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Contact Zero - Mission 14: Grey Men
It has been over a day since you helped out a local pair of girls with their coming-of-age ceremony, and learned something interesting: The ceremony has a practical reason to be
The day since then has been somewhat slow, HQ has asked you to stay on standby for now, they've got something planned but they need to prepare up high first. Meanwhile, you're to be on standby and obviously sieze any chance you meet
Which comes about now, when you see Raf in the living room, looking over… A letter
He looks up as the first one of you shows up nearby "Oh, good thing you're here, look what we got, a letter. From our Grey Man friend"
Hauser: "What's the news?"
Relentless in her desire to be actually useful, you notice Kalis, in all the splendor that her royal form has, is wearing some somewhat dirty clothes and appears to have decided the entire place needs cleaning. She seems to have at least picked up how to use modern cleaning supplies
Raf looks back at her for a moment, then at Hauser "Well, seems like he's heard we're a fighting clan and… Well, he wants to hire guardians, long trip to some six cities over for a coming of age ceremony as well"
Raf: "Says here he can't pay much, but is willing to part with knowledge as well as material wealth. Which… Is actually the interesting part"
Raf: "Someone with the sort of knowledge he has would be pretty useful to have in debt"
Rohius looks up from cleaning his spear and gun.
Hauser nods. "Naturally, this suits our purposes quite well."
Raf: "Well, he said that if you're willing to take it, to meet him at the north exit of town. He's got his hands on a ride too it seems"
Hauser rubs her knuckles, looking left and right. "Defenses are shaping up well here, so you should be fine without us."
Lynne: "I would be grateful for the chance to talk at length about what we don't know yet." Lynne is very poorly hiding her enthusiasm.
Raf: "Unless you wanna show him one of our vehicles. They're both in good travel state, the light one's still needs the impact plating replaced but is otherwise combat-ready still"
Raf nods "Yeah. Well, whichever path you take, good luck"
Hauser: "Naw, I think we'll drive local."
Rohius: "Sounds like a job at any rate."
And thus, you then take your leave. As you walk towards the town and through it to the north, you realize that the town has… Grown since you first came. Although you have this weird feeling that it's not growing just quite right
Either way, the trip is rather uneventful, aside from noticing a few more construction sites, and you find him there, carefully tending to… Something that looks like a giant purple… Gerbil?
The beast Gigio is caring for is one of five, there are four others there. Presumably, given their saddles (they're oddly curved saddles), they're your rides
Rohius: "…am I hallucinating again?…"
Hauser: "As I said, drive local." She nods to Rohius.
Lynne steps up to one, at a safe distance, and quietly examines it.
Gigio looks at you as you arrive, nodding to you
The beast has… A very short fur, but it's soft and groomed. What is weird is that it seems to have scars in the entirety of it's hide. It's not the sort of scar that wounds leave, but more like… Thicker skin from… Use, you know. It's kind of hard to describe
Gigio: "I am happy that you took on this"
Lynne gives its fur a couple pats, taking mental note of texture of the hairs and the skin beneath. "Good to see you again, Gigio."
JayM: It's actually pretty nice-feeling
Gigio: "Hopefully my request did not come at a bad time"
Hauser looks over her shoulder, walking up to one of the beasts. She eyes the town around her - "This look like a good time to you?"
Gigio looks at the town "It seems unchanged, from how it has always been…"
Gigio: "Is what I wanted to say, but I got this odd feeling"
Gigio climbs on top of his beast, taking the reins, stretching once he is atop it
Lynne watches and awkwardly tries to emulate the mounting motion
It is not hard to mount on it, although the saddle is a bit oddly-shaped
Gigio: "We will be heading northwest, it's… A few days normally, but I will take us down a faster path"
Gigio: "I don't expect trouble on the way, but the entire situation is rather… Delicate"
Gigio gently taps the beast to get it moving, simulating such movement isn't hard but what comes next…
Hauser pulls herself on top of one. "Delicate is right."
JayM: How about, just for fun, an Animal Handling [TN 3] check
[OOC] Rohius: I got that.
Lynne: (I got nothin')
[OOC] Rohius: 5d6 right?
Rohius rolled 5d6 and got 6, 2, 2, 2, 6 ( Total: 18 ) for TN 3
JayM: Well
JayM: Don't you need one more?
