Astral Cz 20

Contact Zero - Mission 20: Giant Killers
It is the day after, yesterday had been a more than tiresome day, dealing with the play-fight against the king, who shown his power to be quite formidable, and handling the fallout of that
You managed to convince him to allow the White Fire to port planetside, but on account of one more favor, which would, regardless, be useful to you as you'd be clearing a zone for the headquarters to stay at. You've been granted stay at an inn nearby the castle
It isn't long once the sun has risen that someone comes to acquire you, it's a summons not to the castle itself, but to the adjointed keep
The keep, which does connect such seamlessly with the main castle you have a hard time differentiating where one building ends and the other starts, if not for a few well-placed signs, appears to be the headquarters of some sort of military group. Doesn't seems like part of the guard, more like a specialized unit. As you head inside you can hear the warriors training at the distance,
JayM: there is a heavy sound of clinking and clanging kin to that of chains
Hauser enters, answering the summons: "We're here."
Fortunata: "…are they training vampire hunters in there?"
You are taken to a room- Which is actually an office. There is a lysmaker there, he wears intricate armor matching his natural one and covering it, of particular note is around his waist, and in fact lower torso, which has a heavy silver chain wrapped around it.
The chain seems to wiggle a little on it's own- Though you are unsure if it really did so
Lysmaker: "So you are the ones"
Lysmaker: "I've been told you'd be the ones handling the hunt this time…" he looks at you, giving a careful glance at each of you, examining your forms "Why would- No, I won't question"
Lysmaker: "Do you know what you're here for, to begin with?"
Hauser: "We know we're retrieving certain items. We don't have our shopping list yet, if that's what you're asking."
Rohius: "…given our area of experteise, I'd say there's something that needs to die."
Lysmaker: "Great." he looks at Rohius "Yes, and no"
Lysmaker: "We are sending you on a hunt for krelian bugs, take it you have no idea how they work?"
Hauser: "None whatsoever."
Lysmaker: "In short, the big bug-mother will make a nest in some are and lay some eggs, and continue to remain in that area as it's own hunting ground, they start spawning in bigger and bigger quantities until the colony kind of implodes and they scatter"
Lynne: "Any information you have on them would be appreciated. …but I suppose I'll have to settle for the combat briefing."
Lysmaker: "Thing is, carapace from krelian bugs is what we are after, you're going to do two things at once, go to the dunes and bring me back the carapace of the nymphs, you'll have to take them down. Leave the mother alone, it'll just go away if the little bugs are dead, and we want it to settle elsewhere so we can get more carapace"
Lysmaker: "Just careful, if you do attack the nymphs near it, it will attack you as well."
Rohius: "so, only attack the nymphs not close to it. Got it."
Hauser: "…How close is close?"
Lysmaker: "Nymph, singular" he looks at the party "There'll be more, I doubt you can handle more than one. There is usually just a couple but"
Lysmaker: "Their sharpest sense is their sight, just don't fight in sight range, they can see pretty far, however"
Hauser: "Roger."
He pulls out a map and tosses it in the party's general direction "Directions of the desert"
Lynne: "So sight is the sense to trick… Good to know."
The map is… Well, can't say it lacks in detail, although you are not quite used to the conventions the valkurians use. Still, in seems to indicate a desert quite a ways away, roughly halfway the distance between your headquarters and the capital, although northeast rather than back southwards.
Hauser catches the map, fanning it out. There's a quiet buzzing from her suit's HUD. "Got it," she says, before handing it off to Fort.
It has a good representation of what the area of the desert is like, points of interest, areas to rest, how to guide oneself and, most importantly, the krelian nest as well as… What appears to be a type of patrol pattern?
Hauser: "Taking a look, it seems we ought to take on one of the patrols when it's isolated."
JayM: It will take a good while to take the trip, so why not plan in the way?
JayM: That aside, how do you plan on tackling it?
Fortunata: "I don't suppose we have any sniper armaments, do we?"
Rohius: "…um."
Rohius: "…define " Sniper "."
Hauser: "Don't know if we have the caliber to pop one of these bug's heads in one shot."
Lynne: "Perhaps we can lure it further out from there."
Fortunata: "Just as long as we don't attract the rest of 'em."
