Cz 11

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Starsinger: alright, picking up dinner right now and then all distraction free
[OOC] Raziel: the pizza place said my order would be ready 20 minutes ago sorry
JayM: We didn't start yet
JayM: All ready?
[OOC] Raziel: Yep
JayM: Alright
Split Worlds - Mission 11: Raging Siege
It has been… A little while since you left a trail of utter destruction behind you. But your calculations you should have enough distance between you and them that you can afford to slow down a little bit to let the engine rest, you've been redlining it hardcore, maybe even come to full stop for some ten minutes to regain your strength
There is no sounds in the marshlands right now, except perhaps the strange chirping of strange birds
Hauser lays her sword out in front of her in the back - someone else has the wheel for now. "Fort, pass me the aether ratchet."
Fortunata rummages through various piles of things that have been knocked quite astray by their latest adventure.
Fortunata: "Uh, yeah, gimme a moment."
Lynne leans back and tries to unwind a little. "This hemisphere… So perilous."
Fortunata finally finds the thing after looking through that first pile right there after the umpteenth time, then passes it over to Hauser. "Really? Perilous. That's all."
Fortunata laughs.
Raziel: "It's kind of exciting though… knowing we might never make it home… and that we might die and never see our loved ones again…" Ray looks down, "Yeah… exciting…"
Right about now you start hearing a noise- That's just the comm system signalling an incoming call
Hauser untightens the bolts holding the two halves of her sword together, revealing the crystal running through the center of it. "Somebody get that."
Fortunata kicks aside an empty crate ( "Ow, dammit!" ) and picks up the line.
Fortunata: "Yeah?"
Lynne laughs with Fort. "I'm beginning to consider the wiser choice to solidify our contacts on the light side."
Lynne: "As opposed to obtaining some here."
Hauser: "If we let our contacts come down along traditional lines, we'll end up with planetary war."
It's voice-only, but he definitely sounds in panic, although simultaneously relieved "Guys! Guys you're there I found you!" it's Raf
Fortunata: "Oh come on, Raf, do you really think we'd kick it this early?"
Fortunata: "So what's the good news?"
Fortunata snorts.
You hear a muffled nose from the other side "N-not good! At all! We're-" there's a moment of silent "Under attack!"
Raf: "The White Fire's being jammed, I don't know how- Lost contact with you days ago, managed to get some router drones working- You gotta get back-"
Fortunata: "Ahaha. Well, shit."
JayM: The call's breaking up somewhat
Fortunata: "How d'you reckon we do that?"
Raziel: "Raf! We have to go save him!"
Hauser curses under her breath, beginning to work faster. Replacing the blade sections, opening up a panel to insert the [E-En Core] into the side. She tests it quickly, the blade sparking to life, phantom projections of the blade jutting out with a shimmer.
Hauser: "That we do. Get coordinates if you can."
Lynne: "I agree. He sounded like he desired assistance."
Raf: "Grr-" you hear some more noises "L-look, I think I can get a lock on you… Get the car running- I'll put the hyperwarp gate here to work- Be careful I don't have precise coordinates"
Raf: "Alright- In twelve"
Hauser: "That should do it." [T2 -> T3, Ether-Arm Blade "Purest Element" .]
Fortunata: "Awesome."
One… Two… Three… Six… Eleven… By the perfect twelfth second- Nothing? Nope, delayed, takes a while more for the gate to open- First a line, a strangely two-dimensional line in space, which splits open in a panel of blue color in the ground, six runes appear in it's surface, and the blue color dissolves into a view of the other side, the exit gateway
If only, however, the gate hadn't been opened askew in the ground below you, and the gate were in the wall- With gravity performing crazy contortions as you fly through a little unexpectedly, the vehicle ends up landing upside-down in the transport bay. A sizeable room of the headquarters that's been kept exclusively for use of the large hyperwarp gate
Hauser yells angrily as she slams against the roof with a deafening thud.
Hauser: "…Yeah, that's… about the best we coulda expected."
Fortunata had already done her weaponwork beforehand. Hell, that's what half the piles of junk were for! [Ship Power Core + TADS + Energy Capacitor: +5 Accuracy]
Fortunata: "Look at it this way, boss, at least we weren't dumped into space."
Loud thumping noises, you leave the car just in time to see Raf jumping down the stairs to get where you are "There you are" he looks hurt, added a green cloak to his attire, and is wearing a black bandanna, this is about the first time you've seen him with his weapons, a pair of blade tonfas "Are you alright, did I-" he looks at the surveyor "I didn't. Are you okay?"
Fortunata: "Tired. Grumpy. Alive. Sardonic."
Raf: "Not going to get better-" you hear explosions, although a weird 'muted' kind, yeah that's telltale of wind magic "-Dammit. Okay, quick rundown"
Raziel‘ gives Raf a flying tackle hug. "I’m so glad you aren't dead!"
Raf: "I don't know what's going on, but a large amount of troops came from nowhere-" Raf nearly topples as Raziel tackles him, but he steadies himself "Y-yeah wasn't going to just die anyway"
Raf: "*ahem*" he'll just hold Raz for as long as he remains there "Anyway, those troops came out of nowhere, they're locals from the looks of it, don't fly any banners. Big problem, they're hitting us just with long-range artillery, mostly wind-type and fire-type magic, our defenses are holding well but this isn't a fortress. Bigger problem, they haven't gotten to melee range yet because
JayM: a defense force from town actually intercepted them! "
Hauser: "At least there's that."
Raf: "I don't know why they did so, they seemed to be expecting that, somehow. Either way, we gotta put an end to this"
Hauser: "There's a local war under our noses? What a pain."
Raf: "Maybe… Maybe not. We're not really on top of the city, they're putting an effort to hit us too. Either way we're stuck in the crossfire we gotta do something-"
Hauser: "Ilirians still in atmosphere?"
Raf: "I'm not really good at this planning thing though- Anyway, come on up, at least I got a good image of what the field looks like"
Raf: "Yes, mostly, not engaged in battle, though"
Raziel‘ finally lets go of Raf. "Don’t scare me like that again."
Raf: "They've hit the White Fire with some very powerful EW attacks, though"
Fortunata: "…ew?"
Fortunata sounds it out like the phrase, not the initials.
Raf: "Er, electronic warfare"
Hauser: "We tangled with darkside forces on our mission out - don't know if you got the intel - but the Ilirians seem to have met up with them."
Hauser: "So, this could end up as a very, very messy proxy war."
Raf: "N-no, we lost contact soon after you left. Dammit…"
Lynne stares at a corner and thinks deeply… "Hmm… Why would the light side citizens come to our defense…"
Raf: "W-well, first problems first, let's see if we can solve this and then see if we can contact HQ about this"
Fortunata scratches behind an ear. "Man, doesn't this just beat all…"
Fortunata: "Wasn't this supposed to be more of an expedition?"
