Alright there, Fort?"
[21:24] <@JayM> * Taking Fortunata’s moment of weakness, the Snapper Flower A does just what it's name implied and [Tear Blood]s
[21:24] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:24] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 16 [Total: 16]
[21:24] <@JayM> !roll 1d8+90 1d100
[21:24] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d8+90: 4 [Total: 94]
[21:24] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 17 [Total: 17]
[21:24] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 111]
[21:25] <@JayM> Dealing 94 Physical Melee damage and leaving a wound that causes Sap(3)!
06[21:25] * Hauser smashes it out of the way. [Parry’d!]
[21:25] <@JayM> [70]!
[21:25] <Fortunata> "Damn, just got all patched up too!"
[21:25] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 731/917 | MP: 686/686 | SoS: 229 | Sap (3) ))
04[21:25] <@JayM> Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:5 Snapper Flower C [B]:6 Rohius [B]:11 Snapper Flower A [F]:16 Snapper Flower D [F]:16 Fortunata [F]:23 Snapper Flower B [F]:26 Hauser [F]:28
[21:25] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3==========] Blind(5) Haste(3)
[21:25] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [7==== ]
[21:25] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3========= ]
[21:25] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7===== ]
[21:25] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3========= ]
04[21:25] <@JayM> Lynne!
15[21:27] * Lynne retries her first incantation to soften up the Rolyeater while the flowers get taken care of. [Lethal Contagion (Poison), 20D]
15[21:27] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; 70 CoS
04[21:27] <Sugarlips‘> Lynne, 1d100: 25 [Total: 25 (Low), Avg: 25.00] - 70 CoS
[21:28] <@JayM> Poison for you!
15[21:28] <Lynne> ((Sugar you always do this to me. First poison doesn’t stick, second one does :V))
15[21:28] <Lynne> "…hah. Move around that quickly and you'll only quicken your demise."
[21:29] <@JayM> * And then the Rolyeater decides to act again, slams a vine on Hauser, and another, attempting to give her a beatdown with various giant [Brutalizer Vines]
[21:29] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:29] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 52 [Total: 52]
[21:29] <@JayM> Missing completely!
[21:29] <Rohius> ((Blind saves the day?))
[21:29] <Rohius> ((yay))
15[21:29] <Lynne> ((guys I think I like playing a debuffer))
15[21:29] <Lynne> ((maybe))
[21:30] <@JayM> * Snapper C then moves in synch with it’s mother flower continuing on with a [Bite Eating] on Hauser!
04[21:30] * Hauser steps this way and that. "Coming in handy, Lynne!"
[21:30] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:30] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 41 [Total: 41]
[21:30] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150
[21:30] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150: 8 [Total: 158]
[21:30] <@JayM> Hitting for a grandious [158] physical damage!
[21:30] <@JayM> Rohius!
06[21:31] * Rohius shoots Snapper flower A!
06[21:31] * Hauser grits her teeth as its fangs manage to force her armor to bend - there’s the noise of cracking metal [110] - and the flower leaps away from a retaliatory slash.
[21:31] <Rohius> !sugar 1d100 ; 80/15
[21:31] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 1d100: 94 [Total: 94 (High), Avg: 94.00] - 80/15
[21:31] <Rohius> ((goddammit))
[21:31] <@JayM> Goes wide!
[21:31] <@JayM> Delay?
[21:32] <@JayM> Anyway
[21:33] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower A retaliates on Rohius by attempting a [Grand Tangle] with him!
[21:33] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:33] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 3 [Total: 3]
[21:33] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+120 1d100
[21:33] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+120: 6 [Total: 126]
[21:33] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 15 [Total: 15]
[21:33] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 141]
[21:33] <@JayM> * It grabs him and drags him in, tangling him and trying to break him apart and, while he does break free after taking [94] Physical Melee damage he is also under Curse(4) as he is still tied up
04[21:34] <@JayM> * Whereas D decides to attempt to [Tear Blood] out of Lynne!
[21:34] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:34] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 44 [Total: 44]
[21:34] <@JayM> !roll 1d8+90,75 1d100
[21:34] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d8+90,75: 7 [Total: 72.75]
[21:34] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 29 [Total: 29]
[21:34] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 101.75]
[21:35] <@JayM> Er, okay
[21:35] <@JayM> For [72] Physical Melee damage and it leaves her with some Sap(3)!
04[21:35] <@JayM> Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Fortunata [F]:3 Snapper Flower B [F]:6 Hauser [F]:8 Snapper Flower D [F]:29 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:30 Snapper Flower A [F]:39 Snapper Flower C [B]:39 Rohius [B]:45
[21:35] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3======== ] Blind(4) Haste(2) Poison(5)
[21:35] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [7==== ]
[21:35] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3========= ]
[21:35] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7===== ]
[21:35] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3========= ]
04[21:35] <@JayM> Lynne!