Rohius rolled 1d6 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) **
[OOC] Rohius: omg three sixes I is teh devil
JayM: Hrm
The beasts break into a run, and are not excessively fast no, and they are kind of wiggly as they run. What you were not expecting, however, is when they suddenly curl up, rolling… And do they roll fast, the sudden burst of movement the rodents (which are aptly named Rolys) basically turn into very fast wheels almost knocks some of you off the saddles, but you hold tight. The saddle
JayM: itself is an ingenious creation, it kind of slides on top of them as they roll, and boy do they roll fast
Rohius: "Rollin', rollin', rollin', rawhide…o/~"
The ride is somewhat bumpy, as you soon take a path off the road, trampling over wood and brush. According to your maps the path should be long because you need to move around a very large hill… But you are moving in a straight path, maybe you can make your way up the hill faster?
However, that is not what happens. Before the fifth hour of travel is over, Gigio stops and climbs down. He walks up to the hillside and gently lays a claw on the land, a long tunnel whose end you can't quite see spreads in front of you.
Gigio: "One of the secret pathways, should cut us days of travel"
He hops back on his roly to get going again
Hauser: "…Handy."
Lynne: "Does the land hold many of these shortcuts?"
Gigio: "There are a great many of those pathways, used only… By us"
Gigio: "A divine gift so we may do our duties with ease, and kept safe in our paths. We are the only ones allowed to use them"
Lynne takes a hint and nods, not asking further. "You have our thanks."
Gigio: "And speaking of our duties and safety… You mention being of foreign lands, so I believe it bears explanation of why I asked your aid, when harming us is strictly forbidden, you have seen what our duty is"
Rohius makes a note of this, but doesn't say anything.
Gigio: "People are… Ignorant, and often unwilling to believe otherwise, that the fruits of the rituals are a reflection of the child's hearts. They believe us to control it. Sometimes, unexpected results happen…"
Gigio: "Well, of all people you should know, I guess"
Gigio: "Sometimes, however, you learn to anticipate such strange phenomena… As is the case today. It is a child gift with light but… Well, this child has long since been flirting with a companion native from across the border, and while not rare… Those situations often wind with one of the pair aligned with the other side"
Hauser: "The companion… their ceremony is coming up soon too, right?"
Gigio: "Which often leads to quite a bit of hathred towards the grey man who is considered to have 'tampered' with the result…" he sighs "It… Was to happen yesterday, actually"
Gigio: "But the one assigned to that ceremony had… Some particular difficulties and it got delayed, it should be ongoing when we arrive"
Gigio: "(What a curious coincidence…)"
Gigio makes a light noise, a weird one "Certainly would not be the first time i've done the ceremony of a couple planning on eloping. I wonder what happened to those two"
Lynne slowly makes the connection in her head… "Which means… That the reason she became an imp rather than a light-side adult would be… Because of an attachment to someone on the dark side?"
Gigio: "Hrm… Perhaps. Her heart was the heart of a darksider"
Lynne: "What do you mean when you say heart of a darksider? How is that different than that of a lightsider?"
Gigio: "If you travel over there you will notice their differences. Law and Chaos, different halves of a complete self. It is not a dogma, but how their hearts always turn out. Those born of light are also of law, order, united as a country, protected by their laws, guided by their ethics. Those both of dark are also of chaos, united as friends, protected by their passion, guided by their
JayM: love. "
Gigio: "In other words, they're more rowdy there, prize more the skill of the person, a little more warm too"
Gigio: "Over here, a little more strict, how you fit in society, a little more introspective"
Rohius blinks.
Gigio: "Not like there aren't big variances, but that's the overall 'feel' that both kingdoms have"
Rohius . o O (Oh god. I stepped into a SMT game.)
Soon enough, the tunnel ends, it emerges right before the city. It is… Not quite a sort of city you've seen before here, but this looks like some sort of industrial pole. There are large towers spread around the city itself, from wherein light of various colors pours. There are are quite a few caravans going to and from those towers too
The city itself is… Rather simple looking, but buildings are tall. Reminds you of the sort of city where workers go just to sleep at the end of their shifts.