Raf drags you all back to the upper floor, the meeting room "Yes it was…"
Raf: "From what I know this isn't the first time the White Fire gets in this sort of tangle, though"
Fortunata: "Ah well, complaining isn't gonna make things any better."
Raziel‘ ponders, "I wonder if this has something to do with that illirian with the shotgun in the outer dream world…"
Raf halts "Outer Dream World?"
Hauser: "They’re coming to our defense because the darksiders on the wrong side."
Fortunata: "Outer… wat?"
Raf: "Hrm… I remember being asked a lot of stuff about that by the science team"
Fortunata: "…is that anything like Outer Heaven?"
Raziel: "No, this is a real place. I was there when you guys put me in that tube, remember?"
Lynne: "Dreams are just fanciful stories, Raziel. Stories… wait…"
Fortunata: "…mmmmaybe? We were all banged up pretty bad."
Fortunata: "I was focusing on trying not to fall apart."
At any rate, Raf pulls out a schematic of how the battle's going. There's a very large force coming, although they have a semblance of a formation they're more like layered disorganized groups, a close combat force in front, a group of ranged strikers behind them and a artillery after, with a small location pinpointed with very few enemies, but they're there. Forces from the city have
JayM: gathered in the nearby woods, the schematic indicates they're fighting with quite the trained military precision, which is probably why the vastly inferior forces are keeping up
JayM: The way it looks like, this could be a very long drawn out engagement of one organized and trained force against a larger untrained and undisciplined force
Hauser: "My gut instinct is to crush their artillery."
Hauser: "It's most of what they've got that can threaten the HQ."
JayM: Look, not even the basic sort of safeties taken in large engagements the darkside forces have taken, flanks completely open… Doesn't even takes Hauser's military background to notice this, even if you've played some RTS games before you'd notice. Only thing preventing the lightside forces from moving there is… That they're trying to halt advance towards the city's direction
Fortunata: "We can't just not pay attention to the fighters, though. They would still overwhelm us."
Raziel: "What about the EAS?"
Fortunata: "Isn't it still in maintenance?"
Fortunata: "I, uh. Ran mine right through its paces, poor girl."
Raf: "Hrm… Let me check it out"
Lynne shakes her head and tunes back in. "I can hypothesize the why later. Strategy for the present obstacle is more important."
He pulls out some controls, looks at them, turns the screen to you all, it seems to show a status of the entire party, there's a gague called 'E-En', which is pretty empty "No power, it seems"
Fortunata: "How… meta."
Hauser: "Well, the machines are fine. We just can't get them down here."
Fortunata chuckles. "You want me to get behind one and push?"
Hauser sighs. "…Anyway, it's simple enough. We band up together with the local forces, together we can keep the city covered and crush the rabble one by one."
Raf: "If we could get you up there, maybe you could rappel it down"
Hauser: "…The only problem is, that means- well, planet war."
Fortunata: "That sounds ABSURDLY dangerous."
Fortunata: "And fun."
Fortunata: (The rappelling, not the planetary war.)
Raf looks at the battle for a moment "You know, my dad told me once that an army without a commander is like dust in the rain"
Raf: "Maybe we could try to hit the command of this group? Local forces seem to be handling the offense well, but can't move"
Fortunata: "Pretty sure anyone with a military parent would say that, though. It's basic tactics, yeah?"
Raf: "(Well, not quite like that but…)"
Hauser: "Hmm."
Raf: "I mean… I don't know how you guys do it, really, i'm not good with straight-on fighting myself"
Hauser: "Yeah, best way to do it. We know where their command is?"
Raf: "Hrm… Not quite sure, but… I have a hunch" he points a place behind everyone else where very few people are "A thing of interest is that I detected a very large energy signature here"
Fortunata: "That could be any number of really bad things."
Lynne: "Concerns of planetary escalation are best saved for later. Let's do what it takes to seize victory."
Raf: "I tried running a comparison of the energy signatures I found in the battle and I found out that this is… Peculiar, it's similar to the aura reading I got off of Sunwave and Bloodsun, but distinctively different"
Fortunata: "A generator? A siege cannon? Etheric surge?"
Raziel: "Like a generator, or an etheric energy converter, or a refrigerator"
Fortunata turns and stares at Raziel.
Raf: "It… Might be a Darkbearer, I think"
Hauser: "Hmph. So that's what we're heading out to engage?"
Raf: "I'm hoping it is the right target"
Fortunata: "Well, we'll soon find out."
Raf: "Alright, those guys are well distracted by the local force, and I don't believe they got any long-range sensors, so you should be able to take the long route around them"
Hauser: "Well, any huge energy spike is worth taking out."
Raf: "Alright… Hum… Okay, up to you now, then"
Hauser: "Alright." She cracks her neck, limbering up.
Raf: "I'll stay around and make sure nothing happens over here- Actually, i'll see if I can give some information from here"
Raziel: "Be careful, Raf. You're not allowed to die while we're gone…"
Hauser: "Got a ride for us, or would marching out have a lower profile?"
Raf: "Hrm… Let's see… The surveyor's too damaged, the convec's probably too much of a tank and not well-armed enough. Actually, let me see a thing"
Raf goes down to the garage, looking over the other choice of vehicle, two hoverbikes "Hrm, they've got additional armoring and off-road boosters so there's enough size, if you double-up on both bikes, this should be best"
Fortunata: "BIKES!"
Fortunata: "This is gonna be AWESOME!"
Hauser follows along. "Right. Given the situation…"
JayM: So how about this… Let's have a Navigation/Stealth [TN 5] just to see if you get the drop on them or if you crash into it
[OOC] Hauser: Well, I have Discretion on Nav, at least.
[OOC] Raziel: I have too easy Nav
Fortunata is a seasoned pro at doing cool things with bikes! Maybe they'll LITERALLY get the drop on them! [Expertise: Navigation]
[OOC] Lynne: Lucky, do over on Nav
[OOC] Fortunata: Add another two luckies for wilderness and scoundrel, if I can do both :D
[OOC] Lynne: I got a Stealth trick too
[OOC] Hauser: It helps if you explain what your skills actually do to the dice, then someone can set them up and roll them!
[OOC] Raziel: Oh sorry, Too easy lets me force a four, so it doesn't help
[OOC] Lynne: Lucky adds one reel, and Trick turns one reel into "Best of 2 rolls"
[OOC] Fortunata: Looks like Expertise + Too Easy for autosuccess?
Fortunata rolled 7d8 and got 6, 7, 1, 3, 8, 7, 7 ( Total: 39 ) for and a free 4, TN4 due to expertise
Also rolled 2d8 and got 6, 1 [Total: 7 (Low), Avg: 3.50]
Total: 46, Avg: 5.11
JayM: That is a lot of successes
[OOC] Raziel: We are super successful bikepilots!!