15[21:36] * Lynne expediates Flower A’s termination with a heated red beam! [Flame Strike, 50D]
15[21:36] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; CoS 90
04[21:37] <Sugarlips‘> Lynne, 1d100: 94 [Total: 94 (High), Avg: 94.00] - CoS 90
[21:37] <@JayM> Well
[21:37] <@JayM> Then
[21:37] <@JayM> Fortunata!
[21:37] <Rohius> ((for fucks sake sugar))
06[21:40] * Fortunata does a fancy little turn and hammers the ground once more! [Maxwell’s Hammer, 49D, 98 damage taken]
[21:40] <Fortunata> !sugar 4d100 ; 80/10
[21:40] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 4d100: 48, 52, 77, 43 [Total: 220 (High), Avg: 55.00] - 80/10
[21:40] <@JayM> Hits entire front row!
[21:41] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10+120 4d100 ; 40% to push
[21:41] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10+120: 10 [Total: 130.0 (High), Avg: 10.00] - 40% to push
[21:41] <Sugarlips`> 4d100: 77, 47, 79, 52 [Total: 255 (High), Avg: 63.75]
[21:41] <Sugarlips`> Total: 385.0, Avg: 53.00
[21:41] <Fortunata> (( I actually like that, bwahaha ))
[21:41] <@JayM> Nothing moves, but damage is great!
[21:42] <@JayM> The shockwaves rattle all of your foes!
[21:42] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 633/917 | MP: 486/686 | SoS: 229 | Sap (2) ))
[21:42] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower B isn’t happy! Or at least is as unhappy as a plant can get, and attempts to [Bite Eating] Fortunate!
[21:42] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:42] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 34 [Total: 34]
[21:42] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150
[21:42] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150: 7 [Total: 157]
[21:42] <@JayM> [157] Physical Melee damage!
04[21:43] <@JayM> Battle order: Hauser [F]:0 Snapper Flower D [F]:21 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:22 Snapper Flower A [F]:31 Snapper Flower C [B]:31 Rohius [B]:37 Lynne [B]:42 Fortunata [F]:44 Snapper Flower B [F]:51
[21:43] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3======= ] Blind(4) Haste(2) Poison(5)
[21:43] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [4== ]
[21:43] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3======= ]
[21:43] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7===== ]
[21:43] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3======= ]
[21:43] <@JayM> Hauser!
06[21:43] * Hauser rushes underneath a snapping vine, slamming her blade into the heart of Snapper A. [Parry Edge - 54D]
[21:43] <Hauser> !sugar 1d100
[21:43] <Sugarlips`> Hauser, 1d100: 28 [Total: 28 (Low), Avg: 28.00]
[21:44] <Hauser> !sugar 1d12+165; parry’d
[21:44] <Sugarlips‘> Hauser, 1d12+165: 11 [Total: 176.0 (High), Avg: 11.00] - parry’d
[21:44] <@JayM> * Hauser's blade drives deep within the plant's heart, cutting it away and causing the mess of vines to dismantle into the ground [KO]
[21:45] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower D then tries to [Tear Blood] off of Hauser!
[21:45] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:45] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 14 [Total: 14]
[21:45] <@JayM> !roll 1d8+90 1d100
[21:45] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d8+90: 4 [Total: 94]
[21:45] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 87 [Total: 87]
[21:45] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 181]
[21:45] <@JayM> Sadly it can scarcely hit her for [94]!
[21:46] <@JayM> * And then the Rolyeater goes again, in it’s enraged state is wraps it's vines over it forming a spherical shell that shines for a moment, before all the vines lash out at everything around it! [Cocoon]
[21:46] <@JayM> It gains Protect(7)!
[21:47] <Rohius> "…okay then. That answers my question."
[21:48] <@JayM> * And Snapper Flower C then gives Rohius the answer of a question he didn't ask. Wether or not he's going to get hit with [Bite Eating]
[21:48] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:48] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 35 [Total: 35]
[21:48] <@JayM> It appears to be yes
[21:48] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,75
[21:48] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,75: 6 [Total: 117.0]
[21:48] <@JayM> Wait
[21:48] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,50
[21:48] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,50: 11 [Total: 80.5]
[21:48] <@JayM> * But it can scarcely reach across two entire rows hitting only for [80] Physical Melee damage
04[21:49] <@JayM> Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Lynne [B]:5 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:6 Fortunata [F]:7 Snapper Flower B [F]:14 Hauser [F]:17 Snapper Flower D [F]:17 Snapper Flower C [B]:47
[21:49] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [3====== ] Blind(3) Haste(1) Poison(4) Protect(6)
[21:49] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower A [F] : [4—KO]
[21:49] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [F] : [3======= ]
[21:49] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7===== ]
[21:49] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [F] : [3======= ]
[21:49] <@JayM> Rohius!
