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Contact Zero - Mission 13: Broken Birthright/Grey Men
[OOC] Fortunata: nothing like an ominous title to start the day right
The last thing one could call this cave is dimly lit, whereas the lighting is a little uneven, it has been given attention, as for an important ritual was to happen here. There are two beds, sitting in one, still a bit groggy from waking up just now to a whole new body in relation to theo ne she slept with is a small imp, her face looks younger to you, yet still bears the same structure
JayM: of the younger sister (how intersting how you never got their names)
Hauser: "…Certainly impressive."
The other bed, still covered in the white sheet, is wet. Omniously present are the six white, feathered wings… Slowly the elder sister stands up, looking both tired and weak, but her body is now covered in metal, a polished silvery armor, her left gauntlet possessing a great bladed claw
Gigio looks her over carefully "Are you… Are you well?"
Lynne stares a bit, recognizing the sight of the two races, before dropping to her knees and sitting on the floor, mumbling, "What have I done…"
Fortunata headtilts at this. "Well… uh. That sure happened."
Fortunata: "You, er, saved their lives."
Gigio looks at Lynne "Nothing, nothing bad at the very least" the elder one looks at her hands, blinking. She looks around
Fortunata stares at the wings. "And then some."
Gigio: "They're alive and well, the ritual was a success"
Lynne: "Y… yes. The direct concequences were quite a positive outcome. I must be thankful for that. However, I…" she bites her lip and turns quiet.
Fortunata: "What?"
Hauser: "We need to know, Lynne."
He puts a hand on her shoulder gently "Look at me, at my eyes" she stares at him "Now, what is your name?" she tries to speak for a moment, and makes no noise. She forcesa little bit and ends up coughing, but finds her voice and answers "Kalis"
He smiles at her "You are well, then"
Fortunata: "I daresay she got a good draw outta this."
He moves on to the other sister, stopping to look at Lynne fora moment to speak, and then Kalis has the most unexpected reaction upon seeing her own wings. She yelps in surprise, but not the 'I was not expecting this' sort of surprise but the 'this isn't good' surprise
Upon drawing all eyes on her, she looks frantically for a moment, then stares at Gigio "W-what happened to me?"
Fortunata: "You…"
Fortunata considers all the possibilities, then just… remains silent.
Lynne: Lynne speaks to Fort and Hauser, "I didn't think Gigio could have succeeded on his own, so… I helped him out a bit. I recall our agreement not to interfere. I had to, or… The ritual might have…"
Fortunata: "You, uh." *cough* "Awakened."
She looks at Fortunata, then at Gigio "This is what you are, who was in your heart. You certainly did seem to be one with the right spirit for this, even if not the birthright"
Her sister looks at her finally, and makes a weird noise, like a surprised yelp but not as bad "Y-you look… Pretty imposing, sis"
Fortunata: "Birthright? Eh?"
Gigio: "I wouldn't dare guess, but no Lightbearer would leave their young… Lost, as those two children were"
Fortunata: "Hey, I've heard worse."
Fortunata: "You think something's unthinkable, it's probably happened at least once."
Gigio: "But that matters little, what you are upon your apotheosis is not who gave birth to you, but life has made your heart into"
Kalis is… Angry? Scared too, perhaps "But- I can't go out like this… Do you know what would happen if they found out?!"
Fortunata: "Probably nothing pleasant."
Fortunata …frowns.
Fortunata: "Not with a tone like that."
Kalis: "D-do you know what happens to bastard children of royalty?"
Lynne holds her head and shakes it a bit. "I… I don't know. What does happen when a new Lightbringer is born?"
Gigio makes a noise "Both sides, really… This is their politics I try not to get involved- No, I am not allowed to get involved"
Gigio: "But I am not blind"
Fortunata: "If you're implying they'd get hunted down and killed… then I have something to say about that."
Hauser clenches her gauntlet into her hand, thoughtful.
Fortunata taps her blade. "I don't care how many. You just got back from the brink of doom."
[OOC] Fortunata: Rather, "I don't care how many hunt you down"
Fortunata: "I'd rather not see you pushed back over it."
Gigio: "Close, that or taken into some sort of terrible service. After all, every Lightbearer and Darkbearer, as a 'descendant of the Three Kings' has a right of succession to the throne, regardless of who is their parents"
Gigio: "As far as politics involved go… It's nothing the law supports at least, but not like nobility is known to give much thought to that"
Fortunata: "Yeah, so?"
Fortunata huffs. "Honestly, the nobility doesn't give much thought to anything."
Gigio: "So they try to weed out those 'bastard children', before one can make a claim. Ignorant fools"
Fortunata: "Guess I better brush up on playin' bodyguard."
Hauser: "There's a third option."
