Cz 1

Contact Zero - Mission 1: Landfall
Throught the glassy window, stars can be seen in the distance. Throught the window, you see a planet, so far you are that from here you can see it all, the clouds over planet moving slowly, it's weird, monochromatic-seeming appearance. In orbit just around the moon, the White Fire overlooks the planet of Valkuria, and through the window of the meeting room you are in, you see the planet
JayM: you will soon make landfall on.
Nicholas watches out the window silently.
A momentary flash of green disturbs your view, the White Fire might be in good condition but none of it's systems are in perfect state, that just now was the anti-debris forcefield flickering for a moment outside "Oh, Ark's thrusters, what's engineering doing?" the familiar voice, sounding annoyed at the momentary distraction, comes in through the doorway. A ronso wearing a simple casual
JayM: outfit, his company jacket tossed over his shoulder and a datapad in his left hand "Sorry for the delay, folks" Expeditioner Kalinos, the leader of the expedition, makes his way in and to the front of the meeting room
Kalinos: "Ya'll alright and ready? Going to try not to make this briefing too boring"
Hauser stands, casually at attention. "Boring's not bad, you know." Black-and-red track jacket. Not quite uniform, not quite out of it, either.
Fortunata: "Save the surprises for the actual mission."
Fortunata grins good-naturedly.
Nicholas: "I spent 21 days sitting without eating or drinking. A briefing won't bore me."
Lynne: "As ready as I'll ever be, eheh."
Lynne grins and laughs a little nervously.
Raziel scratches his head and clutches the tablet on his lap. "I dunno, I've never really been briefed before. I actually prefer commando…" the Tempestarian's cheeks flush red
Kalinos stares at Raziel, looks at Lynne "Well"
JayM: "Got blindsided"
JayM: "Anyway"
Kalinos: "Mission is simple in objectives, awfully complex in execution. But first steps first, we first need to set up a base"
Kalinos: "For this first step of the mission, your primary objective is finding a good landing site for our construction setup. But before that, you need to find a proper place to crash for a while, Raf's been on-site for a while, camping in the wilds, according to him, is a no-go. Didn't say why, though"
Fortunata: "Vicious beasties, most likely."
Fortunata: "Or scouting parties."
Fortunata: "It's not like our arrival would be entirely undetectable, would it?"
Nicholas: "They probably know when and where we're arriving."
Kalinos: "Well, you're supposed to be detected, just not noticed" he pulls five sets of two pendants, tossing a pair to each member of the party "Those are your disguises, Codes"
Nicholas takes his.
Fortunata: "Magical."
Hauser catches it from the air, turning it over in her hand.
Lynne: "Right, take it one step at a time, one step… We can do that."
Fortunata: "Are we supposed to put 'em on right now?"
Kalinos: "The most advanced magitek disguise in existance, they're not fully set up we need to adjust a little bit first"
Lynne holds onto the pendant tightly.
Fortunata stows the pendants in some handy pocket, then.
They are simple metal pendants with a strange alphanumric code written on them
Hauser briefly looks over at Lynne, appraising her.
Kalinos: "Codes can disguise you almost completely, they will fool the six senses, except touch, they can only handle for a few moments, so be careful"
Fortunata: "So no carousing with the natives. Got it."
Hauser: "As in touch by fingertips, or something coming into contact with the disguise?"
Nicholas: "They interfere with supernatural senses?"
Kalinos: "Just don't hug too much. Touch by fingertips, they might be able to feel your skin eventually"
Hauser cracks a smile in Nicholas' direction. "Wouldn't expect anything less from the White Nova."
Kalinos: "Of course, Nick, they're pretty advanced"
Nicholas nods.
Kalinos: "Well, you guys need to set up a final detail on them, they're adjusted each to disguise for lightside or darkside, but not the specific race, we decided to leave that for you guys to choose, something that fits your behaviour and ability"
Fortunata smirks.
Kalinos: "Thankfully, you're all humans, so there's no need for an additional disguise for the Valkurian infant form, they're sufficiently resemblant to humans that you can pass by them easily"
Raziel looks at the pair of Viera
Nicholas: "Anything suggested for someone like me?"
Kalinos: "At any rate… You're going to go now to the shuttle bay and you will be taken down…" he rubs his eyes "Wait a bit"
Kalinos raises his datapad to eye level, grumbles, pats at his body "Pshaw, here was I hoping- Heavens above"
Kalinos tosses the party a third set "Sorry for that- I got into the room and- Gah, I don't like wearing my glasses and I was hoping to save up on using the third set, they're far too clostly but there you go"
Fortunata: "Oh dear."
Kalinos: "At any rate… *ahem*"
Lynne slips all three away in safe keeping. "I'm sure we'll put it to good use."
Kalinos: "Alright, let's get moving. You're all taking a shuttle down there, be sure to have your disguises set-up before you reach the ground" he tosses Lynne a data disk "That's the instructions on how to set it up"
Kalinos: "Once you're planetside, you'll meet up with Raf, he's set up in a small crossroads between a lightside and darkside town, you get to choose which site to base yourselves on and we run from there"
Kalinos: "After you've made your way down and got some extra briefing out of Raf, you find an inn or something to stay at and that's it for the first day of mission, nothing too extra-intensive"
Lynne carefully takes the disk with both hands and stores it as well. "Yes, sir."
Kalinos: "Anyway, any questions? No pressure we do have all the time in the world, just remember to always make a good first impression, that's what we're here for in the end"
Hauser strokes her chin. "Reports say the aetheric energy around the planet is incredible. How are we handling communications with command?"
Kalinos: "Well, as long as we use earth-grade tech we shouldn't have any problems. We'll keep the White Fire on geostationary orbit over your known location so your comm drivers should do the work well enough"
Nicholas nods. "We'll be sure to make certain the first contact goes well."
Fortunata: "What sort of data do we have for our disguises?"
Kalinos: "Oh, right" he pulls out something that looks like a metal wand "Almost forgot, this is important. It's a hyperwarp beacon, need at least this on both ends of a hyperwarp gate, keep it with you guys, we can only send in small stuff given, -ahem-, engineering limitations of our hardware for now, but it's important"
Kalinos: "Well, there's nothing aside from what you saw in the reports, Fort. You don't have to do much fiddling either, just mostly select the race and if you wanna adjust a detail or two"
Kalinos: "That said, choose something that won't look awfully wonky. I mean, none of you walks on all fours so getting a Berial disguise would be a bad choice"
Kalinos: "Unless you somehow can do something that justifies that, I guess"
Lynne takes the beacon and stashes it with the other mission-critical supplies. "I'll hold onto that with the rest of the things."
Hauser: "The names for these species… are they ours, or theirs?"