[21:49] <Rohius> "Well FUCK YOU TOO!" He shoots at it!
[21:49] <Rohius> !sugar 1d100 ; 75/15
[21:49] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 1d100: 54 [Total: 54 (High), Avg: 54.00] - 75/15
[21:50] <Rohius> !sugar 1d12+120
[21:50] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 1d12+120: 5 [Total: 125.0 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
[21:50] <@JayM> Hit, strike!
[21:50] <Rohius> (d 53)
04[21:50] <@JayM> Lynne!
15[21:50] * Lynne takes a quick shot at Flower C to try and punch a hole in it. [Attack, 50D]
15[21:50] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; CoS 90
04[21:50] <Sugarlips`> Lynne, 1d100: 97 [Total: 97 (High), Avg: 97.00] - CoS 90
[21:51] <@JayM> Now don’t you have the best of luck
15[21:51] <Lynne> ((frown))
15[21:51] <Lynne> "Rrrgh… these things… just need to…"
04[21:51] <@JayM> * Because Lynne appears unable to defend herself, the Rolyeater Snapper suddenly shoots it's vines at her attempting a [Lifecrusher] grapple
[21:51] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:51] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 18 [Total: 18]
[21:52] <@JayM> * The vines wrap around her, squeezing her. She manages to cut the vines off of the central creature, but they continue to squeeze inflicting her with Poison(4) and Sap(4)
[21:52] <@JayM> Fortunata!
[21:53] <@JayM> * The Rolyeater’s vines start moving… Less vigorously. It looks… Tired
[21:53] <Hauser> ((HP: 379/634, MP: 716/716, SoS: 158 [12==14======]))
15[21:55] * Lynne struggles while muttering that under her breath, pulling mostly free, looking a little pale but also very mad.
06[21:55] * Fortunata spins the OTHER way 'round this time, trying to compensate from the vertigo from last time. She overdid it juuuust a little. [Maxwell's Hammer, 49D]
[21:55] <Fortunata> !sugar 4d100 ; 80/10
[21:55] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 4d100: 95, 86, 50, 43 [Total: 274 (High), Avg: 68.50] - 80/10
[21:56] <@JayM> A little off, but a good strike nontheless with two hits!
[21:56] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10+120 1d10*0.75+120*0.75 ; in case one of the hits was prot’d
[21:56] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 1d10+120: 1 [Total: 121.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00] - in case one of the hits was prot’d
[21:56] <Sugarlips‘> 1d10*0.75+120*0.75: 2 [Total: 91.5 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
[21:56] <Sugarlips`> Total: 212.5, Avg: 1.50
[21:56] <Fortunata> !sugar 2d100 ; 40% push
[21:56] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 2d100: 26, 30 [Total: 56 (Low), Avg: 28.00] - 40% push
[21:58] <@JayM> * The powerful shockwave sends two of the shrubs skywards, tumbling back behind the mother plant
[21:59] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower B, then, attempts a [Grand Tangle]
[21:59] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[21:59] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 90 [Total: 90]
[22:00] <@JayM> * But wildly
04[22:00] <@JayM> Battle order: Hauser [F]:0 Snapper Flower D [B]:0 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:23 Snapper Flower C [B]:30 Rohius [B]:36 Lynne [B]:38 Fortunata [F]:39 Snapper Flower B [B]:40
[22:00] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [7===== ] Blind(2) Poison(3) Protect(5)
[22:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7=== ]
[22:00] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [3===== ]
[22:00] <@JayM> Hauser!
[22:01] <Fortunata> "Heh… don’t think that trick's gonna help me much anymore. It's too heavy to carry."
[22:01] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 535/917 | MP: 386/686 | SoS: 229 | Sap (1) ))
06[22:03] * Hauser carries her sword behind her as she rushes into the fray - she leaps into the air, one of her boots catching on one of the Surveyor's tires as its lashed madly out. She clambers over the side of the vehicle, waits for it to be flung upwards, and —
06[22:03] * Hauser plummets down, the crystal running through her Drive Blade shooting with sparks of orange and red, the metal turning red-hot, a tongue of fire lashing out around her. [Flame Drive - 54D to the Rolyeater]
[22:03] <Hauser> !sugar 1d100; C95
[22:04] <Sugarlips‘> Hauser, 1d100: 47 [Total: 47 (Low), Avg: 47.00] - C95
[22:04] <@JayM> Strik a weakness!