Lynne: "Hmm… I see. If I am reading into this correctly, then that means our sisters will end up separating with the younger moving to the dark side with her lover… Is that how these situations tend to end up? They did seem so close, though…"
Gigio: "Who knows, might be that they are just different of heart. Mayhap the younger one simply has a deep burning passion, not for anyone in particular, and is just a passionate woman"
Lynne contemplates this quietly for a moment, nodding…
Gigio: "whereas the older sister, she did seem to, in all of her youth and poverty, hold the heart of a queen of light. Gentle, thoughtful, perhaps a little shy, willing to put her sister above all else"
Soon enough, you stop rolling as you cross the city gate (it's considered dangerous to roll inside the city, chance to run over someone) and after a while you end up in front of a rather… Large, posh manor. Perhaps the richest house in town "Hrm… I predict I will hold little trouble in procuring the materials for the ritual this time"
Rohius: "…and our part in this?"
Hauser dismounts. "Well, Rohius. We wait for the other shoe to drop."
Gigio: "Just maintain my safety. I wish you to wait outside, if I need assistance, I will call you over…"
He scratches on top of his head "Stay nearby, I cannot take you in sadly, but I am ready to hold for a moment if need be. I will send a warning if, or when, something happens"
Gigio looks up at the manor "Well, I am ready, you have the pearl, right?"
Rohius nods. "Signal if you need help."
Lynne nods, reconfirming its location. "We'll be vigilantly waiting."
He nods, and finally heads into the manor… The guards welcome him with smiles
JayM: Hrm… What to do while you wait?
Rohius ear-scratches his rolling gerbil thing.
[OOC] Rohius: Unless we left those behind.
JayM: They're around, waiting
Rohius: "Goooood hamster… rolling… neat thing."
Hauser stands vigil, wings folded. And is going to be a little surprised when someone mentions they're bored.
The beast makes a chirpy noise like mice are won't to do, except a lot louder since the thing's al ot larget
JayM: Nothing much is the plan, I guess?
The time passes, not minutes, not hours, but night is slowly start to fall. If you are to remember, the ritual takes a long time
But eventually, once the lights inside are on, you hear noise. Cheerful noise.
JayM: Yet, Gigio isn't coming back out
Hauser: "…There's our good news."
Hauser: "Lynne, you wanna go ask how that one turned out?"
JayM: There is
JayM: Some more shouting that isn't as cheery
JayM: Quite a fair bit of shouting
Lynne nods to Hauser and sends an inquiry over the pearl, "Is this a time I could trouble you for a status report?"
You hear only a faint whisper "Back"
Rohius: "…back?"
Lynne steps away from the door…
JayM: That was a whisper that wasa little out of breath
JayM: What could he have meant with 'back'?
You see through one of the windows what looks like… It's definitely a succubus guy, he's arguing with a lysmaker, both making good use of their respective wings to show emotion. There is a lot of shouting going in and it sounds… Distant?
JayM: Not quite distant but on the other side of the manor
Rohius: "…think he meant the back of the house?"
Hauser draws her sword. Her armor lets slip a burst of steam through the shoulder. "Think he meant kick the door down and sort things out from there." She marches up to the front.
Rohius: "Oh god."
Rohius gets up front with his spear.
As you draw closer you see someone running towards the guards from inside "Did he slip out from here?" "Who?" "The grey man, did he leave through here?" "No, we've been here the entire time" "Means he made his way out through the back-" "Wait, what happened?!" "The master's son! Changed to… The other side, it's that man's fault!" "What are you planning on doing?" "Asking him?" "With
JayM: this shouting? Sure you don't mean to hurt him? " " No just… Talking, the master asked to get him is all… " " You realize you're breaking the law with this? " " Like it matters for the master, not even the Lightbearer here would raise a hand to him "
JayM: Well- If you're taking the heavy-handed approach, let's have a Strength [TN 4] check to see just how goddamn scary you can be
[OOC] Hauser: Expertise II for 1d8+1 1d8+1 3d8. Anything else?
[OOC] Fortunata: give me a sec
[OOC] Fortunata: Scrape By and EE.
[OOC] Rohius: do over physical
[OOC] Hauser: Okay, let's rock.
[OOC] Rohius: and dependable
Hauser rolled 1d8+1 and got 7 ( Total: 8.0 )
Also rolled 1d8+1 and got 1 [Total: 2.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 3d8 and got 4, 5, 6 [Total: 15 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 25.0, Avg: 4.60
[OOC] Hauser: Aaaaand we're clear.
Hauser lifts one of the guards up by the collar.
Hauser: "Is this my hand?"
Hauser: "Cause, uh, I think it just got raised."
The guard is startled "Aack- What-" his friend is kind of terrified of the group showing up
You rush in through the door, moving with momentum. The serious look and show of force right there, the guard is stunned and the path further in, clear
Hauser discards him - "Company, forward!" And proceeds.