Kalinos: "Ah, about that- They're our code-names but your translation software is set up to translate it into their equivalent when you speak. Don't worry about the Code disguise system will handle translation as well"
Raziel meekly raises a hand, "Do we have to select a disguise of the same gender?"
Kalinos: "Their language is… Very weird, there are so many very alien particulars"
Kalinos: "Up to you, kitten"
Raziel: "Will we see the disguises? Like, if I look at him," Ray gestures at Nicholas, "will I see him or his disguise? What about if I look in a mirror?"
Fortunata: "What, are you tryin' to be a vampire?"
Kalinos: "Of course, it'd be just jarring otherwise. You get to see it in yourselves too like in a mirror or if you just look at your feet"
Hauser: "Mission-critical or not, I suppose it's a fun toy, too."
Hauser: "No other questions from my end. When are we in position for the drop?"
Kalinos chuckles "Yeah, it is" then he looks out of the window "Yep, no issues there. Oh, right, minor thing, planet has a slightly slower rotation than Earth's standard so there's one more hour in the day. That aside, that's about it"
Kalinos blinks "By that I meant we've been in position for a while"
Raziel: "Is their food safe to eat?"
Kalinos: "That… Is a thing we don't know just yet. Raf's been surviving with Angel's Tears mostly"
Raziel perks up
Raziel: "Angel's Tears? I've only had it a few times, but… that's awesome!"
Lynne: "I have some questions about the potential sites… But I think I should save those questions for Raf. He'd have the latest intel on it, wouldn't he?"
Hauser: "If it comes down to scavenging, I'll take the first gamble."
Kalinos: "That's his job right now, yes"
Hauser: "Who knows? Maybe the planet's delicious."
Fortunata: "I do hope so. Manna from heaven's great and all, but I appreciate variety."
Lynne nods. "No questions here, then."
Raziel: "What's it like down there?"
Hauser shrugs. "Hey. Raziel, right?"
Raziel: "Ray."
Hauser nods. "Let's go find out. Move out, we're staging from drop bay 6." She wheels around and jerks a thumb over her shoulder, heading out the door.
Nicholas: (food's here, bbl)
Fortunata stares at her a moment, before following close behind. "That's an appreciable kind of attitude. Let's go."
As it has always been, the trip throught the White Fire involves dodging a lot of people going to and fro, working like maniacs, but not that many this time, smaller crew for this mission and all that. You finally reach the shuttle bay, where your ship awaits for you, the pilot gives you a wave. By the time you are all in and your supplies loaded (two week's worth of food, plusa month
JayM: worth of 'White Charges', white magic-based nutrition capsules, safe in the short run, mildly poisonous in the long run, only for emergencies), you notice that the majority of the crew has taken their time to go to the shuttle bay, to wish you a good trip
And off you go, the shuttle offers a smooth ride, it's a bit of a stained ship, but clean and comfortable. The ride is somewhat long, giving you time to adjust your Codes ccording to your prefference.
Hauser stands in the shuttle as a machine locks her armor plates onto her, one by one. There's a loud hiss as each piece is pressed on, locked into place.
Raziel: "This is the second planet I've been to… well third if you count Tempestaria…" he says, both excited and nervous
Fortunata: "You'll be fine."
Fortunata: "You've got the rest of us watchin' out for each other."
Hauser: "That's how it is."
Hauser: "…Got to the briefing a little late. Could I get my introductions now?"
Hauser thumps her gauntlet against her chestplate, right on the hemispherical depression on her right side. "Madeleine Hauser. Security detail, on loan from Earth Forces."
Hauser: "One of your many guarantees you're getting out of this one just fine."
Fortunata: "Ah. Well, alright. Fortunata Vayliss, former professional duelist and forceball player."
Fortunata looks briefly annoyed. "There was… an incident. So I spent some time and wanderlust learning to navigate wilderness before ending up here."
Raziel: "Ray D'Angelo. I'm… nobody really. Nobody of import anyways… I'm technically a research assistant for Dr. Isaac North… the etheric scientist. And I've helped my parents, Drs. Cid and Enika North with some research before…"
[OOC] Raziel: Err.. Cid and Enika D'Angelo… wrong last name for them
Hauser nods to Fortunata, flexing her fingers as her other gauntlet is fitted to her. "You bring quite the resume. Regardless of history, I'm happy to have you on team."
Nicholas: "Nicholas Gambin, summoner. Trained in a church of Ramuh, died, got brought back."
Fortunata: "Good to know I'm among the agreeable sort this time."
Hauser tilts her head at Nicholas. "Does that trick work more than once?"
Nicholas: "Ask Ramuh."
Nicholas shrugs.
Raziel: "How did you die? Did it hurt? What was it like?"
Nicholas: "The test to join was to fast for 21 days without food or water."
Nicholas: "I didn't quite make it."
Fortunata: "You appear to have found a loophole."
Raziel: "Oh… how does anyone make it?"
Nicholas: "So Ramuh brought me back and asked if I was insane. I was supposed to give up."
Nicholas: "He gave impossible tests to people he deemed unworthy rather than send them away."
Hauser: "If I was going to give an impossible request, I'd give one that wouldn't kill you."
Hauser fiddles with the code amulet as the machine finishes locking her into her armor.
Nicholas: "Like I said, he assumed I'd give up."
Fortunata: "It's gonna be a hoot watching the amulet deal with your armor."
Raziel looks at the amulets and plays with the settings.
Hauser: "One of the… not sure whether to call them species or bloodlines, honestly… is encased in metal."
Hauser: "I'd say I'm likely not a poor fit."
They react simply, a small projection of your planned form is shown as you adjust settings. It's not a complex system at all, very user-friendly. Once turned active, they're very inconspicuous in the transformation, your appearances are perfect
JayM: Though you do notice one thing: Lightbearer and Darkbearer are not in the settings (probably makes sense, they're seen only in leadership castes)
Fortunata fiddles with the controls. Well, among all this, there's really only one solution for Darkside, but Light… kind of strange.
The clouds wooshing past the windows, isn't it beautiful as you descend, watching the view of space turn into the view planetside? The sun is setting as you make your slow descent, those last few moments of sunlight before night… And the shuttle gently sets itself down as the last whisp of sunlight fades away… The sky feels strange and unusual, even for Hauser who saw the sky from
JayM: dozens of planets, something just feels… Unusual
Raziel looks up from the female succubus on his amulet with a look of panic, "What if… they ask our names and then figure out we're outsiders?"
Fortunata: "Keep calm and carry on?"
Hauser: "This isn't an undercover mission."
Hauser: "As long as we look like we belong, it doesn't matter what we flub. They'll just think we're foreign…"
Hauser: "…Which we are."
Fortunata: "A very odd holiday."
Raziel nods, "Oh okay… I didn't think of that… I'm really new at this."
Hauser nods back at Ray. "Concentrate on your work and keep cool. That's it ever boils down to."