[22:04] <Hauser> !sugar 1d12*1.5+300*1.5; magical fire damage
[22:04] <Sugarlips`> Hauser, 1d12*1.5+300*1.5: 10 [Total: 465.0 (High), Avg: 10.00] - magical fire damage
06[22:05] * Hauser rips her sword free in an arc of light after sliding down the tremendous, tendriled maw. She points her shoulder to her enemy, raises her guard as she hits the moss of the forest floor again.
[22:05] <Rohius> "NICE!"
[22:06] <Hauser> "Rohius! I’m this unit's security detail."
[22:06] <Hauser> "…Whatever this planet throws at you, I'll bring you back out!"
[22:06] <@JayM> * As Hauser brings her bruning blade down, a dozen vines try to block her path out of instinct, but it cuts as if they weren't there until it plummets right into the core of the beast, right into it's mouth. A cloud of foul-smelling steam erupts as the liquids that were pooling there, clearning into nothingness as she moves away
[22:06] <Hauser> "That's a promise!"
[22:06] <Hauser> ((HP: 379/634, MP: 636/716, SoS: 158 [7======14==]))
04[22:07] <@JayM> Battle order: Snapper Flower D [B]:0 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:23 Snapper Flower C [B]:30 Rohius [B]:36 Lynne [B]:38 Fortunata [F]:39 Snapper Flower B [B]:40 Hauser [F]:54
[22:07] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [4== ] Blind(2) Poison(3) Protect(5)
[22:07] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:07] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7=== ]
[22:07] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [3===== ]
[22:07] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower D is way the eff in the back, and tries to [Bite Eating] Rohius!
[22:07] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:07] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 65 [Total: 65]
[22:07] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,150
[22:07] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,150: 12 [Total: 243.0]
[22:07] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,50
[22:07] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,50: 11 [Total: 80.5]
[22:07] <@JayM> Nobody ever said plants were smart, or GMs good at math. STill a good [80] Physical Melee!
[22:07] <Rohius> ((HP:437/798 MP:798/798))
[22:08] <@JayM> * The Rolyeater Snapper is confused and scared both, it swipes it’s vines everywhere, blinded as it is, shaking the poor vehicle and slaming it everywhere [Machina Shake]
[22:08] <@JayM> !roll 5d100
[22:08] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 5d100: 91, 56, 72, 89, 89 [Total: 397]
[22:08] <@JayM> It can’t hit a thing other than maybe itself
[22:09] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower D then tries to [Bite Eating] Hauser as well!
15[22:09] <Lynne> ((man. That time it wasn't even me for the most part :V ))
[22:09] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:10] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 89 [Total: 89]
[22:10] <@JayM> But apparently she’s on a roll, nothing can hit her!
04[22:10] <@JayM> Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Lynne [B]:2 Fortunata [F]:3 Snapper Flower B [B]:4 Snapper Flower D [B]:17 Hauser [F]:18 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:23 Snapper Flower C [B]:47
[22:10] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [4== ] Blind(1) Poison(2) Protect(4)
[22:10] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:10] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [7=== ]
[22:10] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [3===== ]
[22:10] <@JayM> Rohius!
06[22:10] * Hauser elbows it out of the way.
[22:11] <Rohius> ((Okay, attack, or remove all statuses? From everyone.))
04[22:12] <Hauser> ((Think Lynne's the only one in bad-status shape.))
04[22:12] <Hauser> "Lynne. Holding up?"
15[22:12] <Lynne> (( [B] HP: 452/624 | MP: 585/877 | SoS: 156 | Sap (4), Poison (4) ))
15[22:12] <Lynne> ((Did you already grab Coccoon?))
[22:12] <Rohius> ((No. May I?))
15[22:12] <Lynne> ((Go for it))
06[22:13] * Rohius attempts assimilate on the rolyeater!
[22:13] <Rohius> !sugar
[22:13] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 1d100: 69 [Total: 69 (High), Avg: 69.00]
[22:13] <Rohius> ((Only cocoon, or anything else?))
[22:14] <@JayM> * A blue-colored sigil appears under the Rolyeater, and three brilliant points of energy appear on it. The shoot away from it, forming strange patterns in the air before converging on Rohius. The acquires the power to shield himself with grass, Cocoon!
[22:14] <@JayM> ((Only that spell there))
04[22:15] <@JayM> Lynne!
15[22:15] * Lynne slams a palm on the ground as a circle appears beneath Flower D, before it falls through the ground about six inches, displacing the creature downwards - into the ground - as well! "Just need to… Hold… STILL!" [Dimensional Anchor (Immobilize), 20D]
15[22:16] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; CoS 70
04[22:16] <Sugarlips`> Lynne, 1d100: 81 [Total: 81 (High), Avg: 81.00] - CoS 70
15[22:16] * Lynne looks up and sees nothing changedm stamps foot exacerabtedly and huffs.