It doesn't takes long to maneuver past the entire formation, you only hear the din of battle and see the flashes of light above the canopy of the trees to guide you. As you advance further and further you start approaching where the energy signature is… You see something in the distance, and magnifying it a little you see that… It looks like a small encampment. Five or so people, all
JayM: skimakers, with one exception. Standing as tall as a monster, body muscular like nothing else you've seen before, wearing metal brastplate and four jet black horns on his head
JayM: The camp's really just four tents, a small firepit in the center, two wooden altars as well in the edges. One of the tents looks like it's just for meetings
Raziel‘ grins, enjoying the ride despite the circumstances "This is really fun! We didn’t really have bikes where I grew up… so this is actually my first time."
Hauser: "There's the enemy. Hang on."
Hauser roars into the enemy's command camp, sword carving through the command tent as she rides past it, skidding to a stop in front of the leader.
As you move right through, you catch them by surprise, you manage to isolate the commander from the other people, he is out of reaction for now!
JayM: Surprise round! You can all act!
JayM: Howevr, only the commander is in this field of battle. The others? Well, what are the others doing? For now they're in stunned silence!
[OOC] Raziel: Do we act all willy nilly surprise round or is there actual initiative?
Hauser lays into the commander with her longblade! [Charge Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for C90
Hauser rolled 1d12+220 and got 3 ( Total: 223.0 ) **
JayM: No actual initiative!
The commander's struck with Hauser's charged sword, he stumbles backwards, opening his large leathery wings to prevent himself from falling. He spins around slightly and shields himself with his left hand. You notice that not just are both of his hands clawed and very dangerous, his left hand is definitely larger and meaner looking, and he isn't armed
Fortunata darts around behind the commander, striking out while Hauser's keeping him busy! [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 85/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2+120*2 and got 7 ( Total: 254.0 )
JayM: That's Hauser and Fortunate who slip in and pummel him like he's a newbie as you approach!
Lynne follows up Hauser's slash with a beam! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 )
Raziel‘ closes his eyes and starts chanting a spell ((Judgment Day 15 CT))
Lynne rolled 1d12+108 and got 10 ( Total: 118.0 )
JayM: Definitely goes off now, Raz
[OOC] Raziel: oh awesome… in that case…
Raziel` rolled 4#3d6+84(1) and got 1, 4, 1 ( Total: 90.0 )
Also rolled 4#3d6+84(2) and got 5, 6, 2 [Total: 97.0 (High), Avg: 4.33]
Also rolled 4#3d6+84(3) and got 2, 5, 4 [Total: 95.0 (High), Avg: 3.67]
Also rolled 4#3d6+84(4) and got 5, 6, 3 [Total: 98.0 (High), Avg: 4.67]
Total: 380.0, Avg: 3.67
Raziel` points at the commander as four stars fall from the heavens, crashing into him.
The field commander roar "What is this?! You dare come here and challange a heir of the dark throne?!"
Fortunata: "That’s about it, yeah."
Field Commander: "SO BE IT! Come on then, fools, let me show you what true power is!"
Fortunata: "You gonna make the best of it, or are you gonna keep whining!"
[OOC] Raziel: He will show us frue destruction!
The rest of the people who were around just… Stay there, kind of watching
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Raziel [B]:1 Field Commander [F]:3 Fortunata [F]:4 Hauser [F]:4
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [=============== ]
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne takes a bottle out and downs its contents! [Tincture, 30D]
JayM: Raziel!
Raziel: "How are you still standing…? What's this guy made of?"
Raziel‘ points the Codex at him to find out. ((Divine Insight 18D))
JayM: Darkbearer Field Commander - L20 Humanoid Normal/Boss - HP: 2506/3360, MP: 800/800 - A: Shadow, W: Holy
JayM: Omega Report: Darkbearer, powerful. In charge of the strike force. Very large amount of energy condensed in his horns. Similarities to the Lightsider’s 'Angel Wings' ability [Demon Horns]
JayM: S-something's different this time, Raziel. When you can't contact the White Fire to send them the scan data, something ELSE you're not quite sure what it was delivers some additional information to your Codex
Raziel‘ frowns, "Where is this coming from?"
Fortunata: "Hell if I know. I’ve never felt better about being out of magic juice, though!"
The Field Commander growls, and raises his left fist "Come on, hear me call and come to me, minions! [Open Gate]!" he punches the air and space distorts, a strange gateway appears in the air, an opressive breeze blows by, chilling to the bone and smelling of death, dust flies through it. It remains open for a few moments until two objects made of… Viscous inky black color slip through…
JayM: They have strange forms, as if floating, living runes… Shadow Elementals
The gate closes as soon as they cross over
JayM: Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Hauser [F]:0 Raziel [B]:15 Lynne [B]:26 Shadow Elemental A [B]:29 Shadow Elemental B [B]:29 Field Commander [F]:42
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [=============== ]
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental B [B] : [==========]
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata: "Tch. That's nice. I'm still going to introduce your face to the ground."
Fortunata swings the flat of her blade at the commander's head. "Comms call from pain, it's for you!" [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 85/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10+120 and got 10 ( Total: 130.0 )
JayM: Nw that he's not as surprised, he weathers the blow with SURPRISING fortitude, but still [130]
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser: "Scrub out the support. This could be a long one."
Fortunata: "…oh! That reminds me!"
Lynne stares at the tincture she just drank. "Mmmm… Is this the effects of the medicine…? In any case, I could get used to this."
[OOC] Hauser: yes you have debuffs on your weapon, don't you?
Fortunata: "I guess I have that one trick they wouldn't just eat up."
Hauser rushes towards the back row, driving her blade deep into a shadow element, pinning it up against the altar. [Parry Edge - 54D!]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 ) for C90
Hauser: But it slips free!
JayM: It doesn't gets hit, sadly
JayM: Raziel!
Raziel: "Got it, after the support." Raziel begins chanting, a white flame flickers to life infront of him. ((CT 15 Heavenly Light))
JayM: Charging!
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Lynne: Poison sound good?
[OOC] Fortunata: poison sounds fantastic
[OOC] Raziel: Sap and Slow
[OOC] Lynne: I don't have MP for two nor do I know Sap
Lynne incants - purple mist seeps through any opening that armor lets… [Poison, 20D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for on the Darkbringer of course
JayM: CoS on that? Prolly 70, so it hits
[OOC] Lynne: yes!
JayM: Battle order: Shadow Elemental A [B]:0 Shadow Elemental B [B]:0 Raziel [B]:1 Field Commander [F]:13 Fortunata [F]:15 Lynne [B]:17 Hauser [F]:25
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [============== ] Poison(6)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental B [B] : [==========]
Shadow Elemental A floats a little bit, and then suddenly spins as jet-black bubbles come from under Hauser, before popping into dark goop all over her for some [Darkness Corruption]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 5 ( Total: 95 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 10 [Total: 10]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 105
JayM: Dealing [95] Magical Shadow damage and inflicting Poison(4)!