[OOC] Hauser: all it ever boils down to
Hauser: "Nick, anything weird in the aether?"
[OOC] Nicholas: can someone roll for me?
Nicholas: "…Dense."
Nicholas: "Like two elemental forces clashing together."
Raziel waves his hand over the strange tablet and it lights up. He peers at the colorful runes on its surface intently
Hauser strides to the exit of the shuttle as it rocks with the touchdown. A curtain of shimmering light passes over her as she clicks her amulet a rotation clockwise, leaving her draped in dull metal, white wings fanning forth from her back. A visor fades in over her chin - sharp, vulture-like.
Fortunata headtilts at Hauser. "So we're supposed to be goin' Lightside first?"
Hauser: "I like this one better. We'll hear it from the ground crew if I picked wrong, anyway."
A sound from nearby "Well, two towns aren't too far from here" it's a human, hair a shockingly powerful color of violet, eyepatch over an eye, wearing camouflaged gear "Welcome to planetside, by the way" it's Raf
Fortunata: "Pah. Nothin' else for it, then."
Hauser steps out onto the ground. "Looks like we've got our connection." She steps off the shuttle's ramp with a thud, eyeing the night sky, the landscape around her.
Hauser: "Madge Hauser, here."
Raziel looks up from the tablet and waves his hand over it absent mindedly, causing the runes to die out. Excitedly he hurries out behind Hauser, looking around in wonder, nearly tripping on his way
It's that sort of alien-yet-familiar scenery. Those are clearly plants, trees even, but they look ever so slightly off. They're somewhat more pudgy, yet they look a bit dessicated, but still very green
Hauser extends a massive metal arm in front of Ray - something to hold on if he stumbles a bit too much, there.
Raf: "Raphael Nates, call me Raf, though. Guess you're the ground crew, eh. Good to know you all"
Fortunata salutes. "The same. Hey, do yo know which side of the coin we're supposed to be on this time?"
[OOC] Fortunata: do you*
Nicholas nods in response.
Lynne hops out after triple-checking to make sure all her gear is in place. She still has her normal appearance for the moment. She motions to herself with a thumb, simply declaring, "Lynne. Nice to meet you, Raf."
Fortunata: "Oh, also, Fortunata."
Raziel starts to wave at Raf and then bites his lip, and starts to salute, which he does with the wrong hand and not at all correctly. "Hello. Raziel D'Angelo, nice to meet another Tempestarian."
Raf: "Up to you where to go, really. Diplomatic decisions are for dut of the ground team, you guys. And well, deciding where to go is one such decision"
Lynne: "Are there any traits of either side we can take advantage of?"
Hauser: "There's a town of each… anyway, is this the front lines?"
Fortunata: "Well, I'm mostly wondering if there's any problems with a mixed-side group - that'd be a terrible first impression."
Raf: "Kind of, this is a bit out in the boondocks where the two kingdoms's frontiers are kinda muddy, there's a lot of arguing over land, but nothing official-like"
Raf: "Well… From what I gathered, they seem to have a tradition of clansmen too"
JayM: (Note: Clansmen is a way to refer to adventurers/mercenaries, since they normally form clans)
JayM: (Is also the official term according to earth law)
[OOC] Raziel: can ours be Clan Nutsy?
Raf: "So I guess a mixed group isn't THAT suspicious, but it looks a bit weird"
Fortunata shoots a glance at Hauser. "So goin' Light?"
Hauser: "Let's, if no one's disappointed."
Fortunata: "Aw, no, that means I just save the best for later."
Raf nods "Not getting disappointed with anything, at this point I just want real food and a warm bed"
Lynne nods in agreement. "Sure."
Raf: "Well, then, we've got a ways to go, five kilometers east. Once we get there, i've already located the main buildings of import, here" he pulls out a hexagonal floating screen taps a few buttons and dismisses it "There, sent the map data to your comm drivers"
Raziel turns his amulet on Light and takes the appearance of a blue haired male Erinyes.
Raziel frowns, "Awww… I was hoping it would make me float…"
Raf waves for you guys to follow, as you walk the shuttle eventually takes off after you've gone a ways already "Quick suggestion, check the Inn there, they got quite a few customers that I saw. Also" he tosses Hauser a small circular crystal "That's a Lucre, their currency. I dunno how much that's worth I got it off the ground, fairly sure it's pocket change, though" it's green
Fortunata fiddles with the amulet, and she suddenly seems to shrink a fair bit and gain an oddly detached pair of wings - and something more like a black robe instead of her usual formal-looking attire.
Fortunata looks down at herself, and then… up at everyone else. "What." It's a bit squeaky, even!
Fortunata: "H… how long did it take you guys to get used to this?"
Hauser catches it. "Hey, this one's custom made for me."
Fortunata: "Well, I guess, but I get the feeling I'm gonna be fitting in with the Darksiders a little better, considering my combat style…"
Fortunata: "But no more complaining! It's time to get serious."
Fortunata says this more to herself than anyone else.
Lynne switches her disguise on and changes into a female Erynies. Her hair stays mostly the same, aside from turning green, along with the rest of her clothes, though they changed to be much more robe-like than armor-like.
You eventually reach the town… It's an interesting place, the buildings are all very tall, usually with ladders leading to each different floor, they are also few. There are a few outlying farms. As the darkness has already set in, you were expecting a somehwat dark place, but it appears their magic has granted them at least the gift of nighttime illumination in the streets.
Hauser marches on, taking point. "Any room at the inn, is it?"
There are a few people going around. The various different races of lightsiders are present, a particularly weird-looking scene is when you see this large, horse-sized, violet hamster-like rodent with a saddle on it and a Lysmaker riding it walking lazily ahead
Raziel takes note of the magical street lights
You notice that Raf appears to have completely vanished from sight "(Anything works)" his voice is present, but hushed
[OOC] Lolcrazy: BBL, switching to comp)
[OOC] JayM: Hai
Hauser keeps her eyes to herself, sword slung over her shoulder as she walks the road.
[OOC] Raziel: I just realized, quite amused that our fighters are female and our mages are male
[OOC] Lynne: I'm an ATK based RDM, careful with that
[OOC] Raziel: ATK based makes you a fighter
[OOC] Lynne: But I have a lot of SPR for debuffs!
The town is small, you barely need the map and the Inn is easy to find. The place is… Not exactly bustling with activity, but there ARE quite a few people turning in for the night. There is an attached mess hall which is slowly winding down, a Lysmaker that looks awfully bored is manning the reception counter
Hauser lowers her voice as she slips in from the night air. "(Am I doing the talking for this one?)"
Raziel nods quietly
Fortunata: "(You seemed to have the guts to go first, so by all means.)"
Hauser smiles at Fortunata and steps up to the counter. "Boarding for five. Don't have much in the local coinage."