Rohius rushes in, pointy end forward.
The guard tossed aside, you move in and into the atrium, the people present, quite a few people, are scared. You move quickly, from the looks of it he made his way to the back entrance. You cross by scared servants, people who carry themselves importantly but are just as scared of your march, you kick down a door or two just to find the door of the kitchen wide open, a scratch marks in
JayM: the walls- They match Gigio's claws, although the way they are seem to indicate he was holding against them, rather than a missed attack hitting the wall
Hauser: He must've been dragged out - "We're going after him." - She heads right out, in hot pursuit!
Fortunata: "'m glad you're on our side, boss."
Rohius: "Seconded. Let's eviscerate some bitches."
As you make your way across you reach the back of the manor, which leads to a rather beautiful courtyard, it ends in a tall wall- Gigio has been cornered by four rather angry looking men "What have you done to him!" "TELL US! WHO GOT YOU TO DO THIS?!" despite the fact they are forcibly trying to get answers out of him, he's holding… Stoically. He isn't even showing a desire to react,
JayM: although- If you were ever around when a power blow hits really sturdy armor, that feeling and sound… Yeah, his scales appear to be quite tough
Gigio: "You are… Unwilling to listen"
Hauser levels her sword. "You won't strike another blow!"
The four look at you "And who in heaven's name do you think you are?!"
Fortunata scoffs. "The rescue team."
Rohius: "In heaven's name? No one. Now, in hell's name…"
Hauser: "…Heavily armed and carrying more sword than you really want to deal with, that's what."
The four of them look at eachother and just… Run at the party! But not to attack, but past
Hauser shrugs, letting them slip past.
Fortunata: "They're gonna bring trouble later."
At this point you hear a lot of shouting from behind you. And a lot. Turning around to look, that is easily twenty people… From the looks of it, mostly servants, although three of them are armed. And from the back of the mob is a lysmaker that appears to be… Whoevr this 'master' fellow is "You! Why do you break into my property, in this day?"
Rohius: "The voices said to!"
Fortunata: "Extracting an innocent citizen from this den of incompetents. And incompetence."
Hauser turns slowly, nodding to Fortunata.
Rohius: "See? That voice!"
Gigio is keeping silent
Fortunata: "You wanna try your luck now? We can keep this up all day."
Lysmaker: "That's it! Get them!"
Fortunata draws her blade in a wide arc. "Alright, come get some!"
Hauser punches her gauntlet. "If you want clan warfare, you've got it."
Lynne: "We are here to ensure no harm comes to our friend, here-" she motions to Gigio "-and provided you cooperate, no one need know of your attempt to harm a gr-" She is cut off by his shout to attack… just aims her weapon and grunts in annoyance.
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Rohius [B]:3 Fortunata [F]:4 Hauser [F]:4 Mob [F]:5
JayM: Status for Mob [F] : [====================]
Special Battle! There's too many enemies to fight at once, objective is to scatter them!
[OOC] Rohius: I'm up front.
[OOC] Rohius: I'm guessing there's no bonus for group/row attacks?
JayM: Actually, the enemy occupies both rows at the same tim!
[OOC] Fortunata: Well, one never knows until they try.
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne attempts to throw the group into disarray by depriving its leader and perhaps other constituents of their perception. [Blind, 20D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 70 CoS
Rohius: "Okay then, fine. Let's get serious. I'm killing everyone who isn't a friend."
JayM: Blinded!
JayM: Rohius!
Rohius rushes in and starts stabbing!
Rohius rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 15/80
[OOC] Rohius: God. Fucking. Damn. You. Sugar.
JayM: There are far too many of them to get a bead on a single one!
JayM: Fortunata and Hauser!
Rohius: "HOLD STILL!"
JayM: Also your delay
Rohius is shoved back. "…new plan." (54)
Fortunata lets out savage bellow and slashes her sword down, sending a great gout of flame into the mob! [Beast Flare, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 85/0
JayM: The flames strike a coupe of them but they weather the hit for no damage!
Hauser rushes into the fray, clattering the enemies about. [Parry Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 ) for C95
Fortunata tilts her head. "Arrite, I gotta start re-assessing my strategy."
[OOC] Rohius: blind should help.
Hauser rolled 1d12+220 and got 10 ( Total: 230.0 ) for enemies deal -25% damage to non-Hausers next action
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 917/917 | MP: 566/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal
JayM: Strike! You jump into the fray, keeping a bunch of them busy!