JayM: "Hrm, so trying to draw one?"
Fortunata: "I don't really mind what we do. Long-range thinkin' isn't exactly my style, though."
[OOC] JayM: …
[OOC] JayM: That was
[OOC] JayM: Meant to be a completely OOC commentary
[OOC] JayM: Ahahaha, where did thise "s come out of
Hauser: "We'll throw out some… well, crystal, I guess, and see if they come running after."
It does take a while before you finally reach the desert. Given that you've taken local transport, because that is what you were given and you did not bring yours after all, it's over a day worth of travel
You have some time to contemplate in the distance the desert as it stretches… It is arid, although it is a desert unlike those back at earth. You've perhaps seen those before in other planets, however, or maybe you've been to kivara before. They're called scorched deserts. They're not desertic because they are arid, they are desertic because the solar radiation is so terribly powerful
JayM: it dessicates anything under it
JayM: Certainly not a danger bold adventurers like you haven't faced, right?
JayM: It should be safe under that sun for a few days, more if you know of shelter, which you do thanks to the map. Good map that one
JayM: How about a Navigation [TN 5] check? To ensure you know where you're going enough to perform your ambush? Bugs aren't too smart, so outsmarting them isn't hard. Desert navigation, however, is
Hauser passes out the mylar blankets as they approach the edge of the desert. "Cloaks. Don em."
[OOC] Rohius: aptitude wilderness for +1
[OOC] Hauser: nothing on pre, something on post.
[OOC] Fortunata: oh, sorry, checking
Fortunata is a seasoned pro at wandering, so it's even better with a map, right? [Expertise: Navigation]
[OOC] Fortunata: And Lucky.
Lynne: (Got nothin')
Lynne spends the trip looking at some samples of dried-up cacti she found on the desert's edge, taking notes on them.
[OOC] Rohius: shall I roll?
[OOC] Fortunata: Go for it
[OOC] Fortunata: TN 4 now.
[OOC] Rohius: hang on dad wants my help now
[OOC] Rohius: so, 7d6 with lucky and +1?
Rohius rolled 6d6 and got 4, 5, 6, 2, 5, 1 ( Total: 23 ) **
Rohius rolled 1d6+1 and got 3 ( Total: 4.0 )
You prowl the desert, gallant knights in argent cloaks. Thankfully your reflective gear keeps you safe from the sun. This should be the spot, the place where the bug does it's rounds. You stare off in the distance in one direction, and see nothing. Before you can turn to the other direction, however, you can feel it's approach
The ground shakes, the ground shakes with thunderous and rapid steps, you can feel each step it takes as it approaches, and it comes at a very rapid pace, much like a spider who runs
Hauser crouches low. "Just one?"
You turn the other side and see it, in the distance, a large bug. As it approaches it seems more and more like a large form of spider, however, it has a strangely thick and chitinous shell for a spider, reminds you of a crab, specially given the cutting pincers it has, placed near it's mouth. Not to mention the large stinger it has behind it, what sort of monstrosity is this, a mix of
JayM: spider, crab and scorpion?
Still, as it approaches you realizes it's most… Distinguising trait. As it gets closer you realize that it is much farther than you first expected, as it grows larger, and larger, and larger still.
Lynne: "…We didn't cross paths with the mother, did we?"
Fortunata: "…erm."
Soon enough it is sufficiently close to measure it's true height… It towers above you, far, far above you. Easily fifteen meters of height, a match even for a starfighter, you notice
JayM: Also have a [+1100 EXP/+3 AP]
JayM: Now, is this the mother, or the child?
Hauser draws her sword. "Engaging in 3…"
Hauser: "2… and - move in!"
Suddenly, your countdown is broken. Something else appears- Large claws- No legs from within the sand
JayM: It comes as a sudden realization that those things bury- A second one, almost a perfect copy of the first, from within the sand
JayM: Well, at least you're sure those are two nymphs now, given there should be only one mother
Hauser hits the sand, lowering herself-
Almost seconds within Hauser's actions, something- Like a glowing comet- comes from the sky, striking the approaching one, raising a sandstorm with the impact
A voice, which feels familiar, but in the heat of the moment you cannot identify "Get the other!"