[OOC] Nicholas: and in.
[OOC] Lynne: Welcome back
The Lysmaker looks at the party with his helmet's eyes, before fixing all four eyes on the party "It's seventy lucre each" he seems to be fishing for a response. You notice a very, very slight delay in the translation system, a fourth of a second or less. Nothing you won't eventually get used to and not even notice, but it's mildly jarring
[OOC] Nicholas: We were given money right?
Hauser places the crystal she was given on the counter. "This is what we can do. Unless you have a clan contract that needs picking up."
[OOC] JayM: No money at all, just one coin
The innkeep looks at it "Uhn… Newbies, ain't ya'll? I mean… Who else walks with just one lucre…"
He grins, it's a weird grin that generally is only seen on shady individuals "Well, i've a little job i'd be willing ot trade for a couple nights of stay if ya wanna"
Fortunata gives the innkeep a look of abject horror and embarassment. That was ALL?
Hauser nods. "We'll handle it."
Hauser: "Lots of movement into this town, looks like. I think there's reason to stick around."
Raziel: "Sorry… that's my fault… I dropped all of our money ways back and didn't say anything until now because I was embarassed…"
Innkeep: "So, there's this falkar that's got a farm down south, yeah. Easy to spot her farm, is a small one. I want you all to go there and find out what nasty beasties are digging up her tubers"
Hauser: "Hunt and remove, that is?"
Innkeep: "And if you happen to meet her or something, tell her Rieki sent ya'll to help her out. Oh, and do tell her that she's got the most shining wings ever. But that's if you see her, ain't not need to seek her or anything"
Nicholas: "Simple enough."
Innkeep: "Yep, just make sure they ain't troubling her nomore"
Fortunata: "Can-do!"
Hauser cracks a smile beneath her visor. "I'm sure they're magnificent. Thanks for the consideration, you know?"
Hauser: "Team, we're moving out. Let's be back before our bedtimes."
Lynne grins nervously. "Ah, that's all? We should go then. Let's go." She mutters under her breath on the way out, "One lucre… I can't believe we walked in with one lucre…"
Hauser shrugs to Lynne. "Who knows? Maybe a lucre's worth a whole bunch."
Fortunata: "If it was that much, why'd we get the request?"
Fortunata: "Then again, it's better to get in good graces…"
Hauser draws up the map on her head's up display - and on the team's, highlighting some reasonable guess at where a farm down south might be.
Hauser: "If we're a clan, battling beasts for our dinner is important, money or not. Secures the cover, I think." She heads out.
Fortunata waddles awkwardly a short distance behind.
Lynne: "I was hoping that one piece would be enough to cover us, but I guess that was too much to hope for… Aah geez, that was mortifying! I can't wait till we get there and finish the job to make up for that!"
You start making your way southwards, the map easily pointing you in the right direction. It's… Not very large, no, pretty small. There's six different patches of plants, they all have broad leaves and… The tip of every leaf has a brilliant green gem on it, that seems to grow out of the leaves themselves. The plantation seems deeply peaceful, in fact doubly so as you feel the light
JayM: protective magic on it
Nicholas: "…warded farms."
Raziel: "It feels pretty good… all the ambient magic."
No sign of the owner, althoug there is a squat building and the lights are on inside. You notice a couple of signs in the dirt, however, but they're… Weird. Not even closely reminiscent of an animal you know, it looks more like blades have cut on the ground, not a hoe but closer to a sword. But they're too weirdly spaced, it's like someone was walking with swords on their feet
Nicholas: "…I have a bad feeling about this. What makes those sort of tracks?"
Hauser: "Like a combine thresher strolled through. Fort, you know where this guy was going?"
JayM: How about a Huntsman [TN 4] to try to ascertain something about those tracks?
[OOC] Nicholas: Uh. Anyone?
Hauser stands back, keeping an eye on the distance - mostly for others who would see them poking about a farm in the night, a little bit for the beasts coming back to feast. [Nothing in the skill.]
Fortunata hastily reconfigures her amulet as a thought strikes her [to Erynies] - she then peers down at the tracks. [Lucky: Wilderness]
[OOC] Raziel: Uhh how do we roll again?
[OOC] Fortunata: One person generally rolls for the group, unless you're doing a solo check. At least from my experiences.
[OOC] Raziel: No, I mean HOW
[OOC] Nicholas: …did anyone get him the dicescript?
[OOC] JayM: You use !sugar
[OOC] Hauser: !sugar xdy+etc*whatever, generlaly
[OOC] JayM: What Peter said
[OOC] Raziel: thank you I forgot the command
Raziel rolled 1d10 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) **
[OOC] Raziel: err… that's one size too big, it's supposed to be an 8, can I flair down to 6?
[OOC] JayM: Kitten you need to perform 5 rolls, that's how Reels work. In fact given we have Lucky in play, it's instead 6 rolls
[OOC] Hauser: Generally we line up specs and then roll it.
[OOC] Hauser: Is Lucky all we've got in pre?
[OOC] Raziel: oh…
[OOC] Raziel: I'm just gonna be over here, feeling dumb
[OOC] JayM: I think it is, PEter
[OOC] Hauser: S'cool, reels is a tricky beast. Okay, 6d8 it is.
Hauser rolled 6d8 and got 1, 5, 7, 7, 4, 7 ( Total: 31 )
[OOC] Lynne: I don't have anything in Wilderness stuffs
[OOC] Nicholas: That's… five successes
Hauser: "Tell me something good, Fort." ((That's 4 hits, so we're gold, I think.))
[OOC] Hauser: *five hits :>
Fortunata: "Funny you're calling me fort when you're built like a castle."
Fortunata chuckles.
Hauser shrugs. "My name don't start with F-o-arr-tee."
Seems like you can easily figure out where the beasts went, short ways northwards. You notice an additional set of marks, reminiscent of a scorpion's, but sufficiently large for the beast to at least reach your waist in height. The blade marks, though… It's definitely very weird, the 'steps' seem matching a quadruped, you estimate three of those creatures
Fortunata: "Three swordbeasts, four-legged. And some kind of scorpion… maybe. Headed north. This way!"
Hauser looks north. "Back to nest, maybe?" She calls everyone back from the search - "Team, moving out!"
Fortunata carefully leads the party this time, pausing now and then to re-check the tracks and the direction they head.
Hauser follows closely in Fortune's tread, sword lowered, two hands on the hilt, shooting vigilant looks to the underbrush left and right.
Lynne follows in the rear, sword still sheathed on her back, but her palm crystal at the ready.