JayM: Battle order: Mob [F]:0 Lynne [B]:15 Fortunata [F]:43 Rohius [B]:51 Hauser [F]:53
JayM: Status for Mob [F] : [====================] Blind(6)
The mob shouts and moves! They strike at Hauser like the [Mob] they are!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
JayM: Pow, clang, crash! A lot of hits with makeshift weapons and one or two real weapons, however for as many as they are, they are not real trained warriors
JayM rolled 1d12+80 and got 2 ( Total: 82 )
JayM: Dealing [82] Physical Mele damage!
JayM: Lynne!
Hauser elbows one of the rabble back, smashing his weapon in half with a single blow. [49]
Lynne blasts the mob with an energy beam! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
Lynne: (90 CoS, missed)
JayM: Vwoosh, wow you're doing bad!
JayM: Fortunata!
Lynne: (mmmmaybe they need some poison)
[OOC] Rohius: I'll try that.
[OOC] Mokura: repost inits an stuff please, not sure what happened
JayM: Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Rohius [B]:8 Hauser [F]:10 Mob [F]:12 Lynne [B]:22
JayM: Status for Mob [F] : [====================] Blind(5)
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata runs up to some unlucky sod, smacks him on the head with the hilt of her sword, then boots him into the group. [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 ) for 85/10
Fortunata: 1d10+120
Fortunata rolled 1d10+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125.0 )
JayM: You knock a poor maid back into someone else!
JayM: Rohius!
Rohius 's tattoos glow, and he whips his head forward, vomiting steam green ichor at some horribly unfortunate souls! (Acid)
Rohius rolled 1d6+108 and got 4 ( Total: 112.0 ) for 43 delay
Rohius rolled 2d100 and got 73, 63 ( Total: 136 ) for 35% cos to poison and blind
JayM: Oh heavens! They scatter a bit, you nick someone with that and there's some shouting!
JayM: Hauser!
Rohius: "The sad part is… me throwing up is probably the most useful thing I can do at the moment."
Hauser pulls a switch and wades into the fray, the crystals within her sword sparking, thrumming to shining blue life. [Shock Drive - 54D] She swings like a batter, discharging with a sound like a thunder-clap into some poor sucker's side. Hot steam explodes from the joints in her armor, briefly disrupting the mirage about her.
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for C95
Hauser rolled 1d12+400 and got 6 ( Total: 406.0 ) for magical lightning damage
Hauser: "Anyone ELSE who's getting paid enough to eat one of those is welcome to stick around!"
JayM: Weakness strike!
[OOC] Hauser: 609!!
The poor target goes flying, crashes through, cleaving a path through the mob. A group of people, the weakest of spirit, shout of fear and run away
JayM: Mob scattering! This mob doesn't takes damage normally, too many of them! However a big hit (with a damage modifier on it, or otherwise really powerful) will eat their morale!
JayM: Once you've done enough the mob will scatter
Rohius: "I want to point something out now. We've had plenty of things and people get in our way. They are all dead. Not beaten unconscious, not 'tapped out', not 'ran away to fight another day', DEAD."
Rohius: "Do consider what that means about us."
JayM: Battle order: Mob [F]:0 Lynne [B]:10 Fortunata [F]:32 Rohius [B]:39 Hauser [F]:52
JayM: Status for Mob [F] : [====================] Blind(5)
The mob, scared as it is, turns to their best attacks! A lot of spells is hurled at Hauser! They're not very effective individually, no more than cantrips, but the display of [Fireworks] is amazing
JayM rolled 1d12+135 and got 5 ( Total: 140 )
Fortunata: "Uh, Rohius? We're not supposed to be psychopaths. Adjust your attitude accordingly."
JayM: Dealing [140] damage to her! It has a tiny area of effect too! It deals [70] to the rest of the party!
JayM: Right, Holy Magical damage
Rohius: "I'm not being psychopathic, I'm citing statistics."
JayM: Lynne!
Fortunata: "-oof!"
Rohius: "Or would you- ow- rather me not give them a good reason to run away?"
Rohius: "Because I'm trying not to sound completely axe murdery and giving a warning instead of just killing them sounded better."
Fortunata: "Oh. Alright. Baby steps, I guess."
Rohius turns back to the mob. "But seriously. Walk away and when you hear about what we do later, you will be seen not as cowards, but wise people who will live long and stab-wound free lives."