Lynne takes a deep breath. "Let's hope there was an exaderation in their strength-" she says before she's cut off by the blast!
JayM: There's the sound- Engines and gunfire
JayM: an ally you hope, but still
JayM: The one that dragged itself out of the sand… Is ready to be fought
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Rohius [B]:3 Fortunata [F]:4 Hauser [F]:4 Krelian Nymph [F]:5
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [====================]
JayM: Lynne!
Hauser: "Don't leave yourself open. Keep an eye on an escape route."
JayM: This enemy, it is gigantic!
JayM: This enemy is a [Titan]
JayM: I hope you remember how your battle against the ilirian starfighter was like
Lynne remembers the briefing. "First I'll get rid of your excessive vision, then…" She gestures and incants, shrouding the nymph's eyes in shadow and turning whatever sticks out between the carapace a sickly purple. [Dualcast Blind + Poison, 30D]
[OOC] Fortunata: But it's still got all its skin attached.
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for Blind, 80 CoS
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 ) for Poison, 80 CoS
JayM: Blinded and poisoned
JayM: How terrible
JayM: Rohius!
Rohius uses assimilate, since it's sick and blind!
[OOC] Rohius: d 33
JayM: Drawing forth from the power within the beast- There- There is something! And yet
JayM: Such a titanic force, you can't draw from it, not from here, not until you're closer to a more vulnerable spot
Rohius: "…urg… can't pull it in from here…"
[OOC] Rohius: in mechanical terms, does that mean row change?
JayM: Hauser and Fortunata!
JayM: That means changing to the 'attacking the weak spot' phase of a fight against a [Titan]
JayM: Which happens against it's last quarter of health
JayM: Oh right take note: You deal -25% damage and take +25% damage (you also have +10 Accuracy and +10 Evasion)
JayM: Since i'm certain you all forgot how a fight like this goes
[OOC] Hauser: Of course!
Lynne: (I forgot about the accuracy and evasion part at the least)
Hauser wades in through the sand, driving her blade into the joints of the nymph's foreleg. [Parry Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 ) for C100
JayM: A crushing strike, slowing down the titan's assault
Hauser rolled 1d12*0.75+220*0.75 and got 11 ( Total: 173.25 )
JayM: It has a thick shell [153]
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata darts forward and keeps whacking at the thing's joints. If it falls, it's pretty much over! [Attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 80/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10*0.75+160*0.75 and got 2 ( Total: 121.5 )
JayM: A direct hit, although not as much damage as you'd hope [101]
JayM: Battle order: Krelian Nymph [F]:0 Lynne [B]:25 Rohius [B]:31 Fortunata [F]:43 Hauser [F]:53
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [=================== ] Blind(4) Poison(4)
The Krelian nymph starts making this strange shaking, you notice lines start glowing along it's forelegs. You notice there are chitinous clusters that start glowing as the lines go from it's feet upwards. Tracing it all the way to it's head, you notice there is a very large cluster just at the sides of it's eyes
JayM: It's charging energy, you assume it will take about (25 ticks) before the power line reaches that bigger cluser
JayM: Lynne, only you can act!
JayM: And you feel like it's aiming at you
[OOC] Lynne: hm, but is it worth dealing with a berserk titan afterwards
[OOC] Hauser: I'd drop to a defend, tbqh
[OOC] Lynne: yeah probably
Lynne throws her hand out, her palm crystal glowing faintly as an equally faint personal barrier flickers around her. [Defend, 25D]
The power lines finally gather at the larger clusers, and the clusters fire off a [Beam Barrage] of azure beams. They fly upwards before all converging on Lynne
JayM rolled 1d12+450 and got 12 ( Total: 462 )
JayM: Dealing [462] Magical Water damage
Lynne: (DFs before sitmods da ze?)
JayM: DF is the last thing you do
[OOC] Lynne: so that's,,, 346 damage then?
JayM: Isn't Defend 3/5ths?
[OOC] Lynne: minus 20 at any rate
JayM: That'd be 265 i'm fairly certain
[OOC] Lynne: I take 25% more damage though
JayM: Right I forgot that
JayM: So roughly that, yes
The dust takes a moment to settle around Lynne. Most of the attack went through the barrier, but she's still standing and doesn't look too shaken up. That [326] damage wasn't enough to knock her out!