It takes only a short while, whatever the beasts are they are courageous enough not to care to hide too far. You move through a few bushes and notice the beasts before they notice you… One type is very… Very strange. Small in size, it's body is vulpine in form but it's very, very thin, it's skin has a metallic sheen, although ith as fur. It's limbs and snout, however, are the most
JayM: unusual part, they look… Sharp as hell, and not as in sharp claws and fangs, but more that they are thin and appear to be as if they had swords for legs and a face
Nicholas is in the back row.
Nicholas: "…oh boy."
Fortunata: "Didn't expect action right out of the gate. This is gonna be fun!"
Hauser steps to the fore, raising her sword, voice low. "We've got the advantage. Let's take this out in one engagement."
Raziel: "My first monsters! I'm so excited!"
Fortunata draws her sword and stares down the foebeasts.
[OOC] Nicholas: Time of day?
The other beast, it's… Unusual in that it's like a cross between a large hairy spider and a scorpion, there are two of those, and they are busying themselves with the metal ones, they are… Mounted on the blade beasts, apparently chewing on something on them… Now that you pay closer attention, you notice that there are various small protusions in the back of the metal beasts,
JayM: iron-magicite, you're sure of it, and that's what the spider-scorpions are chewing on
JayM: It's nighttime
[OOC] Nicholas: Right
Nicholas: "…It's going to take some time for me to call… just letting you know."
JayM: They are fully unaware of you, so they get +20D on top of their normal reaction time
Hauser charges - let's begin the engagement!
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [F]:0 Ray [B]:1 Fortunata [F]:4 Madeline [F]:4 Nicholas [B]:4 Blade Fox A [F]:22 Blade Fox B [F]:22 Blade Fox C [F]:22 Magic Mite A [B]:25 Magic Mite B [B]:25
JayM: Status for Magic Mite A [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Magic Mite B [B] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Blade Fox A [F] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Blade Fox B [F] : [==========]
JayM: Status for Blade Fox C [F] : [==========]
Your HUD displays shows a quick estimate of the physical integrity of your foes. Lynne acts first
Hauser points at Blade Fox A. "Let's see if we can take that one out in the first clash."
Lynne puts her free hand on the back of her palm crystal's strap as she points the jewel at Blade Fox A. She takes a deep breath before shoving both hands out in front of her as a red beam of light fires from it! [Flamestrike]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
Lynne rolled 1d12+148 and got 10 ( Total: 158.0 ) for Fire element physical damage
JayM: Strike! No WRIA
JayM: Ray!
[OOC] Lynne: 50D by the way
Raziel waves his hand over the Codex and points it at a Blade Fox. ((Divine Insight/Study 18D))
The Codex opens and the pages fly, information shows up not only at a page which was previously blank, but also in your huds
Blade Fox A - L12 Easy Mook - Beast - HP: 338/496, MP: 122/122 - R: Slow IV
Hauser nods appreciatively to Ray. "Intel confirmed. Fort, that's your cue."
ST Flash Report: Body is covered with metallic fur, it becomes matted down and turns into a metal coat. It has iron-magicite in it's body charged with lightning energy and it appears capable of charging it's body with electricity. Predicted overall weaknesses and strengths as most common animals [Beast Family]
JayM: Fortunata!
Nicholas: "…lightning?"
Nicholas: "So using lightning on them is a bad idea, I take."
Hauser: "Nothing came up on the readout. As long as they're like this, it should be alright."
A magic circle spins briefly under Fortunata as she gestures with her sword at the enemy group - "Halt, and cower in fear before the brutality of nature! Beast Flare!" - and there is a roar much like a lion's, as plumes of fire erupt under the feet of every foebeast -
Fortunata rolled 5d100 and got 8, 41, 2, 75, 62 ( Total: 188 ) for 80/10 Fire
JayM: Critical! Strike! Critical! Strike! Strike!
Nicholas observes…
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2+60*2 and got 6 ( Total: 132.0 ) for critical, normal
Also rolled 1d10+60 and got 6 [Total: 66.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 198.0, Avg: 6.00
Fortunata rolled 5d100 and got 1, 30, 92, 23, 28 ( Total: 174 ) for 40% for Silence (3)
JayM: Damage everywhere!
JayM: The powerful flames cut away their magic capacity! Everyone but Blade Fox C is Silence(3)
JayM: Er, I meant Fox A
[OOC] JayM: Delay, mister?
JayM: Also, Hauser!
[OOC] Fortunata: 44D
JayM: Well, Fortunate, Madeline and Nicholas in the same init tick
Fortunata lets out a short laugh. "I'd say that was a successful trial by fire, hya ha ha!"
Hauser nods to Nick. "Get ready, I'm moving in." [Same tick, I'm letting you line up your action first.]
Raziel: "That was pretty impressive, Fortunata."
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 855/855 | MP: 495/615 | SoS: 213 | Normal
Nicholas nods.
Fortunata: "Yeah, but it's huge and flashy and I can't really maintain it for very long. Keep that in mind!"
[OOC] Nicholas: Nuke, regen, or heal? at have ct 20.
Hauser: "Let's see that thunder I read about."
Nicholas bows his head and begins chanting… (Ramuh, ct 20.)
Nicholas: "RamuhfatherjudgethesinnerRamuhfatherjudgethesinnerRamuhfatherjudgethesinner-"
Hauser levels her shoulder and rushes into the fray, smashing Blade Fox B out of the way before it can turn. [Parry Edge - 54D C95]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 ) for 95-Evasion, next hit does -25% to non-Madge targets
Hauser rolled 1d12+165 and got 2 ( Total: 167.0 ) for physical
JayM: It's smacked about!
JayM: Battle order: Ray [B]:0 Blade Fox A [F]:3 Blade Fox B [F]:3 Blade Fox C [F]:3 Nicholas [B]:5 Magic Mite A [B]:6 Magic Mite B [B]:6 Fortunata [F]:29 Lynne [F]:31 Madeline [F]:39
JayM: Status for Magic Mite A [B] : [======== ] Silence(3)
JayM: Status for Magic Mite B [B] : [========= ] Silence(3)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox A [F] : [==== ]
JayM: Status for Blade Fox B [F] : [===== ] Silence(3)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox C [F] : [========= ] Silence(3)
JayM: Ray, your turn!
Nicholas starts lifting his staff. Thunder rumbles over head…
[OOC] Raziel: Sorry ws puting dinner away
Raziel waves his arm over the Codex and points it at Magic Mite A ((18D))
Hauser raises her blade vertical, circling the enemies as the readout spins out onto her display. "Here comes the counter-attack. Be on guard."
Magic Mite A - L12 Easy Mook - Insect - HP: 568/568, MP: 122/122 - W: Ice - R: Poison V
ST Flash Report: Insect, of it's eight eyes only four are actual eyes, other four are ruby-magicite stones. A small nethicite formation has been detected just behind the mandible [M.Eva I]
Hauser nods. "Thanks, Ray. Okay, who brought the coolers?"