Fortunata sighs.
Lynne fires another beam at the crowd! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
Lynne rolled 1d12+135 and got 3 ( Total: 138.0 )
JayM: A simple strike
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata ignites her sword in a pillar of blue flame, and cleaves it downward into the fray! "Hup!" [Shadow Raid, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 ) for 85/10
JayM: A burning shadow strike! Weakness!
Rohius looks at Fortunata, considering.
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for 1d10*1.5+150*1.5
Fortunata rolled 1d10*1.5+150*1.5 and got 1 ( Total: 226.5 )
JayM: A second very powerful strike! The shadow blade is scary, specially when the one guard it hits can't hold up a parry and gets a nasty cut
Fortunata: "Had enough?"
JayM: Some of the less… Let's say, resilient-looking of the bunch scatter
Fortunata: "Good. Now go live smarter lives."
JayM: Rohius!
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 847/917 | MP: 486/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal
Rohius turns to crowd! "Initiate dopperganger sequence…"
Rohius mimics Shadow Raid! (125% shadow damage right)
Rohius rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 80/15
JayM: Weakness hit!
[OOC] Rohius: d 44
Rohius rolled 1d12+120*1.75 and got 5 ( Total: 215.0 )
Rohius charges with his spear burning black-blue like Fortunatas. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and here it's efficient too.
As Rohius follows Fortunata's steps with precision, almost like her shadow moving after her, the people back off. That was just creepy on top of scary
JayM: Now it's just a few of the burlier servants, a couple of guards and the master
Fortunata glances at Rohius. "Alright, I'm gonna want some explanations."
Rohius: "Bio-magitek wetworks system. You release a lot of energy when you do something like that. I can harness that output."
Fortunata: "Hey, just as long as you're not suckin' anything directly out of me, I don't care what you do with the excess."
JayM: I'm also bad at this game
JayM: Battle order: Hauser [F]:0 Lynne [B]:8 Mob [F]:13 Fortunata [F]:24 Rohius [B]:31
JayM: Status for Mob [F] : [====================] Blind(4)
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser wades in, slashing. [Charge Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 )
JayM: A charging strike, readying for more power!
JayM: They won't know what hit 'em
JayM: Lynne!
Hauser rolled 1d12+220 and got 2 ( Total: 222.0 ) for actually rider doesn't kick, oops!
JayM: A good strike!
JayM: Eeeerrrr
JayM: Gravagar!
Lynne keeps shooting! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Lynne rolled 1d12+135 and got 12 ( Total: 147.0 )
Lynne: (no I can't crit :<)
JayM: A simple strike, keeping them at bay
The mob, now much smaller, try to gang up on the weakest of the team and attacks Lynne!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 )
JayM: Not even all the luck in the world can help them hit with that, though
JayM: Lynne's far too numble
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata lets her sword blaze forth once more, using the flat to knock the remaining crowd around! [Shadow Raid, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 85/10
JayM: Critical strike! Weakness!
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2.5+150*2.5 and got 7 ( Total: 392.5 ) **
Fortunata: "Awwww yeah!"
Fortunata: "This is how it's done!"
Rohius looks to see if that finally disperses them…
Fortunata charges, barrelling through the remaining foes straight at their leader!
A powerful and swift slash- And out of nowhere a moving form, a man clad in dark leather armor appears right in front of her, a succubus, blocking the hit with his arms. Not quite a sacrifice, the blade drives deep and hits the bone but between the armor and his own elemental affinity he absorbs the hit still standing "Nnnrgh… E-enough of this… Rolyshit" he looks back at the leader
JayM: "Father, are you… Mad?!"
Fortunata: "?!"
Succubus: "Attacking a grey man, throwing everyone at those… Those… Mercenaries! You KNOW why they are here!"
Fortunata just stares for a moment.
At that everyone around just… Stops and stares
Fortunata: "Shhhhhiiiii-"
He turns to look at Fortunata's eyes while everyone is startled "Go… Go on and… Get Gigio away… I'll… Be alright"
Succubus: "I promise nobody will stay in your way…" he looks at the servants still around "Right?"
JayM: They just kind of nod
Fortunata: "Uh, you sure?"
Fortunata: "I just kinda…"
Succubus: "I'm… I'm pretty sure"
Fortunata quickly sheathes her blade. "…and yeah…"
Lynne also halts and watches. She nods, and turns to the gray man. "Hauser, I'll bring up the rear. You lead us out of here."