[OOC] Rohius: and they want me to go now. sorry.
JayM: Wow I had to rebuild my inits due to an accident
JayM: But
JayM: Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Fortunata [F]:12 Hauser [F]:22 Lynne [B]:24 Krelian Nymph [F]:59
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [=============== ] Blind(3) Poison(3)
JayM: Rohius
Rohius takes advantage of the knowledge about their poor hearing to shout something about the nymph's mother before shooting it in the knee. She sure can't hear it, and it's questionable whether the nymph even can at this height. [Attack, D54]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for 90/20
Lynne rolled 1d12+120 and got 11 ( Total: 131.0 )
JayM: A direct hit, still takes only [111] damage
JayM: Such a neat number of damage
Still, the hit must have hit a particularly painful nerve cluster, the nymph bends forward, it's leg losing strength. It trashes for a moment before stomping truly hard, enough to shake the ground to the level you're tossed upwards- That's where you see your chance. As it trashes with a weakened leg you take the chance to go where it won't be able to hit you with ease-
Climbing up it's leg you, not carefuly, but rashly make your way upwards, dodging a couple of strikes at you, until you reach what should be a safe spot- You're now on the beast's back, out of range of it's attacks
Hauser skids down the sand-slope, leaping up onto its knee and then shooting a cable up onto its back.
Hauser: "Team! Follow me, we're bringing this one down!"
JayM: Or so you think, until it passes a leg over it's back- Seems like it can still reach you, sort of. Unable to use [Beam Barrage]
JayM: Fortunata!
JayM: No more modifiers for the battle!
Fortunata: "Alright, enough messing around! Let's get brutal!"
Fortunata plunges her sword downward into the creature's back, then roughly pulls it out at a jagged angle - [Savage Blow (Knights of Round), 54D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for 80/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10+240 and got 6 ( Total: 246.0 )
The sword hums eerily as it's removed from the beast. [Regen (4)]
Hauser ducks underneath a passing leg and delivers a chop to it. "And stay back!" [Sharp Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for C90
Hauser rolled 1d12+176 and got 12 ( Total: 188.0 )
Fortunata: "…gonna have to get used to that one. Ugh."
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 )
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 )
JayM: Curses- The back of the beast is full of those small but sharp barb
JayM rolled 1d6+216 and got 5 ( Total: 221 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 100 [Total: 100]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 321
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
Hauser is caught by the barbs and takes [221] Physical Melee damage
JayM: However, it seems like it is indeed just a nymph, it's somehow more fragile here than at it's legs! So it takes [246] and [188]!
JayM: Battle order: Lynne [B]:0 Rohius [B]:30 Krelian Nymph [F]:35 Fortunata [F]:42 Hauser [F]:52
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [============= ] Blind(3) Poison(3)
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Lynne: Hm. do I want to try an element
[OOC] Lynne: would it help if I checked for fire weakness?
[OOC] Lynne: yeah why not
JayM: Well, you know it's an insect if that helps…
Lynne grabs a spear of hot red energy from the hot air and jams it in a soft-looking spot. "Let's examine your reaction to this…" [Flamestrike, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for CoS 90
JayM: Now ain't that an amazing hit at a weak spot?
Lynne rolled 1d12+198 and got 3 ( Total: 201.0 ) for Fire damage
JayM: Still, not an elemental that it is weak to
[OOC] JayM: 201] damage!
JayM: Rohius!
[OOC] Lynne: He'll mimic, so let's see…
[OOC] Lynne: nah I got nothin
Rohius blasts it with bullets that are also on fire. [Mimic - Flamestrike, D53]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for CoS 80/20
Lynne rolled 1d12+132 and got 8 ( Total: 140.0 )
JayM: Burning strikes!
[OOC] JayM: 140]!
[OOC] Lynne: 12 more damage ~whee~
[OOC] Lynne: than if he just !attacked
JayM: Battle order: Krelian Nymph [F]:0 Fortunata [F]:7 Lynne [B]:15 Hauser [F]:17 Rohius [B]:49
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [============ ] Blind(3) Poison(3)
Still unable to see, and now trying to deal with nuisances on it's back, emits a strange clicky noise and an [Azure Surge] blooms upwards around it's shell, sending a powerful rippling wind upwards, trying to dislodge you
JayM rolled 1d12+300 and got 4 ( Total: 304 )
JayM: Dealing [304] Magical Wind damage to the entire party!