Nicholas: "…the what?"
Blade Fox A bristles, it's body becoming charged with lightning! Lightning Sword(5)! [Volt Form]
Nicholas keeps muttering the chant afterward.
Blade Fox B jumps to the sides, runs at Fortunata and does a backflip, slicing her with it's tail [Tailblade]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
JayM rolled 1d8+72 and got 6 ( Total: 78 )
Hauser smashes it out of the way. [Parry Edge cuts damage! -25%]
[OOC] JayM: 58] Physical Melee damage!
Fortunata stumbles back, caught mildly by surprise - and then there's Hauser!
Fortunata: "Hey, not bad!"
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 797/855 | MP: 495/615 | SoS: 213 | Normal
Fortunata: "Much appreciated, even!"
Hauser draws back her gauntlet after punching the thing back - its blades having ripped a groove in the earth as it slid. "Same to you."
Blade Fox C dodges to the sides and jumps at Hauser, hitting head-first before jumping to the ground and quickly striking again, and again, seven times in rapid succession, keeping Hauser busy for a moment [Chainstrike]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
JayM: She parries all strikes with ease
JayM: Nicholas!
Hauser spins her head around - her wings shimmer as the beast leaps through them, but she brings her hilt back to swat it from the air.
Nicholas finishes the chant as lightning converges down onto his staff! "Storm-judge in oath bound with storm-wrath from on high, impart humility on vain souls sullying the world! Ramuh, come forth!"
Nicholas rolled 3d12+234 and got 11, 9, 4 ( Total: 258.0 )
The lightning crashes, coursing through the foes, the raw power overwhelming even the already-charged one, it falls limp to the ground [KO]
[OOC] JayM: Delay on that?
Fortunata: "It appears I've been one-upped in ceremory. Ah well, I'll leave that to you!"
A terrifying old man appears but for a moment in the billowing clouds, illuminated by a stray lightning bolt, then suddenly, the lightning crashes down… (d 20)
[OOC] Nicholas: er, 50
[OOC] Nicholas: …44 goddammit I'm slow
Hauser claps her sword hand into her off-hand, a note of admiration in her voice: "Looks like our artillery woke em up."
The two Magic Mites panic slightly, without the ability to use their magic, and the two of them pile up on Nicholas [Bite] [Bite]
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 92, 56 ( Total: 148 )
Nicholas staggers and gets hit by at least one of the mites.
JayM: One is easily deflected, it's kind of panicky
JayM rolled 1d8+48,50 and got 2 ( Total: 25.0 )
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 98 ( Total: 98 )
JayM: And it has to wade through far too many things to landa proper hit dealing only [25] Physical Melee damage
JayM: Battle order: Ray [B]:0 Fortunata [F]:11 Blade Fox A [F]:12 Blade Fox B [F]:12 Blade Fox C [F]:12 Lynne [F]:13 Madeline [F]:21 Nicholas [B]:31 Magic Mite A [B]:33 Magic Mite B [B]:33
JayM: Status for Magic Mite A [B] : [=== ] Silence(2)
JayM: Status for Magic Mite B [B] : [==== ] Silence(2)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox A [F] : [-KO-] Lightning Sword(4)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox B [F] : [ ] Silence(2)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox C [F] : [==== ] Silence(2)
JayM: Ray!
[OOC] Raziel: How is Fortunata's HP?
Fortunata: "Finish the poor wretch on the verge of death, would you?"
Hauser: "Got another plume of flame coming, Fort?"
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 797/855 | MP: 495/615 | SoS: 213 | Normal
Fortunata: "I've got something even better."
Fortunata: "Now that I don't have to worry about filling in data myself."
Nicholas: "Okay… uh… so for those who have been paying attention… this is not a fast paced ordeal I do. I'll try to match my summonings to the situation, but it takes time to call… them up."
Raziel looks at Magic Mite A and begins chanting a spell as black energy swirls around him. ((Casting Wages of Sin, 15 CT))
Hauser nods to Nicholas, with a moment to look back as they recover from the shockwave - "Got it. So make sure we book our appointments in advance."
Nicholas: "More or less."
JayM: Fortunata!
Hauser: "Hey, it's what you gotta do for that level of service."
Fortunata swings her sword horizontally across her view of the enemy, bellowing forth: "Blunder forth into the labyrinth of night - Moonlit Chains!" - and a spear-headed length of spectral chain blazes forth from the end of the sword, smashing across the entire enemy group on a return swing -
Fortunata rolled 4d100 and got 7, 2, 93, 19 ( Total: 121 ) for 80/10
JayM: Aren't you just a critical beauty today? Two crits, one miss, one hit
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2+120*2 and got 9 ( Total: 258.0 ) for dark, also 44D
Also rolled 1d10+120 and got 4 [Total: 124.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 382.0, Avg: 6.50
Fortunata rolled 4d100 and got 56, 69, 47, 79 ( Total: 251 ) for 10% for Stop (1)
Hauser raises a gauntlet in front of the eyes of her visor. "Remind me never to duel you."
Fortunata: "I hope it never comes to that."
JayM: The dark chains slice through the enemies, felling the two Magic Mites [KO] [KO] and severely wounding the other fox. The wounded one is numble enough to jump past it
Hauser: "Well, I can write it down, if you're worried."
Fortunata: "Nope! I trust you."
Hauser rolls her shoulders, her wings fanning out behind her.
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 797/855 | MP: 347/615 | SoS: 213 | Normal
The two remianing foxes run towards Fortunata and perform both a [Chainstrike]!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 91, 95 ( Total: 186 )
JayM: Despite the series of rapid strikes from two sides, Fortunata is able to block, parry and dodge every hit!
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [F]:0 Ray [B]:2 Madeline [F]:8 Nicholas [B]:18 Blade Fox B [F]:26 Blade Fox C [F]:26 Fortunata [F]:42
JayM: Status for Magic Mite A [B]: [-KO-] Silence(2)
JayM: Status for Magic Mite B [B]: [-KO-] Silence(2)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox B [F] : [ ] Silence(1)
JayM: Status for Blade Fox C [F] : [= ] Silence(1)
JayM: Lynne!
Fortunata bares her teeth at the pair. It probably looks a little sillier as an Erynies.
[OOC] Lynne: Attacking Blade Fox C then
Lynne turns to face another Blade Fox, striking the same pose to brace for recoil. She lets another beam loose from the gem, the intense heat of the red beam turning its metal fur ash-black as a cloud of sparks leap from the wound site. [Flamestrike, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 ) for 90 CoS
JayM: Strike!
JayM: There's no denial, it's down
JayM: And Ray's dark spell can't miss, easily downing the last 5 HP of the Fox B
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 79, 59 ( Total: 138 ) **
Raziel skips the super impressive and awesome animation
[OOC] JayM: Victory
Hauser: "Fort, check the area. Think we got all of them?"