Fortunata: "We have first-class healers, you know…"
As Fortunata frees her blade, she sees him bleeding. The hit is deep but… Well, it's nothing YOU haven't recovered from a duel before but… You wonder if he has any training to take hits at all
JayM: Either way… The way's free
Fortunata: "…damn, man."
Hauser nods to Gigio. "We're moving out." And she - well, leads the way.
Fortunata does a pair of Cures for it, at least. (She'll stop if the first one doesn't really do anything.)
Rohius retreats.
JayM: They do heal him
Fortunata: "Just… damn. Get a shield next time, okay?"
Fortunata: "You got way too much brass to be takin' hits like that."
Fortunata quickly walks away.
As you move, he nods at Fortunata. Everyone is just… Sincerely scared at this turn of events, you walk away with him untouched and unbothered
After you walk away from the manor a while, Gigio lets out a large breath "Sorry… Sorry for that mess"
Gigio: "I thought they had an exit in the back, didn't think it was closed off"
Hauser shrugs. "You brought us for a reason."
Gigio: "Indeed, I am thankful, and in your debt"
Gigio: "As I promised, I've little wealth with which to pay you, but i've knowledge-"
At this point you're interrupted, the voice is softer than his, but something in the intonation is similar "So those are the ones you spoke of, Gigio?"
Coming out of a nearby street is… Another grey man, although woman would be the better term "Maria Celeste" he seems happy to see her. Alongside her is a child, who actually looks quite young "As you just saw, it turned out… Exactly as expected. On your side?"
Maria: "Better than expected, everything went normally… Are you hurt?"
Gigio: "Not at all" he looks at the party "This is Maria Celeste, or just Maria will do. A friend of mine"
Fortunata: "You don't happen to have a goon squad chasing you down too, do you?"
Maria: "Certainly not, I would not stick so badly to the law forbidding me from harming another if I had them chasing me down while the child is with me"
Lynne: "A pleasure to meet you, My name is Lynne Olren, but please just call me Lynne. And these are-" She goes through the whole of the present party, introducing them.
Fortunata: "Oh, right. Fortunata Vayliss."
The little child, who looks a little shy, although a little scarred, runs over to Gigio, who gently pats him in the head
Maria: "Pleased to meet you…" she offers Lynne a hand
Lynne briefly hesitates - hand shakes are a universally recognized gesture, right? - before accepting and shaking it.
Maria nods, closing her eyes for a moment "Come on, I will be leading you back" she's so terribly formal in her tone "Gigio has further duties to handle that require his immediate attention"
Gigio tilts his head for a moment, she stares at him, he seems to get it and nods at her, then looks at the party "Ah… Yes I must go. Although… If you require your payment at this instant, Maria should cover it" he takes a deep breath, and walks away, child in tow
Fortunata: "What? Nah. Let's get everyone some sanity and quiet first."
Maria nods "Come then, let us rest at my hovel for now, and I will take you back through the Sealed Path to your home"
JayM: And
JayM: That
JayM: As they say it is
JayM: Is that for tonight
JayM: Unless, of course, you would ask of them anything before the session is at an end
Hauser: "Yeah. Let's go."
[OOC] Hauser: don't think so~
[OOC] Rohius: I'm good.
[OOC] Lynne: I got nothin
[OOC] Fortunata: I'm cool
JayM: And thus a gift
JayM: A measily [+2400 XP], I guess fighting a mob s good exercise
Mokura: exp is exp
JayM: A few [+192 Lucre], 'cause Grey Men are kind of poor actually
JayM: However, even in idle talk, Maria seems to be quite wise and [+45 AP] await you
Mokura: ooh
Mokura: I do like that
Mokura: gotta recalc our totals sometime
Mokura: ALSO
Mokura: do we have tents to use?
Mokura: oh we do but
Mokura: I think I'm the only one who actually used a lot of MP
Mokura: so I can just suck it up
Julian: Well you got some extra recovery
Mokura: we did?
Mokura: I'm not complaining, merely noting that it was pretty much just me that expended a ton of MP
Mokura: and once I get Entrench I can ease off a little
Julian: Well remember the thing you got?
Julian: Last session, from the upgraded medstation
Mokura: ooooooooh
Mokura: right yeah :D
Mokura: my mistake
Mokura: thanks for the reminder!

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