Raziel: "… Eww… that's really gross, boss."
Shadow Elemental B then 'glows' for a moment, and suddenly explosions of darkness around Raziel as he faces a [Darkness Reaction]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
JayM rolled 1d8+36 and got 5 ( Total: 41 )
[OOC] JayM: 41] Physical Shadow Ranged damage!
[OOC] Raziel: Is this a magical attack? Can I absorb MP from this?
Hauser clutches at her armor. "Tch!"
[OOC] Raziel: damnit, trade me attacks Peter :(
JayM: Raziel!
Raziel: "Hey! That was my face!"
[OOC] Lynne: also it says Physical before shadow
[OOC] Raziel: I asked my question first.
[OOC] Lynne: not on my… okay yes sure star
Raziel‘ opens his eyes as the flickering white flame turns into a ball of incandescent fire and flies toward Shadow Elemental B, erupting into a blazing pillar. ((26 D))
Raziel` rolled 3d12+216 and got 6, 8, 4 ( Total: 234.0 )
JayM: Hits a weakness!
[OOC] Raziel: I figured it would but didn’t wanna presume. 351 then!
The Field Commander then points both of his hands forward "Come forth, scion of darkness, thy dark soul who crosses the pathway to death! Charon!" three green spheres with flames within then circle around him for a moment as a magical circle appears before him.
[OOC] Raziel: shit all th ebricks
Fortunata: "I guess some things never do change."
A sickly mist appears from the circle, and you hear the sound of something sloshing, the characteristic sound of wood grinding on metal. You can see a vaguely humanoid shape within the mist as it starts to dissipate, until it's completely gone… A man, stirring a large cauldron, clad in black robes, looking emaciated and gaunt, pale as death itself [Summon Charon]
JayM: Although really, the name's definitely odd to call it, that's DEFINITELY Hades?
JayM: Maybe they got a different name for him over here
Fortunata: "And YOU! You're supposed to have a different name!"
[OOC] Raziel: Isaru gave all his eidolons different names…
JayM: Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Lynne [B]:2 Hauser [F]:10 Raziel [B]:12 Shadow Elemental B [B]:21 Shadow Elemental A [B]:22 Hades [MR]:28 Field Commander [F]:31
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [============== ] Poison(5)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental B [B] : [=== ]
JayM: Fortunata! Hades isn't a target
Fortunata braces for impact, steeling herself! [Steel Will (Mediguard), 34D]
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 568/917 | MP: 42/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal
Lynne opts to save the rest of her limited ether pool for later… Opts, instead, to blast Elemental B in the closest thing it has to a face. [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 )
Lynne rolled 1d12+108 and got 11 ( Total: 119.0 )
Hauser raises her arm - panels on it flick open. She braces herself. "Something's coming!" [Fortress - 44D]
JayM: Hit!
JayM: Hauser readies the wide scale defenses!
JayM: Raziel!
[OOC] Raziel: did Lynn take out Elemental B?
[OOC] Hauser: Actually-
JayM: Nope, hanging by a thread
Hauser: "Raziel! Healing would be very much appreciated."
JayM: I'd warn of a KO
Raziel: "Incoming heals!" ((CT 15 Redemption))
JayM: Hauser!
JayM: … What
JayM: Hold on everything
JayM: Right
JayM: Really hate when I destry my inits
JayM: But sorted it all out
JayM: Battle order: Shadow Elemental B [B]:0 Shadow Elemental A [B]:1 Raziel [B]:6 Hades [MR]:7 Field Commander [F]:10 Fortunata [F]:13 Lynne [B]:31 Hauser [F]:33
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [=========== ] Poison(5)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental B [B] : [= ]
Shadow Elemental B calls for it's last resort, and suddenly a flash of darkness engulfs Raziel [Shadow Flash], Elemental A mimics it, but towards Hauser
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 7 ( Total: 97 )
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 1 ( Total: 91 )
[OOC] JayM: 97] Magical Shadow for Raziel and [91] Magical Shadow for Hauser!
JayM: Raziel!
[OOC] Raziel: CAn I absorb MP from this?
JayM: Yes!
JayM: It's 27 MP
[OOC] Raziel: Someone's using the old MP numbers :(
Raziel‘ rolled d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for cos 80
Raziel` casts the healing spell at Hauser
JayM: MCS does that!
Raziel` rolled 3d12+216 and got 6, 6, 1 ( Total: 229.0 ) for heals
Hauser nods as the magic rises about her. "Right."
[OOC] Raziel: Well… that kinda makes absorb mp useless
JayM: Lots and lots of healing!
At this point, Hades puts his right hand within the cauldron, piercing the mist that bubbles from it. He pulls out a wooden bowl, full of a an inky fluid, he pours it in his other hand as it forms a sphere and tosses it on Lynne
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 1 ( Total: 91 )
[OOC] JayM: 91] Magical Shadow damage!
The Field Commander then drives his left fist in the ground, growling. The ground glows, lines in the ground glow forming a strange pattern, they glow a faint yellow light. And from his fist the light spreads a strange black color, spreading under the party until the [Cursed Leyline] explodes outwards in dark energy!
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 18, 63, 11, 73 ( Total: 165 )
[OOC] Hauser: By the way, you’ve got a 4/5 factor against that damage, Lynne, and a 3/5 for the party against whatever this is:
JayM: Rather it does that on the back row, not the front row
[OOC] Hauser: Same for you, Raz. Forgot to mention. Fortress! You know.
JayM rolled 1d12+230 and got 1 ( Total: 231 )
JayM: And the Raziel and Lynne take both [231] Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Btw Raz, Cursed Leyline is a spell that costs 107 MP
[OOC] Hauser: 231 * 3/5 = 138. Y/w.
Hauser slams her fist against the ground, green energy crackling out from her heart, reshaping the blast away from the party.
Hauser: "It'll take more than that!"
Black particles float off of Lynne, taking some of the power out of the attack, but still enough to stagger her a bit! [153 after m.arm]
Raziel‘ rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 ) for 80
[OOC] Hauser: Lynne. Defense factor. 138!
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata rushes the weakened Shadow Elemental, trying to scatter it to the winds! [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 ) for 85/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125.0 )
JayM: Fortunata strikes something hard within it- She feels it crack under her blow, and the darkness dissipates, a gold-colored stone calling to the ground, split in half
Fortunata: "Oh?"
Raziel: "I really don’t feel so good guys…"
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Raziel [B]:1 Hauser [F]:2 Shadow Elemental A [B]:6 Hades [MR]:6 Fortunata [F]:26 Field Commander [F]:32
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [========= ] Poison(4)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Lynne!