[22:16] <@JayM> Sugar I don’t like what you're doing
[22:16] <@JayM> Fortunata!
[22:17] <Fortunata> (( HP Calls? ))
[22:17] <Hauser> ((HP: 379/634, MP: 636/716, SoS: 158 [7======14==]))
[22:17] <Rohius> ((HP:437/798 MP:798/798))
15[22:18] <Lynne> (( [B] HP: 330/624 | MP: 585/877 | SoS: 156 | Sap (3), Poison (3) ))
15[22:19] <Lynne> ((minus 64 MP))
06[22:21] * Fortunata finally tires of swinging the hammer around. She slams her foot into the earth, as if in impatience, and the ground beneath the feet of the plants cracks, sending out gouts of flame! [Beast Flare, 44D]
[22:21] <Fortunata> !sugar 4d100 ; 80/10
[22:21] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 4d100: 8, 85, 15, 34 [Total: 142 (Low), Avg: 35.50] - 80/10
[22:21] <@JayM> Well
[22:21] <@JayM> That is one crit, one miss and two hits
[22:21] <@JayM> All hit a weakness
[22:22] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10*1.5+60*1.5 1d10*2.5+60*2.5 ; normal, crit
[22:22] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10*1.5+60*1.5: 2 [Total: 93.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00] - normal, crit
[22:22] <Sugarlips`> 1d10*2.5+60*2.5: 6 [Total: 165.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
[22:22] <Sugarlips`> Total: 258.0, Avg: 4.00
[22:22] <Fortunata> !sugar 3d100 ; 40% for silence (3)
[22:22] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 3d100: 70, 83, 27 [Total: 180 (High), Avg: 60.00] - 40% for silence (3)
[22:23] <@JayM> I’m not going to bother with Silence since they don't have spells
[22:23] <@JayM> Well, Cocoon, but okay that missed
[22:23] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 447/917 | MP: 266/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal ))
04[22:24] <@JayM> Battle order: Snapper Flower B [B]:0 Snapper Flower D [B]:13 Hauser [F]:14 Lynne [B]:18 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:19 Rohius [B]:29 Fortunata [F]:43 Snapper Flower C [B]:43
[22:24] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [4= ] Blind(1) Poison(2) Protect(4)
[22:24] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:24] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [4== ]
[22:24] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [7==== ]
[22:24] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower B tries to continue [Bite Eating] Fortunata, because fire
[22:24] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:24] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 75 [Total: 75]
[22:24] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,75
[22:24] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,75: 11 [Total: 120.75]
[22:24] <@JayM> For a grand total of 120 Physical Melee damage!
[22:24] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower D then tries to [Grant Tangle] her!
[22:24] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:24] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 37 [Total: 37]
[22:25] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+120,75 1d100
[22:25] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+120,75: 8 [Total: 96.0]
[22:25] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 14 [Total: 14]
[22:25] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 110.0]
[22:25] <@JayM> * Ans for a woman already deep in vines, she is now even deeper as she tkes [96] Physical Melee damage and Curse(4)!
04[22:25] <@JayM> Battle order: Hauser [F]:0 Lynne [B]:4 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:5 Rohius [B]:15 Fortunata [F]:29 Snapper Flower C [B]:29 Snapper Flower B [B]:39 Snapper Flower D [B]:42
[22:25] <@JayM> Hauser!
06[22:26] * Hauser springs into the air, slashing through the vines holding the surveyor aloft. The vehicle slams down back onto the trail, and Hauser stands atop it, pointing her sword forward. "Let’s see them get past THIS." [Fortress - 44D] [Allies have 4/5 defense factor, 3/5 vs. group damage. Taking damage heats Hauser by 1.]
[22:27] <@JayM> * Standing atop the vehicle, who seems to have taken the beating quite well, she looks threatening
04[22:27] <@JayM> Lynne!
15[22:27] * Lynne just focuses on staying out of trouble and keeping two feet on the ground for now. [Defend, 25D]
[22:27] <Hauser> ((Psst, I defended for you!))
[22:28] <@JayM> You two decide yourselves there
15[22:28] <Lynne> ((Lynne's rage meter is [======/=] ))
15[22:28] <Lynne> ((Experts agree: Lynne is pretty effin' mad!))
[22:28] <@JayM> Alright
[22:28] <Hauser> ((defend don't do you much good tho, you already have the defense factor, they don't stack))
03[22:29] * Rein|Work is now known as Reinhart
[22:31] <@JayM> * The Rolyeater than decides to put those defenses to test, it flails it's vines everywhere [Green Rampage]
[22:31] <@JayM> !roll 5d100
[22:31] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 5d100: 91, 75, 43, 43, 82 [Total: 334]
15[22:31] <Lynne> ((It would be logical to do a thing, but she’s not terribly logical at this moment
15[22:31] <Lynne> ))
[22:31] <@JayM> And can't hit a thang
15[22:31] <Lynne> ((and is thus taking a suboptimal action))
06[22:31] * Rohius puts a bullet in the Rolyeater. "GOOD NIGHT, FUCKER!"
