Csi Astral

=Crime Scene Investigation: Astral=
The year is 2001, the place, a small city named Bismarck. The only known fact is a bloody knife found embedded on a chair, a small apartment turned into ash, almost threatening to take out everything nearby. The investigators, a group of five people that have been working together for less than three months now. It really sucked for some, and was really awesome for others, either way this small group of investigators have all been relocated here kind of recently.
The outcome: Passionate Crime, murder attempt which led into accidental fire when the suspect and victim fought. Victim's body was found hidden in the air vents.
That was four months ago, and now the team is starting to finally get their bearings on working together, cases are flowing more smoothly. But one thing keeps those investigators worried: They work too much. Not like they mind work, but this city seems to have an unusual amount of violent crimes and missing people, with all signs indicating to death, only to have the allegedly dead person to turn out a few days later saying nothing happened. Sometimes, they hear people of the police station whispering in a bizarre language, although they've been told it's just the geeks doing their stuff. But something always feels off.
They're about to find out what.
Who are those investigators? They are you, those who have been living their lives in the dark until now, and who will have a rude awakening soon. Those are your badges, forensics lab is that way, the Captain's room is over there. Welcome, newbies, to this little CSI agency we lovingly call "CSI: Astral"

Training Excerpts

==Mechanical Notes==

  • This will be a SeeD game. We will use Classes, Equipment and Limits
  • Everyone is human
  • Everyone can equip guns, although I'd like if you had something else as your 'weapon of choice'
  • You will start at level 1
  • At the start of the game you will be technically classless. You will have no Party Inventory, or Limit, you can only carry 3 items on your person (not like you have anything to carry that would use inventory slots)
  • Your initial gun "Police Standard" has the special property "Non-Enlaced", means it has +500 Damage, it's your only starter gear. I'll tell you what it means during the game
  • This game will be a shortform, consisting of 6 or maybe up to 8 cases, fierce combats and mystery!
  • I plan on running this game every other day or every two days, time about 5 PM Eastern, starting on the 30th of november. Time and frequency might fluctuate depending on player needs

==Personnel Roster==
Insert PCs Here

Detective Thomas Spinner - Front
Officer Trevor McCulloch - Front
Detective Theodore Wright - Front
Technician Tobias Grimes - Back
Doctor Joshua Tyler - Back

x17 Tonic (Restores 75 HP, 150 if you are a Doctor)
x3 Tincture (Restores 35 MP, 70 if you are a Doctor)
x23 Potion (Restores 160 HP, 320 if you are a Doctor)
x10 Hi-Potion (Restores 250 HP, 500 if you are a Doctor)
x4 Dry Ether (Restores 70 MP, 140 if you are a Doctor)
x4 Antidote
x12 Eyedrop
x4 Alarm Clock
x5 Pain Killer
x4 Echo Screen
x6 Holy Water
x4 Smelling Salts
x4 Maiden's Kiss
x2 Chronos Tear
x4 Golden Needle
x6 Remedy
x15 Phoenix Downs
x1 Tent

x3 Healing Spring
x2 Mana Spring
x3 Power Drink

(Damage codes in parentheses are using Tyler's stats)

x11 Silver Hourglass (d6 + 180 physical ranged, 60 CoS delay 10) d6+18*ATK
x2 Bacchus' Wine (75 CoS Berserk)
x1 Electro Marble d8+24*MAG (d8+216)
x1 Fish Scale d8+24*MAG (d8+216)
x1 Candle of Life (75 CoS Condemn)
x1 Dark Mote d8+24*MAG (d8+216)

x2 Fire Shield
x1 Ice Shield

x4 Zephyr Cape
x1 Serpent Staff
x1 Sleet Rod
x1 Raptor Robe (M.Arm 10 MAG +1)
x1 Aqua Bullets
x2 Canister Ammo

x1 Blind Shock
x1 whatever the hell Wright had equipped instead of a Nu Khai Armband

We have 438 gil, currently!
We have lost 2440 gil to McCulloch's madness! Also the side of a house, two cars, one van, and a large semi in property damage. (The tank has, so far, survived.)

FINAL TALLY: the tank survived, against all odds


Episode 1 - Ghost Trooper
Chapter 2 - The Dark Knight
Episode 3 - To The (Final) Death
Episode 4 - A Glass Of Wine
Episode 5 - ???
Episode 6 - Bound Raptor

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