Fortunata tries scooping it up if it doesn't dissapate as well.
Fortunata: "Should let the science team in on this, I think."
JayM: Hrm… Perhaps even one of the more scientific-minded ones of the party itself could provide an answer
Hauser: "That's the heart of the thing, so to speak. Magicite… or close."
Fortunata: "So… an ether golem?"
JayM: Also know as Feystone, the physical body of an elemental. Anyone who knows elementals know what this is
[OOC] Lynne: [B] HP: ! 158/668 ! | MP: 80/939 | SoS: 167 | Thinking I should heal
[OOC] Lynne: or berserk the commander
[OOC] Lynne: mmmhhhh yeah berserk
JayM: Hrm, forgot a thing about the boss, oh well
[OOC] Raziel: Berserk the commander! Kidnap the Santa Claus!
Lynne incants - she hexes the very nobility of the commander before them, replacing it with fury and brutality! [Berserk, 20D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 ) for CoS 70
JayM: The hex takes hold, and he roars!
JayM: Raziel
[OOC] Lynne: yey no more magic asplode.
Raziel‘ closes his eyes and whispers a prayer with staggered breaths (CT 15 Redemption)
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser digs in! [Fortress - 44D]
JayM: Defenses!
Hades strikes again, this time at the lady shielding the party!
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 3 ( Total: 93 )
JayM: For [93] Magical Shadow damage
Hauser cracks a grin up at it, her chest-plate arcing with green sparks. [A.Heart!] [+120HP!]
Shadow Elemental A then proceeds to use it’s [Darkness Corruption] on Lynne!
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 2 ( Total: 92 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 65 [Total: 65]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 157
JayM: Dealng [92] Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Raziel!
[OOC] Hauser: Multiply that by 4/5 due to Fortress, Lynne!
[OOC] Lynne: Thanks for the reminder, this time I set the DF on the tra- oh, hi check box
Raziel‘ surrounds himself in pretty sparkle heals ((26 d))
Raziel` rolled 3d12+216 and got 8, 11, 2 ( Total: 237.0 )
Raziel: "Ah.. muchbetter
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne takes a shot at the commander, out of other options! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 90
JayM: oooh, close
JayM: Fortunata!
[OOC] Fortunata: init/hp, please!
JayM: Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Field Commander [F]:6 Hades [MR]:10 Raziel [B]:16 Shadow Elemental A [B]:17 Hauser [F]:20 Lynne [B]:44
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [========= ] Poison(4)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [==========]
Fortunata stares down the other Elemental, then swings the flat of her blade down like a hammer at its core! [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 85/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10+120 and got 2 ( Total: 122.0 )
Rohius stumbles in, cocking his rifle and taking up position. "I sleep in five minutes! FIVE!"
JayM: Battle order: Field Commander [F]:0 Hades [MR]:4 Raziel [B]:10 Shadow Elemental A [B]:11 Hauser [F]:14 Rohius [B]:17 Lynne [B]:38 Fortunata [F]:38
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [========= ] Poison(4)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [======== ]
JayM: Indeed, Rohius, you sleep for five minutes and you got a berserk darkbearer about to smash your face in
Targets: Hauser
The Field Commander roars a bestial roar, running towards Hauser, right first ready to strike
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 )
He lands a direct right punch, grabs her by the torso just with his left hand, raising her in the air, roaring, punching her repeatedly with his right hand before he tosses her upwards- Grabs her midair by the legs and slams her in the ground [Brutal Titan]
JayM rolled 1d12+180,150 and got 5 ( Total: 277.5 )
Hades follows the same procedure again, this time tossing the dark sphere in the newcomer, Rohius!
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 )
Hauser smashes against the ground with a slam, picking herself up. [205!] She points her sword forward.
JayM: Inflicting [98] Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Raziel!
[OOC] Rohius: HP: 784/882 MP:882/882
Rohius: "Ow."
Hades looks at the party, then at the roaring darkbearer. He taps on his cauldron once, and a thick fog starts to emit from it, engulfing him…
JayM: And he vanishes
Fortunata: "Huh. That was anticlimactic."
Fortunata: "Was expecting it to be much more painful."
[OOC] Raziel: CT 15 Heavenly Light
JayM: Thus slowly Raziel charges his power!
Rohius surveys the enemy group. "…taking requests."
[OOC] Rohius: Terrain?
JayM: Terrain is Forest!
Fortunata: "Smash the elementals, we’ve got the leader sapped."
As if to punish him for attempting to do something useful, the last remianing Elemental uses it's [Darkness Corruption] on Raziel!
JayM rolled 1d8+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 90 [Total: 90]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 188
JayM: Dealing [98] Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: It's a Spell! It costs 47 MP
Raziel‘ rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 80
Rohius: "Permission to see if they got anything in my department?"
JayM: Battle order: Hauser [F]:0 Rohius [B]:3 Raziel [B]:11 Lynne [B]:24 Fortunata [F]:24 Shadow Elemental A [B]:34 Field Commander [F]:39
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [======= ] Poison(3)
JayM: Status for Shadow Elemental A [B] : [======== ]
JayM: Hauser!
Fortunata: "Oh, I don’t see how it could hurt."
[OOC] Hauser: tch…
Rohius: "…wait, you know what, I slept in, you guys could use me actually doing something."
Hauser delivers a slash to the Shadow Elemental! [Parry Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for C90
[OOC] Hauser: Oh, that was just my "I have no idea what I should do" noise
JayM: Strike!
Hauser rolled 1d12*0.75+220*0.75 and got 12 ( Total: 174.0 )
JayM: It takes damage!
JayM: Rohius!
[OOC] Rohius: iF I wait, it puts me right after Raziel, right? >:D
[OOC] Rohius: d 18
Rohius lets Raziel go first, as his tattoos begin to glow. "Raz, rock out!"
[OOC] Rohius: wait, d 18
Raziel‘ unleashes a blast of white fire at the shadow elemental.
JayM: Raziel!
Raziel` rolled 3d12+216 and got 11, 12, 9 ( Total: 248.0 )
JayM: It’s dead~
[OOC] Raziel: 372
JayM: You Delay, Raziel?
[OOC] Raziel: 26
Rohius 's tattoos glow white. "Pardon the plagarism!"
JayM: Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Lynne [B]:3 Fortunata [F]:3 Raziel [B]:16 Field Commander [F]:18 Hauser [F]:33
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [======= ] Poison(3) Berserk(5)
JayM: Rohius!
Rohius mimic's Raziel's spell to blast the field commander!
Rohius rolled 3d12+162 and got 7, 2, 9 ( Total: 180.0 )
JayM: Does mimic mimic CTs?
[OOC] Rohius: nope! :D
JayM: Then hits a weakness!
[OOC] Rohius: Nor mp costs!