Fortunata darts forward, giving the surroundings a precursory scouting.
Hauser shoulders her blade as the smoke of aether clears, checking everyone - yup, barely a scratch. "Good to know there isn't much to fear from the fauna."
Fortunata calls back from over her shoulder. "Not yet, anyway. You'd be surprised sometimes."
Hauser: "Mm. Wouldn't want to handle that pack alone, that's certain."
You watch the last beast fall, and a more detailed lookout shows there is no other beasts nearby "Well, then…" the voice sounds tough in nature, but sweet in demeanor "Time it took to walk here, you got them all" from behind you is… A rather large falkar, clearly female, dressed in heavy cotton clothes, she carries a crystalline staff-like object, you notice that she only has three
JayM: wings "Thanks for that"
Lynne waits for her crystal's color to fade from red back to its normal blue before dropping her stance. She slowly walks up to the hostiles and kneels down to get a closer look. "No kidding. You make it look so easy."
Fortunata: "Like I said, though."
Fortunata: "It takes a lot out of me."
Nicholas: "…same here. whew."
The Blade Foxes are interesting, their fur is clearly metal strands, you notice that the magicite in their bodies is drained. The Magic Mites are definitely not a thing you've ever saw before, but you can't say bugs are too different from eachother in the end
Lynne stands up. "Fair enough, I've still got plenty more in me." She gives the falkar a thumbs up to signify the job well done.
Hauser looks up at the approaching falkar with a nod. "Rieki sent us on contract, from the inn."
This is the first time you ever saw something with a beak smile, but she does that anyway "Been a while since I saw an adventurer around- Oh, is that so?"
Hauser: "Said you and your shining wings could use some help. That the sum and total of your pest problem?"
She gives Hauser a Look
Hauser shrugs her way out of that look.
She makes a face at Hauser's words "That's- Yes, I gather that's about all the things giving me trouble, well no"
Hauser: "Didn't come on behalf of one problem to remove another, did we?"
Falkar: "" There's one more thing giving me trouble but this is pretty personal… Mother Moon, that slimeball is still up to his tricks, no doubt ""
Falkar: "More or less- That disgusting… Thing has been trying to impress me, Mother knows why. Don't worry, though, you're not hte first adventurers he's got mixed up in his tricks, don't mind it"
Falkar: "Tell me, what'd he promise you?"
Hauser: "We're foreigners. Our coin isn't good here, so we did it for stead and supper."
She sighs "Oh, grandious. New around those parts, right?" she shakes her head "Well, I used to be an adventurer back in my time, how 'bout I give you guys some tips given you're in a foreign land and all, heck you guys helped me, tradition says is the one helped that gets to reward the adventurers, and I could use the company"
Fortunata: "That might be preferable, if what you say has merit…"
Milly: "Call me Milly, full name's got more syllabes than I care saying so that'll do. Bring those beasties with you too"
Hauser: "Given that - slimeball, you said? - doesn't seem to be having any luck, looks like it's all on you, then."
Hauser nods and walks over, bunching the three bladed foxes together and heaving them over one shoulder, her gauntlet clasping around their legs in one bundle.
Fortunata: "D'you need-"
She starts trotting back "He's… Fairly insensitive, yes. He knows why i'm missing a wing and he still has the guts to ask you to say that. Anyway, you're all new here, right? Take it you don't know about the mintry"
Fortunata: "Oh, right. Armor."
Hauser: "Think I got it."
Hauser: "Ministry? Mintry? And… no."
Hauser rocks her head to one side. "Probably thinks the lack of symmetry got nothing to do with the shine."
Lynne hauls up a mite on each arm and follows from the rear.
Milly: "Mintry. Well, have you seen our Lucre before? Well, basically Lucre is money AND energy, here's a little history lesson. Back in the old times, we didn't have stuff like street lights, food boxes and such stuff, sure there were enchantments for that but they'd run out of fuel eventually"
Fortunata gives a last glance 'round and moves along with the party.
Hauser: "Thanks, Lynne."
Milly: "One day, this old fogey I forget the name discovered how to make this very effective magicite, could hold a lot of energy, was worth a lot at the time. In fact, it was so long ago there didn't have any money around, people would normally trade those little energy magicites for stuff they wanted"
Milly: "Eventually it kind of became money, y'know" she takes you into her house, it's a very spacious affair, but then again she is very large herself, she takes you to what seems like a kitchen "Put 'em over there" she points to a counter "Well, eventually the kingdoms decided it was worth being actual money so they started using carefully measured tiny magicite as money, Lucre"
Nicholas: "…fair enough."
Milly: "Now here's the thing 'bout mintrys. Magicite good for Lucre is pretty rare in stone form, but you can get 'em from somewhere pretty special" she pats the fallen beasts "Can draw the energy outta the heart of a dead beast an' make Lucre, only people who work at a mintry know ho to do that, though"
Milly: "So if you gut out the hearts outta those beasties and take 'em to a mintry, they'll make Lucre out of it for ya, sure they take a share, twenty percent, but that's how adventurers pay their taxes"
Fortunata: "Hmm. Creepy, yet efficient."
Fortunata: "You don't have any overhunting problems around here, do you?"
Hauser: "Little bit more direct than the way we do it back home."
Milly: "So, yeah" she pulls out a couple of knives "Well, not really, most beasties with good amount of lucre in them are far too strong"
Milly: "So ya don't see too much of 'em adventurers hunting for money"
Milly: "Well, now, i'm gunna teach ya how to open up one of 'em beasties, they're all alike inside so this works for 'em all"
Hauser: "A spider with a heart. Unusual stuff." She leans in close to watch.
Provided the party is willing to listen without much trouble, it's nothing the ones of you versed in survival haven't done before, but something is… Very weird. The beast's hearts are… Not organic at all, they're this webbing of pulsating magicite… They don't exactly drip blood how you'd expect, it's… Actually has the feel and smell of ether, although you might have seen distilled
JayM: dragon blood that has about the same texture and feel to the sixth sense
Fortunata: "They seem more like golems than beasts to me, if they're all like that."
Milly: "Guess you don't got 'em mites where you come from. Downright nasty beasts, they come 'n chew on yer wings, or wherever else ya've got magic an' eat it all out. Feed on the stuff"
Milly tilts her head to the side at Fortunata
Fortunata: "All the same magic and stuff on the inside, but differering outsides. It's kind of odd when this goes across species."
At this moment the party notices a… A warning that the translation software has suffered an error trying to discern the difference between 'golem' and 'beast' in Valkurian language. Apparently it lacks sufficient words in it's dictionary
Hauser: "Guess you can't judge a book by its cover."
Milly: "Yer sayin' beasts ain't like that where ya come from?"