JayM: Battle order: Fortunata [F]:0 Lynne [B]:8 Hauser [F]:10 Rohius [B]:42 Krelian Nymph [F]:58
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [========== ] Blind(2) Poison(2)
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata: "Whooooa!"
Fortunata: "Alright, just for that, I'm gonna tear you to pieces!"
Fortunata digs her boots into the thing's back, waiting for the right moment to strike. "Don't get too comfortable, now!" [Razor Gale stance x5, 50D]
JayM: Gather your strength!
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 1072/1072 | MP: 701/826 | SoS: 268 | Normal
Lynne staggers a little from the gale. "Damn… That's… not good." ((need to chug a heal- you got hit by wind, Fort))
Lynne pops open a potion and gets right back on her feet! [Item, 30D]
JayM: Hauser!
[OOC] Lynne: [B] HP: 324/734 | MP: 747/1032 | SoS: 183 | Normal
Hauser hunkers down, armor-plates flipping up. [Fortress - 44D]
[OOC] Hauser: whoops miscalculated. OH WELL I'm gonna enjoy that -2 heat
JayM: That is certainly a cooldown sequence
JayM: Lynne!
[OOC] Lynne: well, darn, I don't think I can give Roh something to mimic, so I'll just blast away I guess
Lynne throws another spear bug-wards! [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for CoS 90
Lynne rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188.0 )
JayM: Direct strike!
JayM: Rohius!
[OOC] Lynne: I don't think anyone else needs a heal after just that attack so I'll have him heal Lynne, since if it's anything stronger than that windy stuff I'm dead
Rohius gives Lynne a magically-charged pat on the back. [Gaia's Gift, 43D]
Lynne rolled 1d12+216 and got 1 ( Total: 217.0 )
JayM: Healing~
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata slashes an X pattern into the beast's back, then brings down her sword in a powerful swing - [Razor Gale attack, 44D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 60 ( Total: 60 ) for 80/10
JayM: A direct strike at a weakened section!
Fortunata rolled 1d10*2+160*2 and got 1 ( Total: 322.0 )
JayM: A powerful [322] damage!
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser digs her feet into the shell beneath her, holding her blade behind her. "Circuits set. Cover me, I'm going in!" [Solid Drive in CT10!]
JayM: Charging power!
Hauser: Section after section of the blade phases in, the housing shifting apart to expose the brilliant-blue core.
JayM: Battle order: Krelian Nymph [F]:0 Hauser [F]:6 Rohius [B]:27 Lynne [B]:30 Fortunata [F]:36
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [======== ] Blind(2) Poison(2)
JayM: However
The Kreilian bug attempts to interrupt- It can feel the danger, waving a leg at her
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 )
JayM rolled 1d12+360 and got 6 ( Total: 366 )
JayM: For [366] Physical Melee damage!
JayM: Hauser!
Hauser: Her heart sparks - Hauser's [Artificial Heart] surges! [+120 HP]
Hauser rushes in towards the beast's head, the air around her blade trembling - there's no moisture to pull in, but the barbs on the beast's back rattle, and the dust in the air whirls in, wrapped in luminous blue wisps, forming a tremendous pressed-debris obelisk around her Drive Blade as she lifts it high.
Hauser: It shines like obsidian.
Hauser: "Solid Drive is go!"
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 ) for C90
JayM: A direct strike at it's back!
Hauser: Hits for ice elemental damage. Vs. Full MP?
JayM: Hits a weakness!
JayM: Not full MP no
Hauser smashes open the plate with the first blow, and there's a sucking noise as some of the beast's fluid is pulled up to the sword, forming a tremendous crystal that she drives into it like a spike.
Hauser rolled 1d12*1.5+350*1.5 and got 10 ( Total: 540.0 )
The first strike shatters a hole in the shell, the second strike drives the blade deep, traces of ice spreading from the point of impact. As she pulls the blade out the ice that has formed shatters, another large fragment of the shell is shattered, a layer of it's outer flesh is ripped off-
And pooling blood from the wounds, there it is- Visible- The creature's heart!