Rohius rolled 1d1*1.5+179*1.5 and got 1 ( Total: 270.0 )
[OOC] Rohius: d 28.
Rohius: "Oh, neat. The upgrade works."
A powerful strike for [270] damage, he berserk commander roars as the holy fires strike him… But the flames slowly turn a deep shade of black as he absorbs their power
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Lynne: fortress improves DFs, right?
JayM: No, replaces
[OOC] Hauser: It's down, since I went to Parry Edge.
[OOC] Lynne: oh okay, gotcha
Lynne breathes heavy, down to a knee, watching the Commander's movements and leaving no openings for that vicious barrage… [Defend, 25D]
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata darts forward to sword-slap the Commander again! [44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 85/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2+120*2 and got 5 ( Total: 250.0 )
Fortunata: "Ding dong!"
Rohius: "DAMN GIRL!"
JayM: A very powerful strike, sends him reeling!
JayM: Raziel!
JayM: .
JayM: ER
JayM: No
JayM: Rohius
JayM: Raziel
[OOC] Rohius: Inits for me abu- er, using mimic?
JayM: Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Raziel [B]:1 Field Commander [F]:3 Lynne [B]:13 Hauser [F]:18 Fortunata [F]:32
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [==== ] Poison(3) Berserk(5)
[OOC] Raziel: My spells have 15 CT so if you wait for 18 again, I'll cast and then you can mimic it
Rohius uses assimilate on the field commander, then, since he's pretty much toast.
Rohius rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 )
A power rests within him. Shining blue lines connect the ground between Rohius and the Commander. The power of brutal punishment, to send your foes flying across the battlefield! Helldive!
Rohius: "Holy shit yes."
JayM: Give me your CT and then Raziel!
[OOC] Rohius: d 33
[OOC] Rohius: support attack get!
JayM: Raziel!
[OOC] Raziel: How is everyone doing HP wise?
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 568/917 | MP: 42/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal
[OOC] Lynne: [B] HP: ! 101/668 ! | MP: 64/939 | SoS: 167 | Normal
[OOC] Hauser: HP: 45/634, MP: 416/416, SoS: 158 - Poison (1) [========]
[OOC] Lynne: MP number is innacurate I should be lower
[OOC] Hauser: So, attack. :>
[OOC] Lynne: and yeah, finish it off, I can't do anything other than dink
[OOC] Rohius: HP: 784/882 MP:810/882
Rohius stops and takes notice of how bad off his friends are. crap. crap crap crap.
[OOC] Raziel: sec
Raziel‘ closes his eyes and starts chanting a healing spell, maybe it won’t kill Hauser first. ((Ct 15))
The Darkbearer roars again, growling as he tries to fight off the hex
Targets: Fortunata
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 )
He makes a beeline for Fortunata, coming with a direct left-fist hook to the gut that sends her flying a good five meters in the air- He makes motion with his left hand and a dark sphere encircles her, he pulls the hand down and the sphere slams her in the ground hard. He roars as she's stunned, standing over her, and begins ti punch her mercilessly in the ground until he's satisfied,
JayM: roaring again, and giving her a chance to escape the brutal punishment
JayM rolled 1d12+180 and got 3 ( Total: 183 )
[OOC] JayM: 274
Rohius: "…Okay, sadist. I'm going to enjoy killing you."
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Raziel [B]:3 Hauser [F]:5 Fortunata [F]:19 Rohius [B]:20 Field Commander [F]:43
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [=== ] Poison(2) Berserk(4)
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne: "That's… Not even his worst." Lynne continues to defend! [25D]
JayM: Raziel!
Fortunata just stays there on the ground for a bit. Then pushes herself back up, slowly and painfully. "Think… think I know what's goin' on now."
Fortunata: "Anger issues. Everyone. All of you."
Rohius: "Seeing my friends get hurt makes me pissed. I admit it. The moment someone hauls off and hits someone who's been nice to me, I stop being civil and start thinking about how to bring about slow death with a pair of pliers and an air compressor."
Hauser: "Just give battle. That's all it comes down to."
Hauser: "The enemy is the enemy. Nothing more, nothing less."
Rohius: "Yours is a professional's attitude, and I can respect that."
Rohius: "I just like people understanding that when I shoot them in both legs and leave them for the voracious, crazed fauna and flora, it's not business, it's strictly personal."
Hauser: "Thing is, this kinda job? Even when we're killing them, better not tick off the locals."
Hauser: "Only reason we're fighting this battle is because the Ilirians ran faster diplomacy than we did."
Raziel‘ rolled 3d12+216 and got 7, 2, 6 ( Total: 231.0 ) for ((26 D))
Raziel` surrounds Hauser with healing energy. ((Sorry))
Rohius: "Hey, I never said I extend my sociopathy to innocent bystanders."
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser climbs up from her kneel. "Sadly…" She points her sword at the enemy.
Hauser: "This is one of those." She rushes in and delivers a slash! [Parry Edge - 54D!]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for C90
JayM: Strike! Direct hit!
Hauser rolled 1d12+220 and got 8 ( Total: 228.0 ) for oh 95 cos actually, oops. Anyway, and Parry’d!
Rohius looks at Hauser. Then the rampaging psycho. Then Hauser. "
Hauser shrugs.
Rohius: "he's an innocent bystander?"
Hauser: "Hate to say it."
JayM: Fortunata!
Lynne: "About the reason, I hypothesize that-" Cough, cough "-rrgh later."
Rohius: "…I am really, really, really behind on everything, aren't I."
Fortunata: "You could say that."
Fortunata hunkers down! [Steel Will, 34D]
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 385/917 | MP: 42/686 | SoS: 229 | Normal
JayM: Shielded!
JayM: Rohius!
Rohius: "Fine. Quick and painless as possible. Nothing personal, you deranged maniac."
Rohius fires off a shot, aiming for the head.
Rohius rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 80/15
Rohius rolled 1d12+120 and got 10 ( Total: 130.0 )
JayM: A hit!
JayM: So terribly tough, still [130] but he's taking that hit very well
JayM: Delay?
[OOC] Rohius: d 53
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Raziel [B]:4 Field Commander [F]:18 Fortunata [F]:28 Hauser [F]:34 Rohius [B]:49
JayM: Status for Field Commander [F] : [= ] Poison(2) Berserk(4)
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne finds some footing on both feet, a little wobbly but it'll work- Good enough to steady a shot, but the beam knocks her flat on her rear after she fires! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
JayM: However could that miss?
Lynne rolled 1d12+108 and got 4 ( Total: 112.0 )
JayM: Raziel!
JayM: This might be the last blow
[OOC] Raziel: he goes in 14?
Lynne rubs her behind "…ow. That may have anguished me more than him."