Kalis: "I… How can I take care of my sister now…" she looks at her hands "A Lightbearer seeking employment, sustenance… Nobody would even believe me"
Fortunata: "What's that, boss?"
The younger sister is now holding Kalis, amazing how she learned to master her body in a moment to grant her sister support
Hauser: "Raise her in safety. Let her live with the Third Kingdom. As it were."
Lynne takes a deep breath and stands up by herself. She takes a step closer to Gigio and Kalis. "I feel I bear the greater part of the responsibility. I did not save you from one end to deliver you to another, so I too offer my assistance in whatever way I can."
Gigio: "Third Kingdom?"
Hauser: "We're emissaries from a distant land, and our ways of succession are - rather different. We wouldn't see her as a threat."
Hauser: "We could float the possibility of her staying in exile with us."
Kalis: "I- I'd be thankful but- I can't leave Shillia behind"
Hauser: "…Not the best opportunity, but it is one. She'd be well taken care of, and a lot of people would be - very excited to talk to her, probably."
Shillia: "I'll come along!"
Kalis: "What, but-"
Shillia: "It's not like we have anything here!"
Hauser nods to Shillia. And shrugs.
Hauser: "They're where I'm from. So you'll be getting some surprises, but… can't be too bad."
Lynne looks over Hauser and nods in approval. In more ways than one.
Fortunata: "Hey, just make sure they aren't overwhelmed."
Hauser: "…Ehh, you'd have to get cleared with our doctors, though. That's gonna be a pain."
Fortunata: "…hence my worry."
Lynne: "Don't worry. We'll get them permission. I shall see to it with certainty."
Gigio smiles "Thank you…" he takes a deep sigh "Really, thank you. You've lifted a burden off my shoulders, and I already have enough…"
Gigio: "I would be proud if you would let me call someone as kind and resourceful as you as friends"
He hands Lynne a small circular object… It looks like a sort of… Pearl. He holds up a similar object of his "That we may always be in contact"
Lynne: "Of course, and you too as well. You've been nothing but kind to us." she smiles and nods at him, then looks it over and tries holding it up to her ear.
JayM: It shakes and makes noise… Almost musical but very, very soft
Gigio: "You can speak to me through it. I ask you keep that a secret, it is not an artifact given easily, also a technique long lost"
Hauser: "I think we're about to start keeping a lot of secrets."
Gigio slowly makes his way outside "Well, then…" he raises that same object up in the air, putting it against his ear. You hear him mumble some words, a very quick discussion, he sounds displeased, but resignated to his fate "I am sorry. Normally, I would slip out during the revelry of the family, for my duties are many. I must make preparations to go further, so I ask your leave"
Hauser: "Ours are, too." She stands. "Be cautious. This is going to get dicey for all of us."
He nods at you, and starts heading back into town…
Lynne: "Thank you, again." Lynne bows courteously.
JayM: Kalis and Shillia both bow to Gigio, and look at the party expectantly
Hauser removes her pendant and hands it to Kalis. "Figure this out. You're gonna need a disguise for the next little bit."
Hauser: "…I mean, it won't fit, but it should work if we move quickly."
Lynne: "I'm going to send a message to the doctors and ask them what we may need to prepare. Excuse me," she steps outside and makes a call to the ship.
Hence is where you return home… The trip is perhaps a bit tense, but Kalis and Shillia both appear very adept at staying out of sight, not like you need worry too much. Kalis takes forever to try to get the Code to work proper, and essentially fails to do so. However you still make it back to base without a bad sighting…
Lynne's contact is a little baffled, but she is just instructed to take them back to base, and that Kalinos will be talking to them once you're home
Once at the HQ, it takes… A while to get the two girls to stop being stunned in awe at architeture and technology both. There's a bit of a pressing matter of Kalinos's call awaiting in the meeting room, although Raf assures you he can wait if you need
Lynne: "I can attend to the call, if you wish to give our new residents a tour," Lynne offers to the group.
Hauser rolls her shoulders. "No, we better all go."
Hauser hits HQ comm: "We have some guests. Send someone to look after them."
Raf is there in right a moment "I'll watch over them, no worries. Don't actually have extra crew right now but i'm pretty idle and, hey, I know a thing or two about getting thrown into space-age straight from the dark ages"
Hauser: "Don't know anyone better. Thanks."
Lynne: "We've got a meeting to discuss just that to attend to, in any case." She leads the way to the meeting room.
Hauser: "Team, let's move. We have bad news to give and hear." She follows closely.
Fortunata wonders what this OTHER bad news is, now.
The meeting room is… Just as it was last time, as it seems Raf has been down a terrible housekeeper job. Kalinos is taking this call at the bridge, you can see he looks better in relation to last time "Ah, there you are. Heard you mentioned something about assisting an exiled local?"