[OOC] JayM: 540] damage!
The creature makes a terrible gurgling noise, starts trashing about, trying to get you off, hurt as it is no longer caring for it's own integrity, it violently tosses itself ont he ground- But you steady. With it's heart in sight, it'll die soon
JayM: +50% damage taken and +50% damage dealt!
JayM: It's weak spot is exposed!
JayM: Loses access to [Azure Surge]!
[OOC] Hauser: Oh, and 54D, of course!
JayM: Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Lynne [B]:3 Fortunata [F]:9 Hauser [F]:33 Krelian Nymph [F]:38
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [======= ] Blind(1) Poison(1)
JayM: Rohius!
JayM: That HP bar is wrong
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [===== ] Blind(1) Poison(1)
JayM: There
Rohius puts one hand in the creature's wound, not stirring it up so much as bypassing its aetheric "skin" to eat up that delicious morsel of a spell he was promised before (after cursing it out for thinking it could run from him, of course) [Assimilate, 33D]
Lynne: (or, rather, that he detected, was the word I was going for)
The beast is full of power, power forged by the element it was born into. Earth, wind and fire combined into one, the power of [Sandspin], the power of the desert
JayM: Lynne!
Lynne grabs a spear and throws it at the heart. "Let's finish this oversized carapacean off!" [Attack, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for CoS 90
JayM: A direct hit in it's heart!
Lynne rolled 1d12*1.5+180*1.5 and got 3 ( Total: 274.5 )
JayM: Fortunata!
Fortunata: "All too glad to - pretty easy for a giant, actually!"
Fortunata slices at the heart several times before doing a neat turn, using the momentum to power a deadly downward thrust - [Savage Blow, 54D]
Fortunata rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) for 80/10
Fortunata rolled 1d10+240 and got 1 ( Total: 241.0 )
[OOC] Fortunata: [F] HP: 1072/1072 | MP: 576/826 | SoS: 268 | Regen (3)
JayM: A powerful durect blow!$calc(241+120)
JayM: Wow I fail
[OOC] JayM: 361
[OOC] Fortunata: Well, so do I for forgetting the modifier.
JayM: Battle order: Rohius [B]:0 Hauser [F]:0 Krelian Nymph [F]:5 Lynne [B]:20 Fortunata [F]:30
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [=== ] Blind(1) Poison(1)
JayM: Rohius and Hauser together!
Hauser closes in, slashing at the heart! [Sharp Edge - 54D]
Hauser rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for C95
Hauser rolled 1d12*1.5+176*1.5 and got 11 ( Total: 280.5 )
JayM: A powerful hit!
JayM: It is nearly down! Rohius!
[OOC] Lynne: Was there anything worth mimicing there?
JayM: Hauser used Sharp Edge which I fail to remember what it does
[OOC] Hauser: Nope, Sharp Edge is a 0.75 physical hit, worthless to you
[OOC] Lynne: right, then
Rohius locks, loads, and doesn't forget to tell the giant bug what a jerk it is for existing first. [Attack, 53D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) for 80/20
JayM: A direct hit on the heart!
Lynne rolled 1d12*1.5+120*1.5 and got 11 ( Total: 196.5 )
JayM: A straight [196]!
JayM: Battle order: Krelian Nymph [F]:0 Lynne [B]:15 Fortunata [F]:25 Rohius [B]:48 Hauser [F]:49
JayM: Status for Krelian Nymph [F] : [= ] Blind(1) Poison(1)
In a desperate attempt to ermain alive it finally brings it's massive stinger to bear against the thing which hurt it the most. It brings it's [Snapping Stinger] down at Hauser!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
JayM: But it can even se a thing, and it hurts, scarce can it move and the stringer doesn't have strength to bend that far
JayM: Lynne, will you be the one to finish it off?
Lynne will put a little extra heat into it to make sure! [Flamestrike, 50D]
Lynne rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for CoS 90
JayM: A lance of fire!