04[22:31] <@JayM> Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Lynne [B]:14 Fortunata [F]:14 Snapper Flower C [B]:14 Snapper Flower B [B]:24 Rolyeater Snapper [F]:26 Snapper Flower D [B]:27 Hauser [F]:29
[22:31] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F] : [4= ] Poison(1) Protect(3)
[22:31] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:31] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [4== ]
[22:31] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [7==== ]
[22:31] <@JayM> Rohius!
[22:31] <Rohius> !sugar 1d100 ; 75/15
[22:31] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 1d100: 17 [Total: 17 (Low), Avg: 17.00] - 75/15
[22:32] <Rohius> !sugar 1d12+120
[22:32] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 1d12+120: 10 [Total: 130.0 (High), Avg: 10.00]
[22:32] <@JayM> Strike! So close
[22:32] <@JayM> Delay?
[22:32] <Rohius> ((53))
[22:32] <Rohius> ((and brb again))
04[22:32] <@JayM> Lynne again!
15[22:33] <Lynne> ((Fortunata’s same tic, no? Take it, Moku))
[22:33] <@JayM> Yes also Fortunata! I did not notice
06[22:35] * Fortunata suddenly gets a viciously eager glint in her eye, and she dashes forward at the Rolyeater Snapper, lashing out with a blade of eerie fire! [Shadow Raid, 44D]
[22:35] <Fortunata> !sugar ; 80/10
[22:35] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 1d100: 36 [Total: 36 (Low), Avg: 36.00] - 80/10
[22:36] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10+150 ; Shadow damage
[22:36] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10+150: 3 [Total: 153.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00] - Shadow damage
[22:36] <@JayM> Strike!
[22:36] <Rohius> "How much punishment can this thing take?"
[22:36] <Fortunata> "Not. Enough."
[22:37] <@JayM> * The blade goes right through. For a moment it looks like it’s going to lack back at Fortunata- It manages to wrap it's vines around her but… It falters, gurgles, and dismantles [KO]
04[22:37] <@JayM> Lynne!
06[22:37] * Fortunata grins, and lets the vines drop as she darts out of Snapper range. "Sorry, I'm not that kind of lady~"
03[22:38] * Yamo|Away is now known as Kiyami
15[22:39] * Lynne takes a deep breath and calms down after seeing the big one fall, then removes the last of the vines still on her, dropping to one knee as she waits for the stinging sensation to pass. [Wait, 15D]
15[22:39] <Lynne> (( [B] HP: ! 156/624 ! | MP: 521/877 | SoS: 156 | Sap (1), Poison (1) ))
15[22:40] <Lynne> ((Sap'd hit me for 100 if I attack, so now just kinda… yep))
04[22:40] <@JayM> Battle order: Snapper Flower C [B]:0 Snapper Flower B [B]:10 Snapper Flower D [B]:13 Lynne [B]:15 Hauser [F]:15 Rohius [B]:39 Fortunata [F]:44
[22:40] <@JayM> Status for Rolyeater Snapper [F]: [4
[22:40] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:40] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [4== ]
[22:40] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [7==== ]
[22:40] <@JayM> * Snapper C lashes out at the killer! [Bite Eating] on Fortunata!
[22:40] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:40] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 1d100: 54 [Total: 54]
[22:41] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,75
[22:41] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,75: 3 [Total: 114.75]
[22:41] <@JayM> For [114] Physical Melee damage!
[22:41] <@JayM> * Snapper Flower B does not takes to challanges well! It will take down the lady in the vehicle! [Bite Eating]
[22:41] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:41] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 4 [Total: 4]
[22:41] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+150,75
[22:41] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+150,75: 11 [Total: 120.75]
[22:41] <@JayM> Dealing [120] Physical Melee damage!
[22:42] <@JayM> * And Snapper Flower D reaches across many rows and defenses to try to [Draw Blood] off of Rohius
[22:42] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 333/917 | MP: 266/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal ))
06[22:42] * Hauser smashes it down as it leaps up for her. [80]
[22:42] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:42] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 100 [Total: 100]
[22:42] <@JayM> Battlefield’s too busy to hit the range fighter, though
04[22:43] <@JayM> Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Hauser [F]:0 Rohius [B]:24 Fortunata [F]:29 Snapper Flower C [B]:38 Snapper Flower B [B]:48 Snapper Flower D [B]:51
04[22:43] <@JayM> Lynne and Hauser!