Hauser: "Yes. We'll need to keep her in protective custody, and make sure her biology agrees with the environment."
Hauser: "On our ship, if possible."
Hauser: "…Due to the form she's taken, she has a royal claim. That means she'd normally be exterminated."
Hauser: "I'm well aware of what it means for us to have a princess in our pocket, but the philanthropic, and intelligence benefits of this relationship are my only concern."
Fortunata: "So yeah. No negotiations."
Kalinos: "Hrm… Can't quite reccomend spending any additional time on the White Fire, first we know little and less about their bodies and sensitivites and second… Well, second we're having to do some serious jury-rigging up here and we can't actually afford anyone without operational or technical knowledge to be even near the ship"
Hauser: "Well, if they're planet-side, we're taking an attack risk. Keep them a good secret, then."
Kalinos: "Not sure if that's a thing they do in the starforce but we CAN adjust portions of this ship on the fly but it's dangerous and- As it is we're being a little forced to make it far more battle-ready"
Kalinos: "Those clansmen we got, call themselves the Time Divers, actually managed to get us a small but steady window through the blockade, we can get small goods and materials in a steady flow now but not reinforcements"
Fortunata: "I guess that makes us the reinforcements."
Kalinos: "Oh and as an aside the upgrade for your medical is ready, it's been installed while you were away. Made sure it included travel gear too"
Kalinos: "With that said, if she remains within the base mostly it should be alright, it's not like those people have the technology to track you there"
Hauser: "I think the locals have the capacity to surprise us. But this is the best we can do for now."
Hauser: "What's coming from your direction?"
Kalinos: "Hrm… Well, aside from our little reinforcements we've also noticed the Illirians are starting to try and set up a sort of surveillance coverage, but we're all still locked in cyber warfare for now"
Hauser: "They got towers up?"
Kalinos: "Afraid of what's going to happen once that's over, if they ARE making allies down there it means a debris shower might not be a problem for them anymore so we'd have to think up better defensive measures, we don't have the firepower so i'll have to pray someone here is smart enough"
Kalinos: "More or less, we've noticed them starting the groundwork with some high-power transmission stations in orbit, but they're still in early construction stages"
Fortunata: "Any way we could go out and smash 'em?"
Kalinos scratches his head "Not as it is, we don't have a decent attack vessel to get that far. But they're a priority, yes"
Fortunata: "Can't we get an EAS out there?"
Hauser: "Deployment range. It's a deep strike issue."
Hauser: "…I'll put a plan on the cook for it."
Fortunata: "Nuts."
Kalinos: "Hauser has the right of it. Hrm… Well, we do have ONE deep-strike stealth capable unit but, hum… That'd be a BIG shot in the dark because only Hiero can pilot it"
Kalinos: "And leaving our ship without the main pilot is not something i'd consider wise right now. I mean alright he's got short leave while we play possum but I doubt this'll last long"
Kalinos: "Either way… Keep her around, at the very least she can give you insight on the place, i'll see about someone staying to talk with her and give her a checkup"
Kalinos: "If we can determine it safe she can make the way over here we'll give that priority, maybe she can get some basic training to keep her safe up here and we can go from there"
Hauser: "Roger."
And with that… You finally bring the girl home. The two girls are… Energetic, and perhaps a little bit overactive. Kalis is restless, she HAS to help, one way or another so she ends up at least helping with basic household chores. Shillia, on the other hand, feels just bad to stay around and not contribute or do something essentially meaningless… So she wants to go out and find a
JayM: side-job or something…
JayM: Would anyone have a suggestion for Shillia? Well, that we will know later
JayM: As it is now session end
Julian: Thanks you all for caoping with an early end!
Julian: Have [+20 AP] for that!
Julian: Also:
Fortunata: we didn't get AP from the session before, did we?
Fortunata: because it was a to be continued
Julian: You were supposed to since there were skill checks
[OOC] Julian: Medical Upgrade] acquired! With that you recover 300 HP/100 MP between sessions, regadless. Either you're home to get treatment or are bringing about the field kit, this upgraded system lets you recover faster
Fortunata: YES.
Gravagar throws hands in air, releases confetti
Fortunata: so what was the skill check AP
Fortunata: or was that rolled into this
Julian: I forgot completely what it was give me some time
Julian: Oh wait you used Scrape By
Julian: Which means no wards
Fortunata: oh right that
Julian: So there was effectively nothing, yeah
Gravagar: 959 AP total then? or did we have some other AP between the last tally and now
Fortunata: there was
Fortunata: 10 ap from that mission we got the mimic stuff
Fortunata: so
Fortunata: 969
Gravagar: okay

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