Lynne rolled 1d12+198 and got 12 ( Total: 210.0 ) for Fire**
The burning strike drives straight through the beast's heart, it shudders, gurgles one last time, before losing strength and falling over, sending sand flying everywhere
Lynne throws the searing spear down into the wound, cauterizing it as it sizzles its way through to the other side of the shell!
JayM: Victory!
[OOC] JayM: +5000 EXP/+400 Lucre/+18 AP
JayM: Drops in a bit
At this point, as you stand over the defeated beast, you hear the noise- An engine, a small one. A crashing sound and you simply see, once again, that which looked like a comet striking again at the second bug, driving into the ground where it stops moving. But between all the crashes, there is sand everywhere and you can scarce see anything
Until, that is, a light rain starts up, washing away the sand in the air, refreshing, almost cold
Hauser: "…Hmph. Target down."
As the rain falls, the dust clears. Standing in front of you, over the other defeated beast is… What looks like a large mechanical thing- Shape almost exactly like that of a dragon, there are a pair of gauss machineguns on it's back, it's been painted with the blood of the defeated krelian bug and the left side of it's faceplate is adorned with the symbol of Terra Nova. Though perhaps
JayM: not matching your expectations, the thing is not that large at all, perhaps it could carry you all on it's back, but almost certainly it wouldn't have the size for all of you
???: "Are you all right? Or well, in good enough state, I can see you're hurt"
JayM: The voice is familiar
Hauser: "Good enough, yeah."
He sits down, putting his hands on his head- Which you in turn realize it's a helmet as he removes it, it hisses- A power armor. Beneath it is just the sort of beast you expected to find, he takes a deep breath as he removes his helmet, a wet mist forming as he does so "Nice to meet you all for real" he offers a claw to Hauser "I'm Hiero, your pilot"
Hiero: "Currently on shore leave because they're preparing the DFL control system for battleship conversion"
Fortunata: "Sounds like there's gonna be a real party."
Hiero: "Yeah, you should have seen the ship being converted-"
Suddenly a voice interrupts, it's like that of a young teenager "Danger, danger Hiero-sama!"
Jumping in a flip over Hiero's head is… A holographic projection, it's that of a young boy, although in a chibified form. He is dressed in a modified version of a miner's uniform, wearing a backpack that looks incredibly kin to the primary ore canister of the White Fire, on his head is a circlet that seems to try to emulate the look of the bridge of the ship
Hiero: "What's it, Kuu-kun"
JayM: "Seismic activity detected!"
Lynne: "Another one?!"
Moments after, a terrible burst of sand behind you- Seems like you did not avoid the mother after all. Bursting from the ground a massive beast, twice the size of the nymphs, carapace a crimson color
Hiero: "Overwatchers tail- Not fighting that. Kuu-kun, warp drive!"
On the back of Hiero's armor, six points of light brighten up, the entire world around you shifts and seems to shatter like glass. And then you're elsewhere… A couple of kilometers away from the mother krelian
Hiero: "Great stars, that thing was scary. Did they seriously send you to hunt those things?"
Fortunata: "…that's gotta be the first time I've ever seen that transition for an ESCAPE."
Fortunata: "Oh. Uh, yeah."
Hiero: "Ah, yeah, looked weird, yeah? This armor's a Ravager, normally I use that to jump into combat not back off, ahahaha"
The little chibi projection jumps down from Hiero's head, landing directly between Fortunata's ears. Of course it is weightless "What do we do with those things?"
Lynne: "Still. Thank you for the help earlier."
Hiero: "Lucky moment, really. I was just trying to meet up with you, taking a moment to stretch my wings, been in the cockpit since we bloody departed"
Hauser: "Well, there you go."
Hiero looks at the carcasses "Why'd they send you hunting for those, anyway?"
Hauser rolls her shoulders, pulling the cloak tight back around her. "Securing docking, of course."
Hiero: "Hrm… If that thing over there is going to bother us when we land- Augh… It's going to be a pain in the tail"
Hiero: "Well, want a ride back? I figure i've still got enough juice to warp everyone back and then glide lazily back to HQ, there are still a couple of days to go before we're ready for docking"
Lynne: "The mother should evacuate once the extermination of the other children is complete. They only expected us to leave one corpse behind, so… Explaining the second one will be interesting. But, it also means they have hunts to account for the others, I believe."