Milly: "Wow, you're from some weird place"
Hauser: "You don't know the half of it, lady."
Nicholas tries to defuse this. "It's all about adaptation… or so I heard."
She chuckles "Were I some ten years younger i'd ask ya where ye come from, right now can't be arsed to try goin' there so no use asking"
Fortunata is inwardly glad that Hauser stepped up with the assist. That was a horrid feeling that just came up…
She paces about a bit "Say, fellas, how 'bout I take the rest 'a those thingies and make some dinner, then I let ya sleep? Kinna cruel making ya stay up all night"
Fortunata: "Th… that would be great."
Lynne notes the location and shape of the organ and then turns away. "Fascinating and all, but I never had much stomach for biology."
Hauser nods. "Love to."
Hauser raises a finger to the rest of the clan, waving it about. "Naturally, I'll be taking the first taste."
Milly: "Now that'd downright perfect. There's a couple 'a rooms up there, go get yerselves settled while I cook"
She quickly shoos you out of the kitchen
Fortunata silently walks off roomward, still inwardly mortified.
Lynne: "Thank you very much, Milly." Lynne heads upstairs to find a room with a window.
[OOC] Raziel: sorry got kidnapped
Hauser steps off into the hall, disengaging the heaviest pieces of her armor before risking the staircase. (Though, the disguise insists on keeping the vestige of some parts, even when they're shed. She'll have to hide the evidence over the night, probably.)
Nicholas: "Much obliged." he goes up to find a bed.
The rooms, two of them, are pretty simple and perhaps scarily normal looking. Although that particular sort of couch/bean-bag hybrid for a quadruped makes it look more comfortable strange. You get a few moments to cool down. Now you notice where Raf has gone- He HAD been following you, but using a stealth system, he looks tired and is sweating beads, but he's okay "Heavens above, this
JayM: ECS is murderous, hopefully I can stop using that soon "
Fortunata: "Raf. Someone needs to have a word with the linguists."
He takes a seat on the ground of the room "Ffforgot to mention, I don't have a Code, my job's mostly going about unseen so i'm using this electronic camouflage system to go by invisible, taxing on me, I prefer not to use it much" he looks at Fortunata "Eh, just call 'em up, don't think you're going to have much luck, though"
Hauser nods. "If you can't pull the two words apart, that means…" She trails off.
Lynne opens a window and takes in a breath of fresh air. "Whew… I suppose now is a good time to tell you I skipped my dissection labs when I was studying, isn't it?"
Raziel offers Raf his third amulet. "Do you want one?"
Hauser: "They're matched to our biorhythms, I think. They'd fall out of sync on someone else."
Hauser: "…I guess they didn't bother taking Raf into the shop for one. Or did they just finish off the prototype while you were in deep?"
Fortunata: "Still… scared the hell out of me. I thought I had jeopardized the mission already."
Raf: "I mean, I spent a lot of friggen time getting sound samples for the linguistics team don't THINK there is much else they can do" he waves Raziel off "Nah, they're- What Miss Hauser said, they're personally tied"
Raf: "More like… They ran out of funds to make another set, know how friggen costly those things are?"
Raziel: "Mine might work anyways… we're both Tempestarians and the Blight… you know?"
Fortunata: "Not really. Considering the abuse that they're likely going to go through, it'd only unsettle me greatly."
Raf: "Nah, don't worry, Fortunata. The only way you could jeopardize the mission is starting a war or somethin'"
Fortunata: "Ahaha… I guess."
Raf looks at Raziel, and sighs "Eesh, we're alike, but we're not twins"
Hauser: "The energy economy. Is that new to us?"
Raf: "Anyway, seems like we've got a place to crash. Hrm… Say on which room can I set up a temp data room? Faster we can get to finding a way to get the real outpost out here faster we can get comfortable"
Raf: "Also, we've had no idea 'bout that"
Raf: "Sincere we only got orbital observations and my short time down here to draw any conclusions"
Hauser shakes her head. "No, I know we're going in blind. Just surprising."
Hauser: "I don't know which room you can take. Any of them, I guess, if you can keep it hidden."
Raf: "Ah, yeah, portable thing's worn, just need some elbow space"
After a while, you're called downstairs because the food is ready
Fortunata: "Ah! We'll get back to you later."
Raziel: "So… guys in one room, ladies in the other? If so you should use our room, Raf. I won't be sleeping much… so as long as Nick doesn't mind…"
Raf: "Guess that works"
Hauser heads downstairs, then.
Lynne: "I hope they smell better cooked," Lynne remarks before heading downstairs.
Raziel: "If you have some Angel's Tears to share.. I can help you set up while they eat." Ray offers helpfully
Food… Food is… Definitely something… Unexpected. At least it looks tasty so trying the first bite is not bad. But the food tastes very… Very weirdly bland. It's not so much that it tastes bland as you are definitely unable to feel the flavor of it fully, certainly at least one of you had an experience like that before. At least there is no direct bad effects of eating but
JayM: you're not really sure that you can draw any nutrition out of this
JayM: At least you can eat without seeming impolite, and Milly retires to her room before you're done eating at any rate, as she has to wake up early being a farmer and all
Hauser: "Hmm. Looks like we need to figure out a food solution."
Nicholas says, quietly "That was… not something I think we can benefit from."
[OOC] Raziel: did I successfully get out of dinner?
Lynne: "I wonder if it has more to do with the preparation or the content of the meal."
Hauser: "Content. I think we may have just eaten a robot."
[OOC] JayM: Probably, Raziel, although Raf is willing to share his Angel's Tears [he promises to explain later]
Raziel smiles contentedly "How was your dinner?"
Hauser smiles back as she climbs back up. "Awful. Golem don't agree with us. We'll need to get rations shipped to us, maybe, if it's a long insertion. Or try the vegetables."
Lynne frowns. "I wonder if the vegetables have Lucre organs too."
Raziel: "I didn't want to take my chances with alien food…"
Hauser looks over at Lynne. "If so, the whole place is a giant fuel cell."
Fortunata: "I confess myself disappointed."
Nicholas takes a bed, takes off his shoes, and begins meditations needed to keep connected with his summons.
[OOC] Nicholas: I'm out. Thanks for sesh!
JayM: And thus it ends, for now
Lynne: "Maybe our bodies need to adjust?" Lynne scratches her head.
[OOC] Lynne: Alright
[OOC] JayM: +calc(360*5) XP/+1800 Lucre/+10 AP
JayM: //say [+ $+ calc(360*5) XP/+ $+ $calc(360*5) Lucre/+ $+ $calc(2*5) AP]
[OOC] JayM: Fuck the world
[OOC] JayM: +1800 XP/+1800 Lucre/+10+3 AP
[OOC] JayM: that'll teach me to be fancy :D
End of Report

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