06[22:44] * Hauser leaps down from the vehicle and pushes forward, slicing into Snapper C. [Parry Edge - 54D]
[22:44] <Hauser> !sugar 1d100; C95
[22:44] <Sugarlips‘> Hauser, 1d100: 97 [Total: 97 (High), Avg: 97.00] - C95
06[22:45] * Hauser can’t catch it - her sword ends up caught in a nearby tree, hissing steam.
04[22:45] <@JayM> Lynne!
[22:45] <Hauser> [Fortress ends, by the way.]
15[22:45] <Lynne> ((now even people acting on the same tic as me :< ))
15[22:46] * Lynne uneasily stands back up, striking a defensive stance. [Defend, 25D]
[22:46] <@JayM> Rohius!
15[22:46] <Lynne> (( [B] HP: ! 85/624 ! | MP: 521/877 | SoS: 156 | Sap (0), Poison (0), now to shoot some more lasers and miss ))
[22:46] <Rohius> ((Okay, should I clear everyone's status?))
[22:46] <Rohius> ((Or just continue attacking now that curse is gone?))
[22:47] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 333/917 | MP: 266/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal ))
15[22:47] <Lynne> ((I'd say let's end them))
[22:47] <Hauser> ((Yup, take em out.))
06[22:47] * Rohius shoots Snapper C then. Extreme Lawn Care, ho!
[22:47] <Rohius> !sugar 1d100 ; 80/15, d 53
[22:47] <Sugarlips‘> Rohius, 1d100: 70 [Total: 70 (High), Avg: 70.00] - 80/15, d 53
[22:47] <@JayM> Hit!
[22:47] <Rohius> !sugar 1d12+120
[22:47] <Sugarlips`> Rohius, 1d12+120: 4 [Total: 124.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
[22:48] <@JayM> Right through it’s center of mass, it falls over in shambles as if it simply lost the strength to stand [KO]
04[22:48] <@JayM> Lynne!
[22:48] <@JayM> And then Fortunata!
15[22:49] * Lynne stares at Snapper D and sends a beam at it, staggering a little from the recoil. [Attack, 50D]
15[22:49] <Lynne> !sugar 1d100 ; CoS 90
04[22:49] <Sugarlips‘> Lynne, 1d100: 46 [Total: 46 (Low), Avg: 46.00] - CoS 90
[22:50] <@JayM> It’s a hit!
15[22:50] <Lynne> !sugar 1d12+135
04[22:50] <Sugarlips‘> Lynne, 1d12+135: 3 [Total: 138.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
04[22:50] <@JayM> Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Snapper Flower B [B]:19 Snapper Flower D [B]:22 Hauser [F]:25 Lynne [B]:46 Rohius [B]:48
[22:50] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower B [B] : [3===== ]
[22:50] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower C [B] : [4
[22:50] <@JayM> Status for Snapper Flower D [B] : [4== ]
[22:50] <@JayM> Fortunata!
06[22:51] * Fortunata rushes toward Snapper B, sweeping her blade low to the ground, then upward - [Attack, 44D]
[22:51] <Fortunata> !sugar ; 80/10
[22:51] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d100: 44 [Total: 44 (Low), Avg: 44.00] - 80/10
[22:51] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10+120
[22:51] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10+120: 3 [Total: 123.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
[22:52] <@JayM> Strike!
[22:52] <@JayM> * Snapper B retaliates at Fortunata! [Grand Tangle]
[22:52] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:52] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 67 [Total: 67]
[22:52] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+120,75 1d100
[22:52] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+120,75: 3 [Total: 92.25]
[22:52] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 32 [Total: 32]
[22:52] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 124.25]
[22:53] <@JayM> Dealing [92] Physical Melee damage!
[22:53] <Fortunata> "Oh, just be a good boy and die already!"
[22:53] <@JayM> * Snapper D then attempts to [Grand Tangle] Rohius as well!
[22:53] <@JayM> Roll 1d100
[22:53] <@JayM> !roll 1d100
[22:53] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d100: 3 [Total: 3]
[22:53] <@JayM> !roll 1d12+120,50 1d100
[22:53] <Sugarlips`> JayM, 1d12+120,50: 11 [Total: 65.5]
[22:53] <Sugarlips`> 1d100: 48 [Total: 48]
[22:53] <Fortunata> (( [F] HP: 241/917 | MP: 266/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal ))
[22:53] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 113.5]
[22:53] <@JayM> Dealing [65] Physical Melee damage!
[22:53] <@JayM> Hauser!
06[22:53] * Fortunata stumbles backward, starting to look a little worse for wear.