JayM: Yes
Raziel‘ smacks the commander upside the head with the Codex, maybe he’ll get lucky
Raziel‘ rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 80
JayM: That is some luck there
Raziel` rolled d8+36 and got 5 ( Total: 41.0 )
Raziel bonks him right in the head! He wobbles for a moment, growling "Now this is… Humiliating" he’s weakned, and it seems the last blow helped dispel the last bits of the hex on his mind "Enough of this rolyshit" he straigthens himself, spreading his wings and raising his left hand "The Left Hand Of God…" a sphere of dark energy starts gathering in it… The energy is terribly
JayM: intense, you can feel it…
Fortunata: "I think not."
The sphere grows ever more dense by the second-
JayM: And you got just a moment to decide on a course of action before he does something with it
Fortunata simply darts forward and takes a swing at this "Hand of God."
JayM: Raziel, Lynne, Hauser and Rohius, what are you doing?
Rohius shoots his hand. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.
[OOC] Raziel: Can I scan the sphere?
Hauser rushes up by Fortunata's side, section after section of the drive-blade phasing in, fortress panels flipping open as she skids to a braced stop to follow up Fort's strike-
Lynne desperately uses whatever magic power she can muster to throw something at it, even if it's just fancy sparks!
He brings down his hand, Fortunata who's the closest of it for a moment can feen the intense energy, this was definitely a bad tactical choice on her place… Suddenly everything you feel around you is darkness… You feel the terrible and intense flow of energy over your bodies- You know for sure this would have been fatal, but something- This energy, you're certain only starship weapons
JayM: could be this powerful
Fortunata grits her teeth, trying to show no reaction, but she really can't help crying out at this point. It's all too much.
When you finally regain your vision, you tumble forward, the sheer power of the strike was what was keeping you standing. In front of you- Sunwave, who looks terribly hurt, his clothes are pretty much gone, his armor cracked, his wings missing most feathers, his body is supported by Hauser's, her armor completely damaged, the arms have fallen off as they didn't sustain the strike. The
JayM: combined shielding of both probably is the only thing that saved both of you
Sunwave coughs "D-did I arrive… Too late?"
Hauser: "Hmph. Just in time."
Hauser: "This is my true form, just so you know."
Fortunata coughs. "Augh. Okay."
Sunwave looks at Hauser "J-just a kid… Hah… You're definitely something else…"
Fortunata: "Yeah. I'm great."
Rohius: "I'm not sure HOW, but I know that it is. OW."
Hauser: "Some of us more than others."
Lynne is out like a light, both mind and body have given all that they've got.
Hauser picks herself off the ground, dragging her sword out of the deep groove it carved into the earth.
Fortunata just stares upward at the planet's weird-ass sky.
Raziel: "… Did I die…?"
Sunwave just falls back and sits "T-thanks for… For helping. Normally this doesn't ends up this fast, or well…"
Rohius slumps forward.
Raziel‘ looks around, "Oh… you guys are all here… did you die too?"
Rohius: "OW."
Fortunata: "I was gonna say he’s no Airgetlam… but something of that level… ergh."
Sunwave: "That was… A foolish move of his, the Left Hand Of God is not to be abused as such, not for this… Silly conflict over the mines"
Sunwave: "What do they even want with the mines anyway…"
JayM: He sounds tired. And annoyed. But mostly tired
Fortunata: "Must be really really important."
Hauser: "I don't think it's just over the mines."
Fortunata: "Right now I really don't care."
Fortunata: "Mostly trying to stay in one piece."
Hauser: "A kind of…" She coughs a bit of fluid up. Her chest-piece sparks.
Hauser: "…Fifth kingdom got in touch with the other side."
Lynne starts to come to, groaning as she pulls herself back up…
Fortunata: "I don't THINK anything important is broken. Badly."
Sunwave: "They've… Been fighting over the damn mines for years now, we can't quite gte the empires to interfere. This time it was really odd, too"
Hauser: "We think they might be bringing our war to you."
Sunwave: "Hrm? What do you mean?"
Hauser: "The kingdom we represent has been at a very long war with another one. They've come to your planet, and our forces and theirs have been fighting in the sky - you may have seen the lights and the fires."
Hauser: "…If they want something from your planet, they'll need to push us out of the way first."
Hauser: "And if we've made contact with the Light side, they'll try to broil up war with allies in the Dark side to do it."
Sunwave: "… I've notice the lights in the sky… But… How is that possible?"
Hauser: "To have a battle in the sky, you mean?"
Sunwave: "That… That'd be difficult. Some… Minor skirmishes aside with those… Restless brutes. The two kingdoms have been at peace"
Raziel: "Do you think that's what this Left Hand of God is? Like them calling in an orbital strike given to them?"
Sunwave: "Yes"
Lynne: "…My head must not be all there, did Hauser just say…"
Sunwave lifts his left hand "The Left Hand Of God, the power passed down to us of royal blood by the Three Kings"
Hauser: "Well, first, you make a ship that flies. Second, you strap guns to it."
Hauser: "Third, you hope you don't crash."
Hauser: "That's about the long and short of it."
[OOC] Raziel: Is there some sort of… Prime Directive thing that we're violating right now?
JayM: Not at all
JayM: Like there's laws to prevent ABUSE of underdeveloped planets, but there is no such thing as a prime directive or something
JayM: You're not quite allowed to directly intervene in their politics through your superior firepower and fighting a proxy war is definitely not allowed. But… You know… The Ilirians never cared for the galactic law anyway
Sunwave: "A ship that flies? That looks pretty absurd to me- But… I'm hurting too much right now to care"
Raziel‘ looks at the Codex to see if it captured any data before the Left Hand went off.
Sunwave: "M-maybe we should head back? Their forces scattered when this fight broke out… And the healers are waiting"
Hauser: "Yes. Yes we should. Thank you."
JayM: That was, sadly, just energy readings, Raziel
[OOC] Hauser: Basically, we really, really, really want to prevent proxy war. Nevertheless, we kinda have one.
Lynne: "Healers. …Healers." Lynne has a content smile.
Fortunata: "Yeah. Healers."
JayM: Although it appears to be a thaumaturgical spell similar to Scathe in nature… Just… You never saw an actual thaumaturge this powerful
Fortunata coughs. "I’m supposed to be at least halfassed at that. But instead I was chasing power. Heh…"
JayM: Given… You HAVE read about a thaumaturgical WMD that was stronger than even reflex weapons… But that was on an untrustworthy tabloid
Raziel: "Hrm…"
Sunwave stands up slowly. He pats his wings lightly makings the feathers that were hanging just by a thread to finally fall- His stomach complains of hunger "W-well, let's go, then…"
Raziel‘ turns to Sunwave, "Hey, you said ’The Left Hand of God isn't for such petty'… somethings. What do you know about it?"