Hiero: "Well, they'll probably be happy you did some extra work"
Hauser: "Hey, I'd appreciate it."
Hiero nods "Alright, i'll take you closer, then take off. Kuu-kun, you got the coordinates?"
JayM: "Yessir!"
Hiero: "Allright, let's move"
And you're taken by warp back towards the capital. Or at least close enough to it. Lack of accuracy and a degree of security and he drops you about half an hour from it at a normal pace, which means a little over that for you given your tiredness
The first thing to do is report back on a job well done. You return to that little base of operations, although this time you're directed to going towards the training grounds as their leader, the one lysmaker you spoke to earlier, is there
What you see as you enter the training grounds is… Unexpected. You knew lightsiders couldn't flight with their wings, but these ones seem to have found a way to fly without. There is a very large wooden doll in the center of a training area, made to resemble the krelian mother. There are lightsiders all wearing the same adorned armor as the one you've met before, and they all have chains
JayM: wrapped around their torsos. But those chains are alive, they move of their own volution, they grab on the nearby scenery, trees and walls, they fling themselves upwards, bringing frozen blades to bear against the doll
Observing for a moment you notice there is a distinct tactic to their movements, though those men are more numerous than you are, their strikes match that which you saw as weak spots in the krelian nymphs, their capacity to take height with aid of their chains allowing them to bypass the need to make the beast bend over. Their blades are also insidious, they are mde of ice, and when strike
JayM: a target they shatter at the hilt and remain there. From there, they reseath the blade hilt and draw again, a fresh blade of ice
You observe for a moment until one of the warriors practicing breaks formation, the falkar lands with a crashing thud near you "Looking for someone?"
Hauser nods seriously. "The mission was a success."
Hauser: "We need to report, after all."
He crosses his arms and scratches his head "Probably want to talk to commander Darius, he's over there" he points, there you see him, talking to an erynies
Hauser proceeds over.
As you approach you hear them talking "And it was incredible, after that I tried to get closer to watch how they were doing up there but before I could find a way CRASH it was already on the ground-" a wave from Darius's hand and the erynies stops talking
He looks at Hauser "Not quite a need for report" he points to the erynies "Sorry for that, but I was under orders to send a scout to watch you over. I fully intended on having him return with a teleport spell before you realized but apparently you took an equally fast path back"
Hauser: "We aren't conducting our operations in any secrecy. No shame in having eyes on us."
Darius: "I dare say, I wouldn't quite believe all he just told me if I didn't actually know he couldn't come up with this fantastic tale… So i'll take it all he said is true so- I can't actually believe it, just the four of you downed two nymphs? It-"
Darius: "Clearly there were two bodies there, and you're here alive. It happened but defies belief"
Darius: "Look… I had my misgivings about you when you were sent my way, you didn't seem like Giant Killer material, but I guess I see why the king wanted you to help out"
He picks up the end of the chain he is wearing, is moves on it's own, snaking around his arm, and then hanging loosely, he hands it over to Hauser "Here, I want you to have this. I can't take you into my squad, but I sure as hell wish I could. So let's call you honorary Giant Killers, and you can't be one without a Striker Chain" he's smiling
Darius: "Been told you'd be 'free to do as you will' after the mission so I don't know what that entails but"
Fortunata: "Huh. I thought Giant Killer was a sword."
Lynne: "Maybe it's also a metaphorical sword. And we are the sword now. Honorarily."
JayM: Gained a [Striker Chain - EX Loot: Tierless, grants "Dragon Killer" , ignores the negative effects of Stage 1 during fights against a Titan enemy, goes on armors]
Hauser: "We had surprise fire support."
Hauser: "One nymph downed by our blades. Just what you expected."
Hauser: "…And thanks."
Darius: "You still did twice as good as we expectd"
JayM: A smile
Fortunata: "…but I'm not huge enough to be the Giant Killer either."
Fortunata: "Ah well."
JayM: I guess that's another successful end of a mission
JayM: Surreptiously present within your loot a [Krelian Eye - T3 Boss]
JayM: Guess this is a good point for a Session End
Fortunata: thanks for running!
Julian: :D
Hachi-Roku: thank you for running
Lynne: yup, nice to be running again this week~

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