06[22:54] * Hauser smashes into Snapper D. [Parry Edge - 54D]
[22:54] <Hauser> !sugar 1d100; C95
[22:54] <Sugarlips`> Hauser, 1d100: 65 [Total: 65 (High), Avg: 65.00] - C95
[22:54] <Hauser> !sugar 1d12+165
[22:54] <Sugarlips`> Hauser, 1d12+165: 10 [Total: 175.0 (High), Avg: 10.00]
[22:55] <@JayM> Another kill for Hauser
[22:55] <@JayM> Fortunata!
06[22:56] * Fortunata suddenly realizes she’d been hitting at the wrong target, and - well, Hauser's got it covered, so she continues lashing out at B! [Attack, 44D]
[22:56] <Fortunata> !sugar ; 80/10
[22:56] <Sugarlips‘> Fortunata, 1d100: 7 [Total: 7 (Low), Avg: 7.00] - 80/10
[22:57] <@JayM> A critical strike!
[22:57] <Fortunata> !sugar 1d10*2+120*2
[22:57] <Sugarlips`> Fortunata, 1d10*2+120*2: 2 [Total: 244.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
[22:57] <@JayM> * The blade cuts right through, slicing it’s core in half
[22:57] <@JayM> Victory!
06[22:57] * Rohius whews.
[22:57] <@JayM> Roll 2#5d100
[22:57] <@JayM> !roll 2#5d100
[22:57] <Rohius> "…anyone got healing magic?"
[22:57] <Sugarlips‘> JayM, 2#5d100(1): 91, 50, 38, 54, 7 [Total: 240]
[22:57] <Sugarlips`> 2#5d100(2): 97, 39, 42, 4, 46 [Total: 228]
[22:57] <Sugarlips`> [Grand Total: 468]
[22:58] <Fortunata> "Ehh."
[22:58] <Fortunata> "Kind of."
[22:58] <@JayM> And you get [Petal Teeth - T2 Offensive]x2 and [Vine Muscle - T2 Offensive]x2
15[22:59] <Lynne> "Is it safe to get back in the vehicle…?"
[22:59] <@JayM> * The surveyor is more or less undamaged. It’s outer armor is a bit banged up from getting thrown about as it was, but it's otherwise intact inside. It was actually made to take this sort of suffering (kind of)
06[23:00] * Hauser sheathes her sword and wrenches the door of the surveyor back open.
[23:00] <Fortunata> "Gonna have to submit a word of thanks to Engineering."
[23:00] <Hauser> "Safe as it was before, given what we know is tunnelin' about."
[23:01] <@JayM> * The door sticks for a minor moment before opening. Seems like the door hinge got a little bit damaged, but nothing you can't field repair. And yet, you are still a long ways towards your objective
15[23:02] * Lynne staggers inside and finds a spare empty seat or three to hog by laying flat down, then groans. "We aren't even a third of the way to the destination… Right?"
[23:02] <@JayM> There's another two days of travel
[23:03] <Hauser> "You know, going into the twilight, we'll need to switch our hologram fields over."
[23:03] <Hauser> "Rohius, you've been briefed?"
06[23:03] * Rohius adjusts his settings. "Yes."
15[23:03] * Lynne grumble grumble gonna take care of it when we get closer.
[23:04] <@JayM> * At least, nothing bad happens until it's time you go to bed. Eventually you all go to sleep, it's rather comfortable, for sleeping on a trip, and leave the driving up to the computer, maybe you take turns watching over it. But you drive off into the sunset…
[23:05] <@JayM> Session End!
[23:05] <Rohius> ((awesome. thanks for sesh!))
03[23:07] * Hauser is now known as Peter‘
[23:07] <Peter`> Yeah, thanks for running!
15[23:07] <Lynne> ((indeed))
03[23:07] * Lynne is now known as Gravagar
[23:08] <@JayM> * Epilogue
[23:08] <@JayM> * A monitor window, in it a sattelite image, various mysterious words show unknown information. A green-colored hand taps something, and the image zooms in, there’s nothing visible but grasslands "Sir, look at this"
[23:08] <@JayM> * Bubbles, as the camera pans the entire room is filled with water, operators in their stations, taking advantage of the 3D nature of water movement. Dressed sharply, one who could only be the command swims over to the monitor "… Yes, that's what we were looking for… Predictable" the ilirian captain swims back to his seat, pulls out a communicator "Initiate operation Curtain Call"
[23:08] <@JayM> * End Epilogue
[23:09] <Peter`> (Oh, those spacefaring squid bastards.)
[23:10] <@JayM> Also: [+2640 EXP/+264 Lucre/+13 AP]
03[23:10] * JayM is now known as Julian
[23:11] <Rohius> ((is that counting the reels ap?
[23:12] <@Julian> Nope just the fight

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