[OOC] Raziel: this is what happens when you get raised by scientists
Sunwave: "This is the divine power we've been given by birthright. It is not to be abused"
Raziel: "How long has it been around?"
Sunwave: "Hah… Since the age of the Three Kings, of course"
Raziel: "And that was how long ago?"
Lynne: "How do you deal with the Hand? Assuming an ideal situation where you have ample time and resources to formulate a counter."
Sunwave: "Ahaha, you don't"
Sunwave: "Well, someone with a more powerful crown can certainly use his own against the other… That is normally how a real battle between us rulers go, if it really gets down to it"
Lynne: "Might you have a clue how many of those crowns there are?"
Raziel‘ looks at Sunwave, "Curious… how does it work? I mean, I know it’s not for trivial things… but could you use it right now if you wanted?"
Sunwave: "Aha- Not in this state, i'm about to fall over. But i'd just have to call the power-" he looks at Lynne "Are you- Well-" he looks over at Fortunata, who might notice that the attack pretty caused your disguises to malfunction, they're slowly returning to normal "Was going to ask if you're really from THAT far away, but, i've never seen someone with ears like that before, so I
JayM: guess you are "
Fortunata: "Yeah. You could say that."
Fortunata: "Sometimes I think I have more ears than brains."
Hauser: "You do have a whole lot of ears, Fort."
Fortunata: "Throwing myself right at something like that was a pretty terrible idea, in retrospect."
Fortunata: "Thought I'd try to take his hand off."
Sunwave: "Those crowns" he tap his rather simple circlet, which as a single gem in it "Are our burdens, the reminder of those we've killed. Though they're also passed from parent to child. They are our power, we earn them when a life is taken by our hands"
Raziel‘ writes all of this down in the Codex
In hindsight, you remember that the guy you were fighting had a circlet as well, although it was jet-black rather than brilliant silver and looked like made of stone instead of metal, and it had three gems, a larger in the center and two small ones beside it
Raziel: "That man had 3 gems on his circlet… was his crown stronger than yours?"
Sunwave: "Definitely… My family’s been caring for this town for generations… We're not killers"
Fortunata: "So… if I had actually succeeded…"
Fortunata: "I'd be wearing the crown?"
Sunwave: "That man… I don't trust him as long as he's in my sight"
Raziel: "I don't know if you'd be able to do anything with it, Fort… I'm thinking it might be some sort of biological based thaumaturgical WMD."
Sunwave scratches his head "Well, you're not a lightbearer. Can't say I ever saw a lightbearer die to one who wasn't of the ruler line, either"
Lynne turns bright red and grabs her ears, looking around in a panic- but after five or six seconds, she sighs and calms herself down. "…But they are numerous, these crowns. Interesting."
Fortunata grins, but it's still rather pained-looking. "First time for everything, right…?"
Hauser: "…If at all possible, we shouldn't be doing any coups here."
Fortunata: "That wasn't really my intent, though."
Fortunata: "Just… stop the thing from happening."
Fortunata: "Didn't work anyway."
Hauser nods. "Mmhm. Just… when it comes to putting our plan into place. It's not about…"
Hauser: "…How do we fight that?"
Hauser: "It's about… how do we not fight that."
Raziel: "But I mean why? Why does this exist in the first place? I doubt something like this could have been developed simultaneously by both sides with identical aspects… So presumably it was created by a third party… but then why can the Lightbearers and Darkbearers both use it? Who builds a super weapon and gives it to two opposing groups?"
Sunwave: "We're not that different, they just live in over there"
Fortunata: "Someone far too easily amused."
Raziel: "I mean… I suppose you could be trying to enforce a cold war scenario… But we just saw evidence that there are people crazy enough to use it."
Sunwave: "But we're all the same, descendants of the Three Kings"
Raziel: "Tell me about the Three Kings."
Raziel‘ looks at the Codex
Sunwave: "We’re born with this power- Or well, when we ascend to Lightbearers is when that happens, but you know"
Raziel‘ writes down a speculation and keeps listening to Sunwave
Rohius is still laying there, wondering if his urethra and ribs are broken or sprained, how something like that could be broken/sprained, and occassionally gurgling in pain.
Sunwave: "Hrm… I remember telling you about the history of the Three Kings. But in short, back ago, very, very long ago, in the age wherein demons controlled the land, the Three Kings drove them away"
Raziel: "Well yes… but I’m paying more attention now." ((/lampshade))
Sunwave: "Us lightbearers and the darkbearers are descendants of two of those kings, and inherited their great power"
Raziel: "And the third king?"
Sunwave: "The struggle against the demons nearly brought an end to everything that is, as the Third King had to unsheathe the Shadow Calibur. That simple act was enough to slice apart everything, all life, the land, even the stars. It was thw sacrifice of the other two kings who protected the land, and the Third King is said to have made his way to the stars to put them back together"
Raziel‘ nods. "Thank you, Sunwave."
Sunwave: "No, thank you. If you hadn’t interfered this battle would have lasted weeks, months even"
Raziel: "I have a theory guys… Let's head back to HQ and discuss it." Raziel says as he turns and falls over from wounds.
Fortunata: "I'm not going anywhere until my limbs work proper."
JayM: What a perfect place to stop
Session End
JayM: And with this… You need to decide the next path to take!
JayM: As this concludes the Path of Exploration line :D
JayM: (i'm tallying up rewards, go thinking while I do)
Mokura: that was a pretty good one J
Mokura: I say empathy
[OOC] JayM: +4100 EXP/+410 Lucre/+22 AP
JayM rolled 2#2d100(1) and got 81, 68 ( Total: 149 )
Also rolled 2#2d100(2) and got 78, 75 [Total: 153]
Also rolled 1d100 and got 69 [Total: 69]**
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 371
JayM: And you gte a [Broken Horn - T3 Boss]
JayM: (some study on that indicates that this horn contains enormous amounts of magical energy, it's stored in a capacitive state, in a way, and the horn is insanely efficient in storage. Well, no, this one WOULD have immense energy if he hadn't just immediately used it before loosing this horn)
Gravagar: Do we get fullheals after this then?
Julian: For your health
Julian: You get capped :D
Gravagar: I can live with full HP
Rohius: so we have 939 ap total now.
Starsinger: MPs?
Julian: No recovery
Julian: You'd have to acquire a Tent for that
Rohius: Gentlemen, we need to shop for heals.
Starsinger: not fair
Rohius: can we buy stuff?
Julian: Yes you can
Rohius: tent acquisition is go.
Rohius: so we have, by my count, 4710 gil after this session.
Mokura: if you do stuff for the love of god document it
Rohius: er, 4794.
Mokura: please. :D
Rohius: would 6 tents be excessive?
Rohius: seeing as we don't have a whole lot of healing?
Hauser: naw, go for it
Rohius: 800 gil down for 6 tents, 4 antidotes, 4 eyedrops.

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